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Toyota Tacoma Clutch Issues



  • They dropped the trans and found that one of the fingers which hold the pressure plate had broken. For this same problem, see: and

    My mileage is 36,120. Warranty expired at 36,000. I'm out $1100 now. And since they're only replacing the pressure plate and throwout bearing, I can probably expect this one to break, too.
  • I picked up the old clutch when I got the truck back. It was the 18-finger Luk clutch. The fingers were bent, not broken. Some fingers are more than 1/4" out of plane from the others.

    The bent fingers held the clutch engaged so it would not release when the pedal was depressed to the floor. The service rep gave me the standard line, "Never seen this before." Not that I'm saying he's lying; he probably hasn't. But I bet he will as more of these roll in. He asked if I was towing. No, never.

    I never gave much concern to the intermittant clutch chatter, but I bet that was a warning sign. The failure came on one of the first cold weather mornings here. I was driving slow through a school zone, and went to upshift when it failed all at once. It wasn't gradual; it was just gone.
  • Re: Clutch failure, 52k 2005 tacoma 4cyl 4x4 5 speed manual trans.

    Well after having 1st gear shudder since new, intermittent sticky shifting and gear box lock out .. ( yes, I mean LOCKED OUT OF ALL GEARS, so you're stuck in neutral ) ... the clutch has finally broken.

    On this last occasion, shifting became very sticky, only allowing difficult shifts with a squeak when shifting, idling at a traffic light, faint metallic rattling / tumbling noises could be heard when depressing the clutch pedal.

    A few blocks from home, as I pulled away from a stop at a busy intersection, the clutch let out very suddenly and the vehicle lurched forward stuck in 1st gear.

    The clutch pedal stayed depressed to the floor when I tried to change gear or put it into neutral.

    Not in complete control of my vehicle, I struggled to drive safely the last few blocks home.

    When I tried to brake, the engine and drive train continued to pull forward, still stuck in gear.

    As you brake in such situations, you are effectively trying to stall the engine in gear, thus loosing RPMs and loosing brake boost.... VERY SCARY!

    I came to a halt just inches from a neighbor's car.

    The toyota dealership asked me to tow in the vehicle, and are now looking at it.

    The service manager suggested that the work should be covered under the 60K power-train warranty.

    I also have a history with this dealership, with the above-mentioned intermittent problems, none of which I could demonstrate on-demand. At least I had documented the issue and formed a paper trail.

    I will post their response.

    Has anyone else had this issue?
    Any new fixes or new parts?
  • Not underwarranty any longer. Whatever state you are in google the lemon law for your state. Call and ask if you can still qualify. I had my first issue starting at 10000 miles and picked my truck up yesterday after thier final repair attempt under the lemon law, and not 1 miles down the street my clutch was making noises. I just mailed the final letter to toyota saying that according to the lemon law they have to repurchase the vehicle from me, or replace the truck with a brandnew one. I suggest you look into your resources. Emails me if you ahve any questions.
  • No i'm not sure what they're talking about .But i have an 08 that i bought in jan 08, and at 10000 my clutch went out. Under the lemon law Toyota completed thier 4th and final repair, about a mile down the road it started making noises again. I left the svc manager a call and haven't heard back. I sent the final letter to toyota for repurchase or replacement of my truck. I chose repurchase. please e-mail me with questions. My suggestion is just incase it keeps messing up, google your states lemon law, call them, and get into the computer system. keep all of your records!!!
  • == Dude google your states lemon law asap. contact me with questions! like it says below i'm in the final stages.

    i have an 08 that i bought in jan 08, and at 10000 my clutch went out. Under the lemon law Toyota completed thier 4th and final repair, about a mile down the road it started making noises again. I left the svc manager a call and haven't heard back. I sent the final letter to toyota for repurchase or replacement of my truck. I chose repurchase. please e-mail me with questions. My suggestion is just incase it keeps messing up, google your states lemon law, call them, and get into the computer system. keep all of your records!!!
  • I have an 08 i bought in jan 08, at 10000 the clutch went out leaving me stranded. They fixed it under warranty being "nice" third time i had to pay for a whole new clutch....a month later it started it back yesterday after Toyota's final attempt to repair under the lemon law. About a mile down the road my clutch started making noises again. The dealership hasn't called me back. So I sent the GA State Lemon Law's for to toyota for them to repurchase, or replace my truck. BBB Toyota Corp. I've done it. I suggest it. They suck though. The nicest person from Toyota I talked to was from South East Toyota. Stay persistant, and please contact me with questions!!!! I want to see every one get thier problems fixed and now have to pay like I did.
  • Thanks for you post.
    Here's an update on my Tacoma.
    The service technician had written a $900 work order to replace both my master and slave cylinder for the clutch... luckily I had stopped in to check on progress. I proved them wrong in 30 seconds by pumping the clutch pedal whilst the tech' looked at the slave moving back and forth.
    At this point, the service dept had really pissed me off, so I gave them no choice other than to open up the drive-train & see what's happening in there.
    As experienced by others, the tear-down revealed that the clutch fingers on the pressure plate were bent out of plane, and the springs had disintergrated into small pieces.
    The broken clutch was made by LUK in Mexico.
    The service dept had ordered the exact same clutch, much to my dismay, even after I had told them that there was a stronger Japanese alternative made by ASIN.
    They reluctantly agreed to order the ASIN parts & installed then ... or at least that's what I was told!
    The clutch feels great now, not surprising compared to the deterioatng one which I have been putting up with for so long.
    Bottom line ... Clutch replaced @ 52K under power train warranty at no cost to me.
    .... That's if you don't count the hours of research & hand holding at the dealership to correctly diagnose the problem and order the upgraded parts.
    Keep the faith ... & good luck!
  • jbuck85jbuck85 Posts: 4
    Yodamaster, I have a 08 Tacoma 4cyl 5speed manual. Ever since 20000 miles I have experienced the shuddering you speak of, and also every once in a great while get locked out of the gears. I normally just need to depress the clutch again. However when I took it in the dealership said that my clutch is going bad and its not covered because of wear and tear. Couple days ago I looked under the truck and I saw some fluid leaking from the slave/master cylinder (not sure which one). So tomorrow I am heading back to the dealership to see if they have a different determination. But you say that the slave/master cylinder replacement is not going to be the fix, but that it is actually the clutch itself as well?
  • Definitely take it back. The dealership had had my truck 3 weeks now trying to fix it. This is their 7th repair now....I'm waiting on Toyota Corp to repurchase the truck under the lemon law. I can't wait to be out of it. I'll miss it for sure, but not the issues, or the money they trucks cost me. Stay persistant. Use your resources, the Better Business Bureau is a great resource. Make sure you document everything, it does play a big part. They will cover it under warranty. Atleast the first repair. They just don't want to because they know they're going to loose the money. After all these repairs they've now started working on the transmission......keep strong. DO NOT LET THEM PUSH YOU AROUND!!!!
  • ibuck85,

    My slave and master were fine... it was the wrong diagnosis.
    Turned out that I had the mexican-made LUK clutch in my truck ... several of the pressure plate fingers were bent out of shape and all the springs had disintergrated into small pieces.
    I had them replace it with the alternative Japanese-made clutch by ASIN.
    It's a completely different design.
    I'm happy to report it feels great.
    I had this covered under the powertrain warranty @ 52k miles.
    The clutch disc had very little wear ... it's a shoddy parts problem & we're not the only ones who have been through this.
    Document everything & don't take no for an answer!
    Good luck!
  • jbuck85jbuck85 Posts: 4
    What gets me going about this whole thing is that these mechanics know what a clutch is to feel like. I have driven a manual vehicle ever since I got my license, and have never driven one that had a clutch as unresponsive as this clutch. Which is bad, because every other vehicle I owned had over 100k miles on it. This is my first brand new vehicle and at 28k miles I hate driving it because the clutch is so spongy and I can never get a smooth shift because it feels as if the "spot" changes depending on the day. When you take it to the dealership I do not understand how the mechanic's can drive it and tell you it feels great when it clearly does not feel great. All I want is a clutch that feels like it should in a new vehicle. I do not feel that is asking for much considering the price we pay for the Tacoma's. Just getting my little rant in, that's all.
  • I know how you feel. I just picked my truck up from the dealership after they've had it for 3 weeks. They said they couldn't find what was going on, and apparently when they called Toyota to find out what to do they were told my trucks being repurchased under the lemon law, which it is. Let's hope it happens soon! This is had been the worse experience ever. Ever. I never want to purchase a brand new vehicle again. And i agree. All i've driven since i got my license was a standard. This was by far the worse clutch ever. My truck has 30,000 miles, and it's on it's 3rd clutch and more repairs.
  • I feel for you guys who are still fighting toyota to resolve these issues ... all I can say is ... get the ASIN clutch installed ... the LUK from Mexico is JUNK!
    I would be interested to hear if anyone has had an ASIN clutch fail yet.
    Best of luck!
  • jbuck85jbuck85 Posts: 4
    Whenever I take my truck in to the dealership, either they tell me that they cannot feel what I am describing in the clutch, or they just tell me that I burned my clutch up. My truck is just about to go in for the 30k mile check up. If I have them change the trans fluid do you think that possibly they will be able to see metal shavings or debri from the pressure plate (springs or whatever) in the fluid itself and determine it to be faulty? Or would I just be wasting my money?
  • I'm pretty sure it's a dry clutch system ... the clutch sits between the flywheel and the transmission. Gaining access to the clutch requires dropping both front & rear drive shafts and dropping the transmission.... it's a big job if they won't cover it.
    When my springs completely failed, I could hear the faint sound of small metal particles being thrown around inside the clutch housing when I depressed/released the clutch pedal. It was most noticeable when going into 1st gear from stand-still.
    With the window down and no road noise it was clearly audiable.
    The early signs of problems were sticky shifting, and occasional complete lock-out of any gear... (stuck in neutral) This happened several times whilst driving, usually when I was changing down from 5th or 4th, exiting the highway. Sometimes I could get back into gear by repeatedly depressing the clutch, but twice I had to be towed home. One of those tows loosened up whatever was jammed.
    Based on the bent fingers I saw on the old clutch, I'm assuming the clutch fork could not engage/disengage the fingers on the pressure plate properly.
    Hope that helps.
  • I've had all the same problems you all have had. :/ They just finished they're final apraisal of the truck, i'll hear back from them tomorrow about the buy back. it's a great truck if you like to deal with problems. I won't buy another. Make sure you get intouch with your states lemon law offices. Especially if Toyota's already had to work on your truck, and is refusing to cover any more of it by warranty. I had to pay out of pocket for some of the crap. ... LIke clutch number 3, and some repairs once the springs and crap started going out.
  • Thanks runningboy150 ... So far all my mechanical issues have been repaired under warranty ... My only remaining issues are as follows:
    * Heavy frame corrosion everywhere ... I can't believe how much rust there is under there, it started rusting the first winter, and now after 5 winters it looks terrible.
    * The AC kicks in whenever I put the cabin heat on the defrost setting ... which is really annoying on a long winter drive ... it really drops my fuel consumption.
    Any threads on this?
    I have approx 55K on the truck.
  • chiledogchiledog Posts: 6
    > "The AC kicks in whenever I put the cabin heat on the defrost setting"
    As with most cars, it's designed to do that. The compressor dehumidifies the air for more effective defogging. Perhaps someone can post a fix describing which harness & conductor you need to wire a defeat switch into.
  • jbuck85jbuck85 Posts: 4
    Ya I hear ya about dealing with the problems. That's what I keep fighting. I like the truck, but then there's the problems with them. Today I started noticing another clutch sound... I heard it again while in a drive thru. When I push the clutch in, about half way it has a popping sound and I always thought it was just the pedal. But this time when I was at the drive thru I heard it popping on the outside too. Anyone else have this same deal?
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