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Suburban Tahoe Vibration Problems

I have a 07 Suburban w/ less 1000 miles. It has been in the dealership for a week with a vibration problem from 45 mph and higher. Every time they says its fixed, it is worse.


  • I have a 03 Suburban and had that vibration, the same thing happened to me. The U joints were bad and caused my whole transmission and exhaust to crack. I now have to pay 3600 to fix it. I would have them check again..
  • hello people,
    This is my first post and I looked for other topics that covered this but found nothing for my year tahoe. May be a different problem. A year or so ago I sold my jeep to buy my wife a hyundai and I took her 99 chevy tahoe. She put a 3 inch suspension lift on it and tires before i met her. Anyway, when im driving almost any speed the truck is fine, but when I start to slow down the whole front end seems to shimmy. It doesnt do it all the time though. Ive heard it could be my pittman arm or my brake calipers. Just wanted to know if anyone else had this similar problem before I crawl up under there this weekend.
    John Dillard :sick:
  • catamcatam Posts: 331
    Don't know if you fixed or not but....
    Usually a shimmy when you step on the brakes is caused by a warpped brake rotor. Hope that is it for you, its an easy fix compared to a pittman arm or other steering linkage parts.
  • Hello,
    I am new to this forum and have a couple of questions.
    I am interested in buying a 1999 Chevy Suburban 2500 4X4 w/ 104k miles. This one has the 7.4 (454), and I was wondering what kind of issues (if any) could I expect with this engine/trans powerplant image
  • I have a 2001 Z71 4wd and I experience a vibration while making a low speed turn. The vibration occurs whether I am moving forward or backward. At first I thought it had to do with the idle (New Throttle Body Kit Installed)then I thought it had to do with the differential (Front and Rear Differential Service) now I am wondering if it has to do with the U-Joints. Any body with any ideals? Local Chevrolet Dealership is scratching their head.
  • kenmoosekenmoose Posts: 2
    Check the GM service bullents. I was something about that a couple of weeks ago.
  • keithl2keithl2 Posts: 2
    I'm getting frustrated. Truck has 4000 miles and it's bouncing merrily down the highway. Dealer road forced balanced @ 1200 miles, two tires were out of spec. & replaced. It helped but the vibration is coming back. My hands start to get numb after 30 min. Has anybody had trouble with 17"Goodyears? The dealer gave me another truck to drive (14 miles new) and it vibrates worse than mine. The area chevy svc. advisor said this is normal operation for the vehicle. Does anybody else have this problem ?
  • keithl2keithl2 Posts: 2
    I have a 40K vibrator too. the tires they replaced were so far out of spec they should'nt have left Goodyear. The demo the dealer gave me is worse than my truck ever was. I'm going back today to see what they came up with.,I drive 3,000 mi. a month,this vibration is pounding struts,shocks,steering and springs to an early death.
    What happened to you,did they fix it?
  • I've have the same problem. Dealer has had the vehicle 3 times over the past 1.5 months. Worst seems to be at 73mph. It is just like a tire out of balance. Shaking your thighs, and extremely annoying. Latest from the dealer is it is a problem with the 20" wheel/tire combination and is occuring on a lot of vehicles. They told me I wouldn't have the issue if I had 17" wheels. After several new tires, and road force balancing, The vibration has changed but is still present. At this point they are going to buy a set of premium tires, to replace the OEM model. I have a case opened with GM. Pretty bad for a $50K vehicle. I'm not to confident the issue will be resolved with the new tires.
  • rjt427rjt427 Posts: 27
    I have a 2007 Tahoe. I had a vibration problem also and I have the 20inch wheels with Good year tires. The dealer had to balance the tires again to get rid of it.But it still did not take care of it , so I had the tires balanced again . It seams to be ok but for how long ?
  • I have a 2008 that I purchased at the same time I purchased (2) 2500 ext. cab pickups. They drive better that my loaded suburban. The dealer and GM have been ignoring the problem. They have had the vehicle 14 Days between the four trips. They are bringing in the factory rep next week. However, I did get a copy of a bulletin #2035368 that states if the customer does not indicate a problem disregard the bulletin. Its not the Tires!
  • zack05zack05 Posts: 4
    I have a 2008 Tahoe 5.3 engine, 2WD with 17-inch Goodyear tires and have a similar vibration that starts at 66 MPH and peaks at 77 MPH. You say it is not the tires, but you don't say what the problem is, and I can't find a copy of the bulletin you mentioned. Is the problem in the drivetrain? I feel a slight high pitched vibration in the steering wheel under light engine load at all speeds and am not sure it is related to the larger vibration felt in the steering wheel and seat at high speed.
  • tomiro2tomiro2 Posts: 1
    Curious what you have learned since your post in November. I have a 02 Burb that likely has the same type of vibration as yours. I've tried new tires, swaped tires and rims from another burb, removed rear drive shaft and drove in 4WD with only the front drive shaft engaged all to no avail. The vibration still exists although it does seem different each time. I just got back from having my burb in the shop for approx. the 8th time over this. No one can pinpoint the cause. Anything you or anyone else can add would be greatly appreciated.
  • burbo7burbo7 Posts: 4
    GM ended up purchasing a set of premium (grade A) Michelin tires at a cost of $1200+. This is what the Service Manager said is the only thing that he has seen that takes care of the problem. GM district rep agreed. Problem fixed. The burb cruises smoothly at all speeds. I have to give GM some cudo's, they stood behind the product and spent the money to fix it. According to the SM, the OEM Bridgestone tires are a grade B tire.
  • zack05zack05 Posts: 4
    Burbo7, What model Michelin tire did GM put on your truck? Was it the LTX-M/S, or the Cross Terrain? Also, did they road-force balance the new Michelin tires?
  • burbo7burbo7 Posts: 4
    They are the LTX-M/S. Just completed a 1500 mile trip up north and still rides fantastic. They did road force balance the tires from what I recall, as with all the others they tried to make work.
  • My 2007 Tahoe LTZ also has a terrible vibration problem. I've replaced all four brakes and rotors, two new OEM tires and numerous balancing attempts. Still, the vibration persists. Frustrating to say the least. What type of 20" tires are being used to stop the vibration? There was a mention on Michelin's though these seem to be the 17" version. If anyone has any suggestion, please let me know. Thanks, Rich.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Is it the typical wheel/tire out of balance vibration? vibrating around 55 to 65?

    Or is it a warped rotor type of vibration? ..... doesn't vibrate until you begin to apply the brakes most detectable slowing from 40mph?

    Or could it be an unbalanced drive shaft?
    You might have someone drive your vehicle about 50 mph on lightly travelled road, and then you follow around in another vehicle and watch the wheels to see if you can find one which is misbehaving badly (wobble, bouncing, etc). It is sometimes easiest if while following you inch your car over, so you can get a visual sight line up the side of the vehicle. You may have a bent wheel, but you would think that the tire balancer's would look closely and monitor that.

    If none of that finds anything, look for a shop that has a 'road force balancer'. Do an internet search, and their website will identify local garages. It is a special balancer which balances the tire while it is pressing a load on the tire, simulating the weight of the vehicle.

    I have a 2007 LTZ w/20" OEM wheels and tires, and it is smooth as can be.
  • arriearrie Posts: 312
    After replacing all brakes and rotors, two tires and doing multiple tire balancings you still have terrible vibration. Obviously the problem is not with above mentioned parts.

    Your post does not say how the vibration occurs but I assume it occurs while driving and not just when you apply brakes, right?

    If above is true, i.e. your vibration happens all the time and of course more severely with higher speed, check your drive axle from the gear box to the differential.

    The U-joints in the end of the drive shaft must be positioned correctly. This means that on the middle part of the shaft, the long part, the U-joint knuckles must be aligned. I hope I use the correct wording here. The middle part of the drive shaft usually has the axial movement built in to it (spline) and when assembling this part of the shaft it can be done wrong, i.e. the U-joint knuckles are not aligned correctly.

    On correctly assembled shaft the U-joint knuckles are positioned in the same plane. Only at this position the shaft delivers constant rotation speed thru the shaft. If shaft is assembled with an angle (rotation direction) difference between the U-joint knuckles the shaft will develop an "oval" speed output in the other end, which would make the car shake as hell while driving.

    If your truck is 4-wheel drive check the front wheel drive axles too as they might be simple U-joints instead of CV-joints and can cause a vibration issue just the same way the drive shaft can if assembled incorrectly.

  • Kaiwah and Arrie,

    Thanks for the quick and detailed reply. Plenty of very good suggestions.

    Yes, I have had the tires road forced balanced. One the new OEM Bridgestone tires failed the test. The dealer said that it was a problem they had been seeing with the Bridgestone tires and suggested I contact Bridgestone for warranty information.

    Burbo7 said on June 18th:
    "GM ended up purchasing a set of premium (grade A) Michelin tires at a cost of $1200+. This is what the Service Manager said is the only thing that he has seen that takes care of the problem. GM district rep agreed. Problem fixed. The burb cruises smoothly at all speeds. I have to give GM some cudo's, they stood behind the product and spent the money to fix it. According to the SM, the OEM Bridgestone tires are a grade B tire."

    That's quite interesting. Costco sells these tires and I have ordered a set of 4. Will inform the board if this fixes the vibration issue.

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