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Suburban Tahoe Vibration Problems



  • We purchased a brand new Suburban LT less than 3 months ago. We've had it in the shop to be repaired for a vibration issue (I equate it to almost like the white line rumble strips near stop signs and such). They replaced all 4 tires with Bridgestones. Still vibrates. And it vibrates at low speeds, high speeds, and even while idling at a stop light. We called the service manager back (who agreed he felt the vibration issue) and he put in a claim with GM to solve this issue. Two GM engineers were brought to the area to test drive the vehicle and see if the issues were valid or not. They said today that the vehicle issues were "normal" and that they'd call us tomorrow and have a report done.
    We call "b.s." on this issue. 1. I'm afraid to drive it with little kids in it. What is the vibration slowly loosening up?! and 2. I did NOT pay $50K+ for a vehicle that has vibration issues! Absurd!
    Has anyone else run across this with 2012s? Did you fight to get it fixed? Purchased back? We're contacting a lawyer and looking to fight to get this resolved. From what I've read so far on here, seems this has been an issue with older vehicles as well. Hope Chevy tanks and doesn't get another bail-out!
  • Good morning schooners,

    We're sorry to hear about the situation with your Tahoe and understand your concern with the vibration you feel in your vehicle. As GM engineers determined that it was normal, there is likely little more that we at Customer Service could do aside from documenting your concern. If you wanted for us to do so and check to see if there was anything we could do, please email the following information to us at your name and Edmunds username, phone and address, the last 8 of your VIN and current mileage, and the name of your dealership.

    Thank you,
    GM Customer Service
  • stan99stan99 Posts: 7
    My Suburban was purchased back by GM. I am now driving a Tahoe and GM bought back the Suburban via trade and I got all my money back. I drove well over ten 2011 suburban’s including Yukon’s XL and Escalade ESV’s. All have a vibration except the Escalade. The Escalade is the only one with Magnetic ride control. GM acknowledged there was a vibration and said it was normal after two dealerships could not fix it. GM rep said I could look at the Escalade and would be about $7-10 grand more…came down to it and it was $15 grand more. Not an option at that cost. I have everything documented in emails from day one as I would recap every visit and or discussion as they were weekly. I found a Yukon Denali and worked out a deal that I would by $200 over cost which included dealer hold back and all incentives. The dealership that had the truck did not want to take the deal as they had to label truck as to why they have it to sell and did not think GM was giving them enough money as a trade. GM was paying the dealer the difference to what I paid for the truck so I broke even. I ended up back at the same dealer I original purchased the Suburban and purchased a Tahoe. GM could not fix the problem and the best that can be done is to put the Michelin tires with the road force balance matching the wheel to the tire. This will get you 90% but there still will be a slight vibration. My view after spending almost three month talking to a lot of people, reading a lot of articles and driving all these trucks…. The biggest issue is on concrete roads where the dampening system cannot keep up. It is like a resonance starts and just vibrates the whole truck. It seems like the Magnetic ride control is so much faster at adjusting that it dampens the resonance frequency. The part that bothers me is that one GM person said that the way GM gets around the lemon law hassle is to buy back the truck, enter a service order on the truck to show it was fixed then put it on the used car lot with a letter or something saying why it was purchased back. My understanding is they have to disclose why it was there but not labeled as lemon law.
  • @Sarah - GM Customer Service Rep:
    First, it's a Suburban, not a Tahoe. Second, with all due respect - I really don't feel comfortable just randomly emailing out my info to someone on a social forum, claiming they are a Customer Service person, that wants my name, address, etc. If GM wanted to "help" I would think the engineers who were flown to our location would provide us with options. Not a flat-out "It's normal. Bye." and nothing more.
    @stan99 - Awesome you got your Suburban bought back! But you had to purchase another GM vehicle to get that deal? I definitely don't feel comfortable with that. We've tried all along to get them to buy back. We had it in the shop once. The service manager agreed it wasn't normal. Replaced all the tires. When we said we still felt it, he rode in it again and felt it still. We'll get it in two more shops and then we'll pursue legal action. Some dealerships are flat-out refusing to even look at it. I don't want to drive it with my little kids in there either - what if this vibration is slowly shaking something loose? Talk about a safety issue!
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,981
    All the automakers are using social media (i.e. forums) to reach out to owners and Sarah and Christine are legit.

    If you don't want to communicate by email, there's also a phone number you can call. Or you can use postal mail. And there's a Click to Chat link at the Chevy site (under Help).

    Chevy Contact Information

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • I emailed Sarah and haven't heard back. Still no communication with any GM engineers. I called GM today and was told that the case says "Customer requested no further contact" or something along that line. Ummm ... we never told them that. We've been waiting two days for someone to give us their report. This is getting ridiculous! I think BBB needs to be contacted as well - for the dealership. Grrrrr.
  • Good afternoon schooners,

    Thank you for sending more information our way - you sent it to , correct? Also, I want to apologize for misreading some parts of your original post that I responded to. I should be more careful, and not that it's an excuse but I see a lot of posts over the course of a day. Again, I apologize for not giving your post my full attention.

    I will check with my coworker Christina to see if she has received your email. In the meantime, have you heard back?

    GM Customer Service
  • Sarah -

    No worries. Yep, sent it to the email you stated in the last post. Let me know if you didn't get it. Thanks!
  • I have bought Chevy vehicles for over 25 years. I had a 2003 Tahoe and 2005 Suburban and neither shook. Now I bought a 2011 Tahoe and it shakes at both low and high speeds. Have only had it for 9 months and have had it in the shop numerous times. We test drove 4 other vehicles on the lot and they all shake. When we first bought ours they said that there we flat spots in the tires and they would go away. Well after 500 miles and still shaking they replaced the tires. We have been dealing with 2 different dealerships and even have talked to regional GM reps and they aren't making any good offers to help fix the issue. We are looking to use the Lemon Law. Just emailed an attorney tonight. Have you gotten anywhere? (I know it's only been about a week since your post but wondering if you have had any luck).
  • Hey 68mustang (and others following this saga) ...
    Well, we've hit a brick wall. GM won't talk to us. Apparently once the engineers look at it and make a decision, they won't even discuss the issue anymore. So we took the Suburban to a second dealership in the area here and were told that: 1. they felt the vibration and recommended swapping out the tires (at a cost to us. reason covered in #3); 2. upon inspection to fix said vibration issue, they noticed that the original shop damaged the rims we have; 3. there was no record in our file that tires were swapped out at the first dealership so we're no longer covered under warranty for tire problems; and 4. oh, but now that you're here, we'll go for a ride with you so you can show us what exactly you're talking about -- "oh THAT? that vibration is normal, so there's nothing we can do to fix it." WTF?
    We met with the owner of the dealership we purchased from and he won't budge on this either. He said that "this is just how they drive." He's offering to swap out the vehicle - for the low trade-in price and paying for the new vehicle - some deal! Hahahahaha!!! Not. Basically, those of us that feel this vibration are a small percentage of the owners that have issue with it. Not enough of a percentage of owners for GM to even care about this problem. Damn us for wanting quality!
    We told the owner that we were going to consult with our lawyer before we make any decisions. I do NOT want another Suburban (or Chevy product) - especially if this is "normal". As of now, it looks like we'll either have to continue to pay for a product that drives us insane, or eat it and unload it. I'm livid.
    The best part was - the two dealerships we had the Suburban at so far, apparently hate each other and talk smack about each other to us. Awesome professionalism!
    Hope you have better luck. I'm waiting to hear back from our lawyer still. Let me know if you find out any other options.
  • Hello there, I have read your comments and now I see that I'm not the only one. We recently purchased a 2012 Chev Tahoe LTZ. After testing the GMC we liked this interior better.
    I drove my new truck around town and all was fine, but when we hit the road the vibration was noticed right away. I'm running the same 20" that it came with. The local dealership just informed me that my Tahoe was tested and compared with others in their lot and all ride the same but they will re-balance the tires. Not the answer I was looking for.
    I should have listened to the wife and purchased what she liked, the Infinity QX56, but I wanted to stay American made so I'll have to hear it even more.
    If you have any input, suggestions please share! :(
  • On Asphalt road it will ride pretty smooth but still have a slight vibration but the only thing that really helped get to that point was the Michelin tires. Even today it is not as it should be with the new truck but I like the looks of the truck over anything else out there as I looked at everything from $30-80k and there was nothing else I wanted to purchase. I ride in a friend’s 10 yr old Suburban and it has a better ride than the new ones by a long shot when it comes to highway smoothness and no vibrations. Basically I had to make a decision on fighting in court (of which I did get a consult and had a case) but did not want to go through even more hassle as it already put strain on my Family (3 months of hassle) . So I found one that had a different vibration that did not give me a head ache. It will be a big question for me when I buy my next one but I have made the best of it.
  • Good morning prontohr,

    We're sorry that your new Tahoe is turning out to be a frustrating vehicle for you. If you would like for us to check into this further, please email us the following information at your name and Edmunds username, your phone and address, the last 8 digits of your VIN and current mileage, and the name of your involved dealership.

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • Another note. GM can not fix the vibration problem. They can put a device on the truck that will measure the vibration and then want to tell you it is normal vibration with in specification. They will not give you the specification or be able to explain why it is normal. Vibration felt in the seat of the truck is not normal....they will say yes there is a vibration try to fix and drag it out. GM did not put this device on my truck as it was too late for them to try and pull that card out. Two dealers had already looked at it, acknowledged the vibration issue and both dealers tried to fix it.

    GM customer service will only track and monitor the situation. They do not make any discussions.

    You need to find out who the GM rep is for the dealership and document everything you do and all communications. Do a recap of all meetings and send emails to the Person you are dealing with at the dealer…probably the service manager. This is what made my case. I had weekly emails that summarized everything talked about, reviewed and discussed. Stick to the facts and details.
  • Thank you Sarah, you shall received the requested info soon.
    FYI, my tires were balanced and rotated but the vibration still exist.
  • Seems we're not alone in this. Although, GM would lead you to believe so.
    We have a BBB claim now. A note out to GM for a lemon law notice. And GM reps that are contradicting themselves, worthless, and way out of their league on this one. Today we were told that GM has two case numbers for us. They also said that the local dealership here should have the "Engineers'" report, while the dealership says that GM should have that report. Then while talking to the GM rep, she started telling us what the Engineers found -- um, how do you know if you don't have the report?!!! *!!* This is just ONE example of how ridiculous they have been to deal with! The rep then said that she needed to call back. When she called back, she said that our case is with legal and she can't comment any more. So now it's with the legal team? In the 5 minutes you were off the phone? So odd. This is the most unprofessional business I've EVER dealt with! You know what they say ... "Customers who have a good experience will tell at least 2 people. Customers with a bad experience will tell EVERYONE."
    Good luck prontohr!! Keep me posted. I swear this whole debacle is screaming "Class action lawsuit" ... :mad:
  • I purchased a new 2012 Chevrolet Suburban LTZ 2WD 1/2 Ton on August 3, 2012. I live in the Houston Area. The vehicle had 3 miles on it when I test drove it. I could feel the vibration during the drive but I fell for the "oh it is just the tires as the vehicle had been sitting for a while". We will balance the tires and get this taken care of. Well to make a long story short, they didn't get the problem fixed after bringing it to the dealership 4 times and the problem is not fixed. The last thing done was the dealer put a set of Michelin LTZ M/S 2's on it. This helped some but the problem is not fixed. I contacted GM and they had a person call me. He contacted the dealership and the dealership told the GM rep that they could not duplicate the problem. Strange in that the dealership had already admitted there is a problem and have not fixed it yet. The GM rep said the there was nothing else he could do. I ask him a few question and it was sad at the responses from a GM Rep. First of all he said that he didn't really work for GM and that he worked for another complain by the name of "Minex" or "Manex". This was another company that GM had hired to take complaint. This was the most awful experience I have ever had and the bottom line is he said that there was no one else for me to talk to in which I knew better but as of today September 15, 2012 he has closed my case so I will have to escalate this more. The vehicle has less than 3000 miles on it and paid over$50K USD for this new vehicle and it is awful. Any suggestion from anyone out there, please respond. Is this what GM has come to?
  • If you can get the dealer to investigate further I would look at the driveline versus the tires. After ours blew the mechanic stated they have had some problems with them and there is like a drive shaft inside of a driveshaft if that makes any sense. Regardless, once the driveshaft was replaced we are smooth as silk, I was an inch away from filing a lemon law claim, etc and would have if the drive shaft hadn't broke. Good luck - definately going with a different brand on our next vehicle. Tired of all the mess with GM.
  • prontohrprontohr Posts: 9
    edited September 2012
    Hello my newly found friends. It looks like we are united on the same cause. Here is my update.
    After my Tahoe got tires balanced and rotated the problem still exist. On Friday 15 Sep, 2012 I drove it back to the shop and although my vehicle had been there all day I was not given an update until 4:30pm. Ridiculous. Well, the dealership needs to do more testing. This time they will re-balance the tires, mark the tires and rims, road test and recheck because the tires may slip from the rim and may also loose the balancing weights. Go figure, how safe is this?
    If the tires and rims do not slip, this time, then they will replace the drive shaft. I was asked to take a drive with the technician so that I could point out exactly what the vehicle is doing. Well, yeap, the tech noticed and felt the vibration. So to all of you: No, WE are not crazy or making up things.
    The new testing and maintenance will take a couple of days but i can't be without wheels so I headed back into the dealership show room and spoke directly with the new sales manager who is also the overall dealership manager.
    I explained my situation and asked me to allow him time to address the issue. My point to him was simple, i don't want this vehicle even after it is fixed. I have a bad feeling that it may happen again.
    So he gave me his personal 2013 Tahoe LTZ for the weekend as a loaner.
    I will put this loaner through the test and report back. What a headache, and class action? I think I see it coming up on the horizon!
  • Hello there razorback3,

    We're sorry to hear how dissatisfied you are with your new Suburban and see that you have worked with Customer Assistance on this. Would you please send us an email with your Service Request number (or the last 8 digits of your VIN) so we can check into this further? Have you tried going to an alternate dealership for a second opinion?

    GM Customer Service
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