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Ford F-Series Electrical and Lighting Problems



  • sfechtigsfechtig Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 F-150 on which the odometer/trip meter digital display is intermittent. It is on most of the time, but sometimes goes out for a few minutes. It will usually come back on by itself after a few minutes, or a slight tap on the instrument panel will usually make it come back on. Both the odometer and trip meter appear to count normally. All the other instruments in the panel work fine. Does anyone know if fixing this will require replacing the whole instrument cluster, or if there is a seperate connection or circuit board for the odometer display?

  • This is a very common problem with 1999-2000 F-150's. The dealer charges several hundred dollars to replace instrument cluster circuit board. Fortunately it is fairly easy to fix yourself. Links below to a couple of "how to's". -repair.html

  • I have a Ford F150 Platinum. Everything was working fine, until my electric tilt, electric foot pedal adjustments, and my power seat would not work. When you puch the buttons, you can hear the relay clicking under the seat. Went back to Ford and they said they replaced a fuse that was bad behind the glove box.(not accessible to regular people). They fixed it and it happened again about 1 week later. Same symptoms. Going back to dealer tommorrow. Any ideas whats wrong?
  • Both turnsignals frotn and back do not flash unless I continuously flip up and down, and only while I press on my breaks. Fuses in the dash and under the hood are good and the emergancy lights work fine. Any Ideas? :confuse:
  • gene50gene50 Posts: 1
    My headlights went out suddenly. I replaced the switch and this didn't help. I replaced the voltage regulator, and lights and there is still not enough juice.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Check the flasher itself... it's usually on the backside of the fuse panel under the dash. Swap in a new one (very inexpensive) and see if that cures it.

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  • jeannepjeannep Posts: 4
    2002 F250 dash light stays on indicating doors open. Overhead and cargo light stay on about 10 minutes after closing doors, Tried the WD 40 on the door hinges, whats the next step?
  • chaptomchaptom Posts: 1
    hi, i am having the same issue and tried the plastic 30 amp fuse also and it did not work. I was wanting to know if you figured out your problems yet because i am confuzed on this one. thanks tom
  • dakotaskidakotaski Posts: 1
    Regarding msg #30.I had the exact same thing happen while driving my friends '08 ford f350 while pulling an empty horse trailer. As soon as you lift your foot off the gas pedal the shake stops. The speeds are only around 45 mph and as you start to accelerate past that point the shake increases. Please tell me there is an easy fix for this problem??
  • jeannepjeannep Posts: 4
    Seller had it fixed at the Dealer. " Part: XF2Z 14018 AA switch asy - alarm
    removed defective passenger door ajar switch / SCIT CH came out in 2 pieces. Installed New. (Parts: $29.58, Labor $155)
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  • I've owned my '98 F150 for almost 3 years. The lights on the instrument panel haven't worked since I purchased the truck. I have pulled out the light switch and cleaned it using compressed air. This didn't help. I checked and confirmed that all wires are attached. Would this be a defective switch?

    Also, the door alarm counds every time I open the door. It sounds as it would if I left the key in the ignition and exited the vehicle. I suspect that the problem may be in the steering column. By shaking the key switch will stop the alarm bell for a few seconds and then the ringing comes back. I tried tightening the steering column housing and this didn't work. Does anyone know about this problem and how to fix it?

    Thanks for your help.
  • I had some knock off blue lights from ebay about 2 yrs ago that burned out something in my wiring. I can sometimes change a fuse and that works for very limited amount of time until it blows again. Indicating to me that there is a short from burning or slpit whatever. Also this light only not working in the low beams, in high beams both work. I have cut the plug off which i thought was the orginal problem but did not fix the problem. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to start or what part of the harness might be affected? any and all help is much apprecaited.
  • I had a similar problem on my Harley a few years back when I ran a bigger xeon bulb (wattage) than is recommended. it ran really hot and actually melted some of the insulation on the harness behind the reflector (but i didn't know that at the time). i wound up putting the orig bulb back in and it would just cut off and then come back...made me think I had a loose connection but never did find one. eventually i began blowing the fuse to the lights (and all sorts of stuff...BAD on a motorcycle) and i finally found it by pulling the bulb, reflector, and the wires out as far as i could and i noticed the bit of melting/clumping of wire. i separated stuff, taped it, and haven't had a problem since. i also don't use a higher wattage bulb anymore either. FWIW and of course YMMV
  • I have a 2006 f150. I hooked up a boat trailer to it and only have a working brake light and turn signal on the right side,no running lights on either side. Any suggestions??
  • Hello, I'm having a leak issue in the area of your truck did could you tell me if and where you located the water leak coming in any help would be great Thanks J
  • Hello, I'm having a leak issue in the area (fuse panle) of your truck did could you tell me if and where you located the water leak coming in any help would be great Thanks J
  • I have an '03 F-250 Super Duty 4 dr Gas, Had the plugs changed, oil changed,
    and rear brakes done.
    Now when I accelerate from a red light the ABS light comes on and the speedo freaks out for a few seconds....
    then the light goes out and the speedo starts to act right.
    Also it seems to have a rougher ride and less power.

    Please Help.
    Thank You,
    Kenny Brooks
  • hi i just bought a used 87 f350 two wheel drive dually.the anti-lock lite in the dash stays on and im not that educated with anti-lock systems.
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