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Ford F-Series Climate Control



  • My temp control problem has been resolved. It was the blender motor. See your dealer if you are still experiencing problems.
  • I've got an '03 f-150. My blower only works on high. It's really noisy. I lost low first, a few months later I lost medium. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • Can not turn off heat, turning manual temp control does not stop heat. Could it be a vacuum problem or is it the blend door, if it has one? Could it be that the hot water to the heater core is always on?
  • Try pulling off the temperature control knob and turn the control with a pair of pliers. On my 1999 F-150 the knob had slightly cracked where it slides over the shaft on the control, so.when I turned the knob it didn't turn the shaft.
  • Thank you for your response. Unfortunately I have already checked the knob and it is functioning properly. Hopefully it is only a vacuum leak, but, if not, it may mean the blend door is broken.
    If anybody has any other solution to check it will be greatly appreciated.
  • A common fail with the F150 is a broken blend door. Check the internet for a video and aftermarket solution for this problem.

  • mccmsmccms Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 F250 and the ac only blows from the defrost no matter where you move the settings to could this be the vacuum soleniod on the passenger side of vehicle
  • dpj1dpj1 Posts: 1
    Hey I have the exact same problem. Have you fixed this and if so how mucnh are they wanting
  • wkeanwkean Posts: 2
    yes I found the problem it was a vacum leak at the front hubs the vacumn hose had split where it attaches to the front hub. just cost a little time to locate it, :)
  • jlcjlc Posts: 30
    Hey Guys, I have an 98 F150 4.6 V 8. When I switch between outside ac to max ac or vis versa I get a musty oder. do I have a clogged drain and if so where would it be located.
  • Can i replace my manual climate contol head unit with a full automatic climate contol head unit from a different vehicle??
  • I have a 1900 F-150, no matter what output I choose (A/C, Heat, Vent, etc.) the air flow is only through the defroster vents. Could there be a vacumn issue with the diverter? A bad control unit? Please advise.

  • I have a question about the temperature selector on a 1997 Ford F-150. How do you test the switch? We have taken it out found 3 prongs labeled 1, 2, & 3. What do these mean and are you able to test it to see if it is bad?
  • I just replaced the heater switch on '06 F250 because it was only putting out heat when on high. Now my new switch is doing the same thing. Anyone have an idea what might be causing this. Fuses # 22 & 28 are not blown.
  • I have a 2001 F-150, once the heat gets up to the normal range I turn the heater control switch from off to floor or vent/floor. For about 30 seconds I get warm air and then the airs cools quickly. I can turn the controls off for about five minutes then back on and it works fine for another 30 seconds. I have noticed that both heater hoses seem to be about the same temperature so I don't think the heater core is totally stopped up. I can tell a sight difference in the air coming out of the vents if I change the heater control for hot to cold and back.
  • I have the same probelm. I have a 99 F-150 and it blows cold sometimes and hot sometimes. The vent selector works just fine, if I want defrost I get it, if I want floor or panel I get it. The problem is with temp control. I replaced the potentiometer for the temp control and no change. The probelm has to be with the "mixing valve" (at least that's what I'm calling it) that regulates the desired temp selected on the climate controller. Does anyone know where this valve is located or how to replace it. Or does anyone have any other ideas? Thanks
  • supercrewzersupercrewzer Posts: 1
    edited April 2010
    2001 Supercrew, 82 k

    I've notice a dripping under the truck after I've driven it. Looks like the dripping you see from A/C condensate, but this has been occurring during the winter. It is clear, and odorless, colorless and tasteless. Today, about 70 degrees outside, driving with window open, I had the temp setting to cool, A/C off, and the vent was switched to Panel/Floor. I expected the air coming from the vents to be about the same as the outside air. However I found it to be quite cold, and obviously the A/C was running. Switching the vent to "Floor" or "Defrost/Floor" I could hear the A/C compressor turn off (click from under the hood). By trying the different vent control settings, it appears that the A/C compressor is turning on when I switch the vent control to Panel/Floor, or of course if I switch the A/C on deliberately. This seems odd since the A/C is normally not on unless the "A/C" setting is selected. Also, you can't select "A/C" (on the left side of the control dial) and "Panel/Floor" at the same time (on the right side of the dial) since they are both control by the same knob. Since I usually run the Panel/Floor vent setting when I have the heater on during the winter, it seems this is why I was seeing dripping under the truck.

    Is this a rotary control switch problem?
    Is the A/C supposed to turn on when Panel/Floor is selected (and perhaps I didn't notice it before)? Thanks.
  • joe289joe289 Posts: 1
    dryfly you are a genius. I looked on the right side and the vacuum box ,directly behind the battery on my 2001 F-250 super duty, had a hole worn or burned in the top and it was leaking air. I temporarily plugged it and it fixed the selector problems. Can't see anything that wore the hole it it but with a little RTV I expect to be back in business soon. Thanks for the idea.
  • I have a similar problem. I also have a 99 f150 and the ac works and the heat works. The vents all work when I change from vent to defrost to floor. My problem is when I start my truck all I get is cold air even when it is heated up. This is with temp set on cold or hot. When I drive at highway speed, say 55 or more then stop at a stop sign or light it starts blowing hot. Driving through town it will keep blowing cold so long as I don't get up to highway speed. So is this a vacuum problem or temp control problem or blend door problem? Could the quick stop and start at highway speed cause the blend door to change if it were broken? Thanks for any feedback.
  • 1989 F350, replaced AC compressor, drier and orfice tube, put oil in the new compressor, and charged the system, it never really got cold and then a line burst.
    Any ideas what could cause this?
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