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Buick La Crosse New Owners Reports

Karen@EdmundsKaren@Edmunds Posts: 5,024
Just purchased a La Crosse? Tell us about it!

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  • Have owned the car for just over a month and am still loving every mile I drive in it. It has 1450 miles and averages 19.8 MPG with 70%/30% City vs. Highway driving. I am 35 years old and glad I made the decision to test-drive a Buick. Originally, I had decided on the redone Impala. I missed the 0% APR from Chevy due to work and stumbled across the 0% APR offer for LaCrosse. After a test-drive I was sold. The ride is smooth and the 3.6 is a great engine with impressive acceleration. I am not a speed nut, but love having the option to use it to get out of a bad situation on the road. I know this will probably be the last application of the W-body from GM, but will be happy to drive this great vehicle for 5 years or more and see what GM comes up with next. This was my first GM purchase. Would absolutely recommend this car to anyone looking for a great vehicle that you can get at a great price. Previous vehicles were 2001 Hyundai Elantra GT and 1990 Mitsubishi Mirage.
  • tx47tx47 Posts: 2
    I will be purchasing a new car in the next six months and my preliminary research has included the LaCrosse in my final three. I haven't taken a test drive yet, but would appreciate some feedback from current owners, in regards to how the car handles/drives, MPG, comfort etc. Pleas e tell me what you like most about the car and any disatisfaction or problems you've had.
  • Update on my LaCrosse. It now has 8700 miles and is getting about 21.1 MPG with 50/50 City/Highway driving. No issues at all after five months of ownership. Very pleased with purchase.
  • markfncmarkfnc Posts: 12
    I got a 2007 LaCrosse CX on Tuesday for my comopany car. Filled up this afternoon. 398 miles/15.8 gal=25.2 mpg.

    Love the ride, head height seems a little cramped, but my head does not touch, probably just getting used to a car again after an SUV. Nice radio, sun roof is great. Hub caps no rims, but sunroof overrode rims.
  • beezer2beezer2 Posts: 6
    I'm expecting delivery of my 2007 CXS early next week. It was ordered from a dealer here in my home town in Canada from the USA. It is a GM company car with 2300 miles and all options for many thousands less than I could have bought it in Canada. Therefore, I don't care if it's called a LaCrosse instead of an Allure. I'm a little concerned about Canadian GM dealers giving me 2nd class service because I bought from the U.S. not from them. Before deciding on the LaCrosse, I test drove a 2007 Honda Accord, a 2007 Toyota Camry and a 2004 Jag type X with the 3 litre engine. As well, I test drove an Allure with the 3.8 and one with the 3.6 engines. All of these vehicles have many goods things going for them. The Jag was quality and fun but I didn't like the tranny that kept searching for the proper gear as well as taking premium fuel. The Accord was rather sporty handling but tire thumping on certain road irregularities. The Camry was softer riding but wind noise was obvious at highway speeds. As well, both the Japanese cars, I found bland looking. The Buick with the 3.6 was great to my tastes. It handled very well at all speeds and on all types of roads. It was very quiet and exuded refinement and quality, although a bit subdued exterior appearance-wise.
    Are there any problem areas with this car that I should be aware of? Is there anything I can do about it if there is?
  • beezer2beezer2 Posts: 6
    Have you bought your LaCrosse yet? See my post of today's date under "Discussions" entitled, "Awaiting delivery - what can I expect".
  • hitman1970hitman1970 Posts: 33
    Here is my 2006 LaCrosse CXS after a fresh coat of wax. I have added port vents and tint to her. 13000 problem free miles so far. Great value too.

  • dnguydnguy Posts: 2
    Car with 3.8 litre engine is extremely repsonsive and smooth. Shifting is almost silky. Car is extremely quiet inside. I love the look- its sleek and elegant without being over the top. I am averaging 33 mpg in cruise control at steady 60 mph.

    One criticism is that seats could be more supportve and comfortable. Are a little lacking in latteral support. This will be noticable if you really push the car, as in taking curves at high speeds and changing lanes aggressively. Otherwise, if you drive the car like a normal person the support in the seats will be adequate.

    I would compare this car to the Lexus ES350 and on that basis the Lacrosse is equivalent.
  • beezer2beezer2 Posts: 6
    I took possession last week and my wife and our 3 yr. old grand daughter left to visit our son at his cottage for the weekend, a 3 1/2 hr. drive. The car is super quiet, great handling and a willing engine that leaves a smile on my face. This LaCrosse/Allure is totally optioned out with everything available. I had mud flaps installed. I also wanted a stainless steel or chrome bug deflector but I'm informed that none is available because of the close tolerance (space) between the hood and front fascia. I also wanted stainless exhaust tips for the duals but none will fit simply because there is no room for them and the stock tail pipes are hidden behind the bumper - a shame.
    The only complaints I have about the car are, 1. no memory for the seats and mirrors, and 2. the seats themselves are rather small and hard which makes them unsupportive. Overall, the car is a keeper. I've had 2 comments so far that people thought it had a Cadillac look. I guess that's good? And, oh yeah, the gas mileage is fantastic. My low was 30mpg and my high was 37.7mpg, all highway. City mileage, though, is terrible. Don't forget this is Canadian (imperial) gallons which is approximately 20-25% larger than U.S. gal.
  • lacrossesoakedlacrossesoaked Posts: 80
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  • cooterbfdcooterbfd Posts: 2,770
    While they're at it, they car remove this one too.

    Lets call her lucypearlnecklace ;)
  • This car replaces a 2009 Mercedes Benz E350 4matic. I'm between jobs so not too many miles yet. I'm normally a 20k per year guy. Anyway, I bought a loaded model FWD CXS. I have HUD, blindside warning, sunroof, NAV and the Touring Pkg.

    First, I find the car to be very quiet. Others have criticized the GoodYear Eagle RSAs but I'm fine with them. The car is smooth and confidence inspiring. Other positives are the styling, rear seat room, the NAV system, the HeadsUpDisplay and control layout. I wasn't interested in the HUD and Blindside Alert before owning this Lacrosse, now, having driven it, I highly recommend these options.

    The negatives are poor visibility, mediocre gas mileage with the 3.6 (others report more than what I get on Reg Fuel), Bluetooth is missing the download cabability (fixed in 2011 I hear), stereo bass response, small trunk and quirky keyless entry.

    Centering the car in a lane is difficult as ther are no sight lines to use. Backing up is not easy, even with the rearview camera.

    I got 24.5 mpg on a 200 mile trip which was all freeway with cruise at 75 mph. Others claim 29 with the same drive train.

    BT is implemented w/o the OBEX protocol and no transfer of files or phonebook contacts is possible. The voice recognition is very poor when adding tags to manually entered numbers.

    The sound system gets an A in everything except bass response. At the low end, this is boomy and fuzzy, not tight and sharp as my E350 was.

    The keyless entry balks at times. The remote start has a limited range, less than half what's claimed.

    I have an intermittant problem which is yet unresolved. I also had one other very small warranty problem taken care of at 1500 miles (loose weather striping).

    Not quite a MB but at $30k price advantage, quite a good buy. As for this being competition to Lexus, until GM dealers learn their products better and provide better service, no chance.
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,061
    edited October 2010
    I am also at 90 days and 2500 miles but mine is a 2011 CXS with all the options except the sunroof. No problems so far except a bumper replacement which was totally unnecessary. I had a small scratch on the rear drivers side which should have cost no more than $200 to fix.

    The insurance estimate was $800 but by the time dealer's body work department was finished, the job and the cost was expanded to $2,000. In short, these guys simply ripped off the insurance company and the quality of their work leaves a lot to be desired.

    Nevertheless, my CXS is performing as well as expected and more. Quiet, smooth, dependable and fast. At first I thought the 19 inch tires were noisy and attributed that to my coming from an Avalon that was library quiet. But since then I have come to realize that there is a tradeoff between the aesthetics of the low profile tires and road noise. All features work as expected and I am especially pleased with the Xenon HID headlights. I used to be reluctant to drive at nights but now I do it with confidence. This is truly a worthwhile option and I recommend it to all new owners. Gas mileage is poor at 16.8 mpg but that is okay since I do mostly city driving.

    Overall, I like the CXS for its handsome looks and performance but for some reason I like the ride in our 2008 Malibu much better. For one thing the seats are more comfortable and the ride is just compromise in ride, comfort and ergonomics.

  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    I don't know what my dealer will do. I found scratch/crease in rear quarterpanel that was painted over at factory. I dread just having them replace the flawed headlight assembly.
    It is the tires or the vehicle. My daughter had a Tiburon Shark with very low profile tires. They were not noisy. Her biggest issue was damaging the low profiles.
    Poor mileage, I'll say. That is below the sticker city. So far mine looks poor compared to the Aurora V8. I'm hoping it picks up as the vehicle is broke in. I may run lower octane just to see what it does and likely dump oil early to try synthetic.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    Seems Buick has a long way to go. This is 2011 CXS loaded other than sunroof and rear seat displays. I've had it 12 days and just over 500 miles. There are some nice things about this vehicle, but:
    Lacrosse Bad List

    • Head Rests – A real pain in the neck. You can’t tell me GM is not aware. Just look at the drawing in the owners manual related to proper positioning. Even the artist is aware. The guy has his neck crooked forward like Ichabod Crane without the Adams apple.
    • Tires with Touring Package – GY Eagle RSA tires are noisy and hard, and also fall short in other areas according to survey at They rank 15th among similar tires. They may be cause of oscillating sway, maybe because of sidewall construction linked to tread design.
    • Seat Memory – It will move into memorized position as soon as driver door is opened, before you get in. That is dumb! More on this subject after I test what the owners manual says. It says that the position used is memorized in the remote. That would seem to indicate 4 possible memorized settings. Two for the remotes + two for the seat memory buttons. It seems the memory does not work as indicated in the manual. Other GM systems I’ve used only require momentary use of memory button to move seat to programmed position. The memory button alone moves seat to exit position. This button when held for a couple of seconds and with a number button creates a memorized position, different than how the manual says to do it. Also over the last few days I’ve had multiple occasions where it did not move forward to what the last position used was when the vehicle was exited. The manual says the fob remembers that position and it is intermittent. I finished moving the seat into position by holding button 1. Only one fob has been used to date. I have no idea what to expect if my wife carries the second one.
    • Storage
    Side pockets – They are near useless. If the front ones did not fold out I’d never be able to retrieve what I put in them. They are too small for my needs. And the ones in the rear are even worse. I can see the day coming when I hear screams from the backseat because one of my grandchildren have their hand stuck – safety issue.
    Cup holders – As one person wrote, you can’t even put two cups with handles in them at the same time. The arrangement leaves no room for anything else in that area. The rear cup holders only exist if there is only two in back seat. Three kids or adults and you have no cup holders in the rear. They are needed even more with kids.
    Center Console – Better use of potential space is definitely needed.
    Overhead Console – There seems to be a lot of wasted space here. Certainly enough room to create sunglass storage.
    • Speed Sensitive Wipers – I can’t believe they left this off. Even the lowly Malibu has them as standard equipment.
    • Seats – They don’t have enough bolster to keep you from sliding around. Some say the Lacrosse has moved from grandpa styling. This seat is like they took a bench seat and cut it in two. Minimizing the amount of lumbar support dialed in does help.
    • Back / Lumbar support – One mechanical is not enough to say luxury. Mechanical does overcome variances incurred because of interior temperatures with the air filled ones. But cool down or warm up was fairly quick and it takes a few minutes to settle into the seat anyway. Give me the two air bag system any day and for the passenger as well. Then you might say luxury.
    • Armrest – Does not even have a center one. There seems to be enough room that one could be attached to side of console. Passenger side too. Malibu at least has them.
    • Floor Mats – These seem pretty cheap. Although my Malibu had upgraded mats and trunk liner at LT2 level, they were much thicker and better quality than these. They likely aided in sound deadening. The trunk liner mat was made of same material. You only get the basic liner on Lacrosse? That says cheap.
    • XM reception – I have a lot of dead spots with this car. The couple of known dead spots on the Malibu have quadrupled in size. I suspect I know the reason which is another ‘gotcha’ on GM or Buick.
    • Headlamp assembly flaw – Looking at the upper edge, there is a chrome twisted rope design. It has big gaps in it like it is either starting to separate or the chroming was done improperly.
    • Steering column – I’ve never seek a rake design that gives the comfort of a real tilt. Especially for entrance and exit of vehicle. Give me tilt!
    • Cornering Lamps – They call this a luxury sedan. Anything rated as luxury should have them available if not standard. You don’t know how needed they are until you don’t have them. The potential damage to low profile tires makes them even more needed.
    • Suspension tightness – It feels like there is play. Some spots in road induce a sway and it does several oscillations before stopping completely. Sport mode seems to stop most of it, but not all. See ‘Tires with Touring Package’ above.
    • Audio Speakers – From the trunk you can see the rear speakers. That is they can easily pass any noise from the trunk. Quality systems would have the back side sealed and ported to the interior if necessary for sound pressure. The size and magnet size is not inspiring for faithful reproduction. Very unlikely they will produce good bass notes such as bass drum or bass guitar. I definitely now wonder what the bandwidth capability of the amp is.
    • Today, 20 Oct 2010, the light caught the body in such a way I thought I discovered a new body line. I checked it and it is not a body line, but a deep scratch in the sheet metal accompanied by a wrinkle to both sides. Paint flows well to the scratch area. No damage to paint. This was obviously in the quarter panel prior to painting and makes me think it was done when the quarter panel was dragged to the assembly area. Robot painted right over it.
    • Nav/infotainment display – Dimming of it seems to have issue. If light conditions are dim enough to bring headlights on, such as under heavy tree canopy, the display dims and becomes unreadable. I’ve turned the dash brightness control all the way up and gave it the ‘display day’ command which did not help. And the rearview camera is not able to cope with some lighting conditions giving a very poor image.
  • crankeeecrankeee Posts: 297
    We picked up 7/8/2010 after finding silver ext/light grey leather 18" alloy wheel model with FWD and no nav/memory seats/cameras/exotic options we wanted. The main choice in the 2010 Lacrosse was the 3.0L in the CX/CXL or the 3.6L in the CXS. Same engine family but too many big $ options on CXS for our budget.
    4,000 miles and two long trips results in average highway of 27.5-29 MPG at speeds of 80 and 70, respectively. Oil change at 2000 and 4000 to get break in flotsam and getsum out of car. MPG in town approx 16 with big variations.
    4400# car set up for highway with great 6-speed trans that is programmed for mileage so upshifts to higher gears are quicker than downshifts IMO. 18" alloy wheels with Michelin MXM4 all-season tires handles exceptionally well with only normal road noise on bumps and rough spots. H-arm in rear seems to keep car on the ground with stability control and well designed suspension. MAJOR point is car
    uses regular fuel NOT premium that is hard to find in manufactured shortages.
    Interior is OUTSTANDING in all respects IMO. Drivers aids are well thought out with information system, XM radio, A/C,bluetooth, one-year free OnStar and airbags all over the car for safety. Heated leather seats are very firm and lumbar feature makes for comfy hiway trips. Headrest does protrude to the maximum but is avoidable with electric seatback adjustment on both sides. Vision outside is helped with oversized mirrors. Front pillers are large and obtrusive compared to older cars but not newer Federal rollover compliant models.
    Overall Conclusion: Excellent choice for a car in the low 30's for MSRP. most current features are available in different trim levels depending on your budget. Real grade will be long term durability and GM desire to provide top notch service for inevitable problems with all those disposable parts on a vehicle. Thanks to GM (read Lutz & Co.) for a competitive model at a good price point for most of us.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    Adding to my list:
    Audio speakers - have terrible fuzzy sound on low bass notes. At one point I thought maybe something was loose and creating the resonance. The left rear door speaker sounds like it is a bad cone, like torn.
    Nav/infotainment display - The system has locked up a couple of times and the only way to unfreeze it was to pullover, shutdown, & restart.
    Today, the scratch - Today I happened to be looking closely at the outside mirrors and there swing function. That is when I noticed the piece of trim on passenger side to the front of mirror, not on door. It was sticking out along the top edge. It turns out that there are two pegs that clips on the piece slide on to before latching it into place with a clip along the bottom edge. They totally missed the top rear peg. I seriously doubt this would be put on by a robot and a blind person would have known it was installed incorrectly.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    ok, ONE MORE! I'm guessing the same person installed this piece as the trim piece to front of mirror R/S painted. This would be the small, about 6" long, black rubber and plastic at the bottom right corner of windshield. I noticed it was out of place, wrinkled and scrunched up. Sort of just jammed into place. It pops right out easily, but deformed for so long it won't lay straight anymore. One more small item for my list when I take it in.
    The top man of sales at my dealer told me that the issues of new cars was no longer true, a myth. I know we have all heard from someone that said better to buy a year or two old. Let the original owner fix the quirks and kinks. Either that statement by sales is false or I am certainly glad I did not buy new during those years the myth developed. ;)
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    The tires have quieted a lot with almost 1700 miles. And it seems the suspension is loosening up a little or should I say getting broke in. That is, it seems to be riding better with time.
    The sport mode seemed pretty harsh early on, but I also noted it stopped most of the sway induced when only one side or one tire hit a pock mark on road. The ride has softened to the point that I much prefer running in sport mode because of the better sway control.
    I have no input as to if or whether the cooling weather has affected the ride.
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