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Buick La Crosse New Owners Reports



  • Can anyone give me some tips on how to take advantage of Sports Mode? I use it each time I go down my hill to assist braking but when I get to flat road driving I shift out of Sport. I just cannot get used to shifting without the feel of the clutch and hearing the engine revving so I know when to shift. I find myself looking at the tach too much in the CXS when I try to use Sports Mode to guide my shift points.

    I was a down-shift junkie and never had a brake job done on my Honda (or clutch job) which had 106k miles when I traded it. Although we've had an automatic in the family for a long time, my main car was always a manual.

    Other than the "ride" improvement noted by e net rider, does using Sport at all improve gas mileage? What other benefits might I note if I do concentrate on using this effectively more often? I had to learn to use the clutch way back when so I could learn this system as well, I think, if it was worth it.

    Aw, heck, I probably should have posted this in a different thread but I got it here now so ....
  • rf123rf123 Posts: 6
    My 2010 CSX has a front suspension "clunk" noise that is most noticible when traveling 25-35 mph over quick "wash board" type of bumps in the road. The colder the weather, the more noticible. Dealer has indicated all current LaCrosse's have this annoying issue and the GM engineers are working on a fix. Has anyone experienced this issue or been able to find a fix? Dealership is saying there is nothing that can be done at this time and there is no plan to fix. :mad:
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    Took my CXS to dealer this morning and the loaner is a CXL, newer than mine by a couple of months & only 3800 miles. Also rather stripped compared to mine as it only has two of the comfort packages and sunroof for options.
    So first thing I notice is missing the seat automatically moving, no HUD, or rearview. The list of missing items is a bit long if you add in the items standard to CXS.
    A couple of items I notice immediately is it also has the gap at the seal on the front edge of front doors and the boots falling down on the rear suspension.
    Now for the road, a drive I've made quite often with mine. Road noise has almost completely disappeared. OK, there is a different suspension, but part of the reason for the hyper-strut was supposedly quiet along with improved handling. It might also be quieter from the rear since I noticed the armrest was down in the back and I seem to recall more noise from the rear when mine was down and trunck was empty. I'll check the trunk on this one closely to see if I can spot any differences.
    As of now I'm strongly suspecting that most of the road noise is because of the GY (badyear) tires compared to the Michelins & not the size.
    Handling: It definitley handles differently on the front end and I'll credit that difference to the hyper-strut which is intended to give better camber & caster angles as well. I'd bet the tires have some effect as well, but mostly the hyper-strut I'd bet.
    I did not drive it far enough to get a good feel for the rear alone so as to compare the touring package against the standard rear suspension. Nor fast enough, such as highway, to find out if there was any sway on rear. But the overall ride seems to be more bouncey or what some might think more cushioned. I can do without the bounce since I've owned vehicles that had zero bounce except under the harshest conditions.
    I am having them rotate, balance, & check alignment because I have been getting what seems like a bit of tire squirm on some surfaces lately along with passenger seat vibrating. I am not at all happy with GY tires since they seem to change handling characteristics frequently compared to other tires I've owned. Mileage, temperature, and road surface all seem to change handling over time. It will be interesting to see what happens after first rotation.
    Now having covered those points, engine performance. I would have bet it had 3.0L instead of the 3.6L. Even the shifting seemed to be a bit different as to when it shifted up. A bridge on the intercoastal waterway I frequently cross is arched enough that it never has to open and going up it, with what already seemed decreased acceleration, it shifted up, maybe into third or fourth and lost all acceleration until I crested the bridge. I'm sure more foot would have changed response, but I was trying to compare the two vehicles by the habits I use. Overall, it just did not seem as peppy, but then I did not employ WOT, wide open throttle. Also I reset the MPG when I left their lot and for a run I'd been getting about 20 MPG, this one was just a tad under 23MPG. The type of mileage I was seeing before it suddenly decreased on mine. I am certainly going to watch this more closely. Also the less power might be that someone put regular in it and I only use premium, 90% of the time it is shell V-power.
    Just checked the radio and the basic radio is not as good as the 11-speaker, but as I've said before the 11-speaker is a good distance from perfection. And I checked the trunk to see if it had the big holes in the rear-deck or if there were covers over the holes. The liner might be of the same quality as the CXS, but no holes in the rear-deck, but then there are no speakers in it either. If you've seen earlier posts of mine concerning this, you know I've been against having those holes present because they let noise from the trunk into the vehicle interior. Also it is an indication of cheap when you use the trunk space as a resonator to get more bass out of speakers. It does work, but then you get all the noise as well. I can tell you Bose did not do that on systems I had. Those rear deck speakers were in sound insulated enclosures so they produced true sound. The trunk could be considered a tuned cavity and will resonate more at certain frequencies which will definitely give a flutter/buzz like a bad speaker cone.
    Has anyone experimented in this area to improve quality of this HK 11-speaker?
    My thoughts are that maybe covers are missing from those holes in rear-deck, trunk side. I'm considering covering them, but will check to make sure there is a port back to the interior of vehicle for venting the pressure generated by the back side of the speaker cone. If it is not there, then I'll see if it is possible to add one. It would probably be best to add speaker enclosures because I'm not impressed with the material covering the lower side of the deck, that is as to how it will isolate or handle sound. And if they had to use the trunk space to get more bass out of the speakers, then they might be poor quality as well.
    The other possibility is to do a total sound-proofing of the trunk. The easy part would be throwing a quality carpet on the deck, but then that leaves a lot of other space to deal with including the trunk lid. Foam is the only thing that comes to mind, especially for all the space behind the panels, over the wheel wells, etc.
    All for now.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    Note that you have a different suspension under front known as the hyper-strut, on all CXS only. Not true that they all have it, I'd say, and if it is across all models then it is probably something they have in common. I do at times notice an objectionably loud clunk when turning to steering limit, especially left turn. I'd say not ready for luxury designation when comparing to some others I've driven. Or they've definitely lowered the bar.
  • rainman5542rainman5542 Posts: 114
    I have a 2010 CXS which does not exhibit any such noise. I would try another dealer and maybe go along when the service manager does a test drive.

    I have 6400 miles on mine and have no complaints whatsoever. There are two minor issues, first is that the BlueTooth does not have Contacts download enabled. The 11 Speaker sound system has very loose and fuzzy bass response.
  • crankeeecrankeee Posts: 297
    Rainman: We have 7800 on 2010 CXL with 3.0L and at this point have no real meaningful complaints without really being nitpicky. The boots have fallen on the rear shocks and dealer offered to re-epoxy them up but seems to think it is no problem. MPG is getting better on the road with a short test at 65-70 for max MPG showing 31-32 on midgrade. Higher octane appears to improve MPG for minor cost ^. 75-80+ drops MPG to 27-29 depending on grades. Fantastic road car is all we can conclude. Exceptionally quiet and plenty of power if needed. Michelins rotated at 5000 and tires/brakes wearing evenly per tech.
    conclusion: Great car AND outstanding value as per consumer mags.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    The one thing I've missed in your post is whether you have touring package, or if maybe yours was built before they dropped the H-arm suspension as standard equipment.
    I'm not sure when the hyper-strut was added to the CXS, maybe not on 2010 models.
    But I can tell you that my driving experience with the 2011 CXL showed far less road noise. It did seem to ride more cushioned on some roads but overall more bouncey on others when comparing to my CXS with touring.
    Since the hyperstrut is supposed to make quieter, I have to assume it is the GY tires unless there is some other path for the road noise to enter. Of the CXL, I'd say you will be happy with this vehicle if you like the last generation of LaSabre, assuming you don't get a buggy one or get the bugs worked out. With 3800 miles it had too many for my liking.
    Also comparing the handling of both vehicles, I'd say the CSX is superior and attribute that response to the hyper-strut. But then I have not driven a CXS without touring so I don't know how much that would influence my decision. That is, does the touring package change anything besides having H-arm on rear and bigger tires & wheels all around? It does give sport mode selectivity, but I don't know if it has to be in sport mode to get full time suspension management. That is it may do it all time, but adjust differently according to whether it is in or out of sport mode.
    A wild guess to the problem is the rubber parts are too hard and don't allow enough dampening of bumps, or possibly the struts valving is inadequate.
    Note, I do find sport mode necessary some times on highway to dampen rear sway induced by bumps or binder joints on road.
    I'm happy to be back in my CXS, but frustrated with issues. Unfortunately most of it was written off as normal or could not duplicate. And at least two were the second time.
    One of those is that seat memory which is intermittant and you never know where it will position. No logic to when it acts up. The loaner did not do it for the short time I had it programmed the same as mine, but it also gives a full 3 seconds before it starts to move and that is one of the gripes on mine which gives you about 1/2 second to get in.
    Also the lumbar support has driven me crazy as to how it is supposed to function. The loaner was the same in this respect, but it is not to the manual. No one was able to describe how it functions and they are supposed to be checking into that so they can let me know. The up and down toggle is what bewilders me. As an easy example, fully retract, then push the up or down side of button. When you think it is supposed to be going down, according to manual, it actually inflates the lower. If you push the upper side, it actually inflates the upper. So how does it actually get adjusted to some point in between with both upper and lower portions as desired. The Aurora was easy, upper and lower bags, each adjusted separately.
    But about a month ago it would retract in 10-15 minutes of driving and was doing it when I took in. Response, they could not duplicate.
    So for an hour I sat at dealer trying to make it act up and the memory. I gave up and turned in loaner. Opened door on mine and it went to bad position. I did get to show that to service manager. Closed door, opened second time and it went to proper position. Nuts!, but documented. And on the 10 mile drive home I had to put air in lumbar 5 times. Double Nuts! So I'm waiting on call back from dealer. BTW, they forgot to rotate tires and wrote off dropped shock boots as normal. I see they tried to put them back in and one is almost out and the other one has a gap already. Hopefully they will replace next time.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,003
    I have reviewed your concern with the Technical team and they would like to see you take your vehicle to another dealership for a second opinion. As you stated your concern is a "clunk" type noise, and it should be
    investigated a little farther. We have no pending investigation for a clunk noise in the front end at this time. Please email me your VIN, complete contact information incuding telephone and address, dealer, and current mileage. I look forward to your response. Have a great weekend!
    GM Customer Service
  • rf123rf123 Posts: 6
    Thanks for the info. and feedback.

    I have the CSX with 19" wheels. The thunk/clunk noise is more noticable in this model likely due to the less compliant tires (low profile), causing more suspension input. I have driven 3 other LaCrosses (different models) and all have this thunk noise - some less noticable. The service director at the dealership has told me he notices it on all LaCrosse's now that he knows what he is listening for. Even the same model 2011 vehicle had the same issue. The service supervisor and I went for a ride together.

    I agree, there is an issue with the dampening due the rubber durometer - could be at the top of the sturt, but not sure. I am completely frustrated - the dealer and GM engineers can not even tell me where the noise is coming from. This should be the first and simplest part for fixing a problem. I think GM knows there is an issue, but is unwilling to fix it due to cost.

    I often rent inexpensive compact vehicles (1/2 the cost of the LaCrosse) and none of them have this annoying issue.

    This is the 1st GM vehicle I have owned in the past 12 years. If this does not get fixed, my next purchase will be non-GM.
  • rf123rf123 Posts: 6
    Hi Christina,

    I have tried to resolve this issue with Somerset Buick in Troy, MI and with the Buick Customer Service (case number 71-922394425).

    Customer Service has closed my case as a "dis-satisfied customer". Great!!

    I am planning to visit the dealership and return my lease. Once the problem is fixed, I would be happy to re-assume my lease.

    Any help you can provide would be greatly apprecieted.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    edited May 2011
    OMG, you have got to be kidding. Well that is what a lot might say but they need to be informed of that attitude from the company.
    I posed a question to one of the owners of the dealer I'm with. It had to do with the defective design of the CAF and the fact that GM obviously knows there is a problem because of the bandaid fix to stop air from moving around the filter rather than through it. And that with all their wisdom they chose to use open cell foam to seal it (sarcasm).
    He apologized for the problem and then explained that GM was bigger than them, much bigger. That basically they work for GM.
    It is little wonder that their business has expanded the way it has. They handle GMC & Buick. Their real growth has been in Mercedes and BMW.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,003
    I apologize for your frustrations. Have you spoke with Customer Assistance? Can you please email me your VIN? I look forward to your response.
    GM Customer Service
  • rf123rf123 Posts: 6
    Hi Christina,

    As I previously stated, my case number is 71-922394425. The representative how "helped" me was Drew.

    My VIN should be available under the above case number.

    The dealership, Somerset Buick in Troy, MI is well aware of this issue and should be able to provide any info you need.

    Please keep me informed.

  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    Did our posts get mixed somehow? Mine is red, 2011 CXS.
    That is I agree with much of this.
    Mine was not a scratch in paint, but the metal with a crease. Then factory painted over.
    Touring Package and it seems the 19" GY are the source of road noise. Much noisier than CXL.
    I wish all features worked.
    A double yes to HID lamps over standard lamps on CXL.
    Around 2500 miles, my mileage dropped about 2 1/2 MPG so that makes it a bit of a guzzler in my book. The 4.0L V8 Aurora got about the same around town, but actually better on highway. Plus all the advantages of a V8.
    Although the seating in the 09 Malibu is quite firm, it is also quite comfortable for distance because it did not sag against hard points. The lumbar adjust was mechanical only and not much. But Buick could definitely improve. Unfortunately Malibu had some real safety issues on top of bugs.
    The second owner discovered one of those herself.
    It appears I now have a real safety issue on this one. I drove approximately 250 miles round trip yesterday. In that time I'm sure I had to add air and adjust lumbar over 100 times. The return trip much worse than heading out. That is when I became accutely aware that all that one handed driving is a safety issue. And on what has been a high death stretch of road since the 70's. It was off limits back then, because of that issue, to Marines stationed just south of its start. Hundreds have been killed on it.
    Even with my efforts to keep it adjusted, I ended up stretched out for two hours when I got home because of back pain.
    Buick, if you are listening, I'd like to be part of your seating torture test team. Heads up, it involves the seating design team (insert evil laugh).
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,003
    Thank you, I am looking into this situation further for you. I will update you with any new developments in your case.
    GM Customer Service
  • rf123rf123 Posts: 6
    Thank you Christina.

    Although, you are telling me the same thing the dealer and customer service have been saying for several months now - "we will check into it and let you know". To start, have the GM NVH Engineers put a Lacrosse CXS on a 4 post road simulator and find out where the noise is coming from. Once this is determined, GM can find a fix. I would feel a lot more confident if someone could tell me where the noise is coming from. No one has told me the source of the noise - dealer or GM. Pathetic after 3 months.

    If this is not fixed, my next vehicle is going to be non-GM.

    Ughhhh!! :sick:
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,003
    I apologize for you frustrations. Someone should be in contact with you for more information reguarding your concerns. Please feel free to email me with any questions comments or concerns. Have a great weekend.
    GM Customer Service
  • rf123rf123 Posts: 6
    Hi Christina,

    My 2011 CXS with 19" wheels continues to exhibite the front suspension clunk noise. There has been zero progress the last 4 months to determine the root cause of this noise that is always present when traveling over quick small bumps at speeds less than 50mph.

    Niether the dealer or GM have made an sign of progress in 4 months. Is this GM's idea of customer service? What is so difficult about finding the source of this CLUNK? The dealer service director say's all LaCrosse's have this annoying clunk. Maybe this is just GM's standard of quality??

    I did get a call from the customer service person (Drew) and he said there is no progress. My case is being closed as a "dis-satisfied customer". Wonderful.
  • crankeeecrankeee Posts: 297
    rf: Does your new CXZ with the 19" wheels have the new hyperstrut setup in the front. The 19" wheel/GY tires and hyper strut were part of the touring package I believe. Many posters have commented on noisy rides with the 19" wheel setups vs the 18" with the standard McPherson strut and Michelin tires. The dealer s/b aware of any suspension issues if that is the issue.
    Good luck
  • 56dave56dave Posts: 1
    New 2011 Lacrosse 6cyl. Oil dipstick in this car is not the same as in the owners manual.
    My stick is more torpedo shape on a wire. Manual shows a flat dipstick.
    My problem is I took it to the selling dealer for its first oil change. When I got home I noticed it was listed as a 6 qt change. The manual shows it to need only 5&1/2. I questioned the dealer and was told it was filled to proper level and not to worry. Level of oil is above the torpedo shape and on to the wire. Look to me to be over filled. Not good . Any body else have this style dipstick
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