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MINI Cooper Steering and Suspension Questions



  • tiff_ctiff_c Posts: 531
    As long as I can turn it off, I"m okay with "mandatory". But if it starts driving my car, and I can't turn it off completely, I'm not buying that car, no way.

    I'm always dubious of Gov't claims like that. Still mandatory is usually something you cannot turn off. Since it's optional now you can shut it off. In the future it might be like ABS brakes. I hate them for snow because no matter what it takes longer to stop with them as the snow won't plow up under the wheels. But you can't shut ABS off. I expect in all new 2012 car it will not be 100% defeatable.
  • I have a 2002 MINI Cooper S with roughly 38,000 miles. Bought it second hand last year.

    I've been noticing since this spring that I can feel a popping sensation through the steering wheel once in a while when turning or driving over rough or uneven pavement.

    Just wondering if anyone else has come across this. If so, any idea what the culprit was?

    I'd like to get an idea before heading to the MINI dealership.

  • They had both shock mount and motor mount issues as I recall.

    Here are TWO TEchnical Service Bulletins that might be of help to you>

    SI M 31 01 05
    Front Axle

    June 2005
    Technical Service

    This Service Information bulletin supersedes Service Measure M31 200 05 dated April 2005.
    Front End Clicking or Creaking Noise

    R50 (Cooper)
    R52 (Convertible)
    R53 (Cooper S)


    Clicking or creaking noise may be heard coming from the vehicle front end when turning the steering wheel or when driving over bumps.


    The plate of front strut mount (upper guide support) may be bent from an impact and over time has caused the rubber bushing to crack.


    Confirm the cause of the noise by removing the upper strut mount cap to see if there is a crack in the rubber bushing.

    1. Check for any evidence of previous impacts from external force to the vehicle.

    2. Verify that the upper strut dome body has not been damaged.

    3. Do not replace the whole strut assembly.

    4. Replace only the strut mount per Repair Instructions RA 33 31 031.

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------

    SI M 32 02 05
    Steering and Wheel Alignment

    June 2005
    Technical Service

    This Service Information bulletin supersedes Service Measure M32 200 04 dated December 2004.
    Power Steering Pump Noise

    R50 (Cooper) and R53 (Cooper S) manufactured before June 2004.


    Customer may hear a knocking noise from the front axle area when turning the steering wheel.


    The power steering pump bracket is not properly mounted and makes contact with the power steering gear.


    Move the power steering pump bracket down as far as possible to increase the clearance between the bracket and the steering gear.


    Do not replace the power steering gear or the electro-hydraulic power steering pump.
    1. Loosen the two M8x12 hex bolts holding the power steering pump bracket. These bolts are accessible from the rear of the vehicle (under the power steering gear).

    2. Move the power steering pump bracket down as far as possible to increase the clearance between the bracket and the steering gear.

    3. Torque the bolts to 19 Nm.

    For additional information, follow Repair Instruction RA 32 41 030

    Improved assembly process implemented in June 2004.

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------
    Also there is an April 2003 RECALL on the rear strut mounting screw, so make sure you've had that done, even though it doesn't pertain to your current problem.

    MOMMA MIA :surprise: -- I've been scrolling through the MINI Technical Service Bulletins, and there's an armful of them. Most are for older cars, and the newer TSBs on 2007/08 cars don't seem anywhere near as serious.
  • hnewhnew Posts: 2
    2008 mini cooper S, left front tire has steel belting showing and blown on inside tread area, right front is not as bad. Both back tires has had to be replaced and is already showing ware on inside tread again. With only 10,000 miles on the car, seams odd that such major alignment problem has occurred. My boss is a friend of the owner of this car, and asked for my help. They bought car new and saying no curbs been hit. They thinking to getting rid of this problem by getting there daughter a different car. They are concerned if, and for her safety, that if the alignment was done and why it needs to be done so soon. With the cost of the type of tires and its a new car, any ideas to help?
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,664
    Alignment can be knocked out in an instant. It can happen ten minutes after you get an alignment. A pothole will do it. I don't see how they could know what ruts or potholes their daughter might have hit, or may even be unaware of. If you smack a hole hard enough, or often enough that's it---the car's out of alignment.

    Wear on an inside tread suggests to me that the car is out of alignment and has excessive toe in or toe out---meaning that the tire is being scrubbed across the road--not running straight.

    Unfortunately, you cannot properly align a car with tires that are already worn. You have to replace the tire, then do a full alignment. Also it would be a good idea to see if there is any damage under there.

    My gut feeling is that there is nothing basically wrong with the MINI but a lot wrong with whoever is working on the alignment machine.
  • hnewhnew Posts: 2
    I didn't look under the rear of the car to see if a alignment is possible. after buying the car from new, they replaced the rear tires in december of 2008. 4 months later they needed replaced again, and the rear tires are wearing about the same on the inside. tread. now on the bad one that is worn to the steel belt I do agree that she wasn't telling or giving up what could have knocked the front so badly out of alignment.
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,664
    I'd need to see the wear pattern to tell you any more. Just about any car can be aligned on all 4 wheels although on some cars the way they do the rear wheels isn't pretty.
  • I have a 07 Cooper S.
    Had 19 or 18 in can't remember. JCW wheels with the run flats.
    Living in L.A. we encounter many pot holes, one night on the freeway I hit a pot hole, with a huge large BANG. Busted my rim.
    Then after replacing the rim few weeks later another loud BANG! I ran over a pot hole AGAIN and busted another rim. Then I started to notice the rear wheels were wearing only in the insides. So I decided to ditch all 4 tires and rims and switch out to a 17 with a Yokohama Hi Performance tires.
    Outcome: Slightly less noisy and bumpy. But I was and still am but was too cheap to get the alignment. I've had my car almost 2 years ( a month short ) had to replace 8 tires so far with 32000 mls. I just got my car back from service had to get my left front guide support replaced I need to replace my rear tires replaced then do alignment on all 4 wheels.
    I just think the OEM suspensions suck I'm thinking to replace it with the KONI's any feed back????
    ALSO the JCW wheels are really delicate.
  • Hi can anyone please help me?

    My daughter's Mini Cooper is on ramps and I am trying to replace the steering pump, but I cannot find the two bolts that are mentioned in the manual and also in previous posts.
    Where do I start to look? I have removed the Nut, and assume that the cables, high pressure hose and flexible hose are more easily reached and detached when the pump is lowered.

    Perhaps I appear stupid but I really cannot find them.

    Any advice would be welcome.

  • what year?
    which engine?
  • 2002

    1600cc manual cooper. No fan on pump.
  • Okay looks like you remove the bracket AND the pump all together, undoing the 2 bolts that secure the bracket to the subframe.

  • Yes thanks,
    The manual shows the same pictures; it was actually WHERE the bolts are that I was asking.
    I have since found them and completed the job.

    Thanks anyway.
  • on the bracket holding the pump---didn't I put that in my post?---thought I did.
  • just checking back....yeah, I did tell you where. (need to know every now and then that I'm not losing my mind).
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