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Chrysler Pacifica Transmission Problems



  • Farout,

    I like to have your suggestions on how to go about approaching the buy-back option. I'm going in to the dealership tomorrow to begin talking about this. I tried searching the messages but couldn't seem to put in the right search terms to find what I was looking for.

    Anybody have power steering problems like they (nhsta) are researching now related to the smoke and fires? Found an article online about that and it indicated a recall may be coming. Only the 4.0 of course.

    I'm located in Missouri also, in the greater Kansas City area. Anybody have a Chrysler dealership they like around here, pls don't say Lee's Summit.


    jen R
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    I am not sure what your reason for even thinking about a buy back is. Buy there are several thinks that must be inorder for that to take place. As long as you bought the PAC new that's the first one, and you do not have 36,000 miles. Used does not qualify for a buy back. I am assuming you bought the PAC at Lee's Summit? If Lee's Summit was your selling dealer, most likely you are going to have to work with them. The reason is nobody makes any money off a buy back! It will be hard to get a dealer that will not make a dime to get involved. The general rule is you PAC has to have been in the shop 4 times for the samething (Missouri lemon law) however, on a buy back Chrysler LLC may think differently. It is best for you if you work with the selling dealer, as that will be what Chrysler will suggest, unless you have become really bitter at each other.
    Start by calling Customer Care at 800 992 1997 and go to the choice that says you want to share something with Chrysler. There are about 3 or 4 phone steps to go into. Tell them what the problems have been, and have your dates and mileage when the work was done, and the problems that were not fixed. They will call the dealer, and see what they are willing to do or say. Most likely you will be asked to contact the dealer and arrange for the Service manager to test drive the PAC and get back to them.
    Call the Service Manager and tell him or her, you want the Zone Rep. to be contacted about a buy back. Then call the Dealership Manager, and tell him you have asked the Service manager to get in touch with the Zone Rep. about a buy back. Tell him why you feel you are intitled to such. This should get enough attention for the Zone Rep. involved.
    Here are some must do's! DO NOT get rude. angry, or blow your top! Be pleasent, give praise in anything you can no matter how small. People in the dealerships, in Chrysler, and Customer Care get threats, cursed at and told off and called everything in the book. Be nice polite and give them lots of thanks for the help. This is a HUGE key in getting what you would like.
    This buy back, if you qualify, takes 90 to 120 days, so be patient. I have had two buy backs in 12 years and Chrysler has been real great. But I keep very detailed information, have names of people I have talked to, and all my rservice papers. I have done all my service at Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep dealerships.
    The only deralership I know of that I would suggest you to call is Bud Brown Chrysler in Overland Park, KS. Call the Service manager ans tell them what your problems are and see what they say.
    There is a cost to you for the miles you have driven your PAC. I paid no mileage on our 96 Caravan and $ ,05 on our 2005 Jeep Liberty Diesel. The Jeep had been in the shop 25 times in 15 months. Chrysler was really super great to deal with! But I gave ultimate respect and thanked everyone I could for any help they gave.
    If you feel this might not be what fits your situation call the selling dealer and speak to the General Manager and tell them how unhappy you are and see what they can do to get you out of the PAC, Hope this helps. I know of at least three on different Edumands forums that have followed this forumla and got the buy back and they were very satisfied with the results.

  • I have been following this board for several months now. I bought my 07 PAC the end of March last year. There was something wrong upon delivery but I convinced myself it was a new car and I just wasn't used to driving it. It had a hesitation upon acceleration and would bang down into first when you would come to a stop. It also squeaked when you turned in either direction. By Fall I couldn't stand it any longer and took it into the dealer that I bought it from in Harrisonville, MO. They kept the car for two weeks changing the oil and replacing a body part that had slipped (known issue) The service manager verified to me that I had a transmission problem, one he considered to be dangerous and he indicated that he had said as much to STAR. He made a call to STAR in front of me or wherever you lodge these notices. He then told me that unfortunately he did not have a transmission certified mechanic on staff at the time and he recommended that I take it to the Lee's Summit dealership which I was loathe to do as I was acquainted with their worthlessness already. But, I did do that after the holidays, got an appointment and took it to Lee's Summit and told them the whole story and also complained about the squeaking again as Harrisonville could not duplicate it and therefore did not fix it. Lee's Summit kept it for two weeks (they would not loan us a car, but Harrisonville did so we would have something to drive). They indicated that I did not have a transmission problem and then proceeded to replace practically the whole front end due to broken struts, motor mounts, etc. My husband who is a capable mechanic indicated that all of these broken parts were due to the transmission banging around in there, and the service gentlemen straightened him out by explaining that this was normal wear and tear on a car with 20,000 miles on it. I was rather pissed at this ridiculous statement and left. I went home to wait patiently for my service survey - which never came.

    The car did shift better after having all the broken parts replaced but it still shifts irradically and is beginning to drop back into first gear heavily again. I now have been hearing the sound of low power steering fluid at times when I turn. I still have the squeaky bedspring sound when I turn either direction, the back passenger window quit working, then the back passenger window began working and the back passenger side brake light quit working.

    I hate this car. I want rid of it before it catches on fire.

    In 10 months it was in the shop for four weeks and I will be returning tomorrow for the window and brake light - and I have indicated I would like to talk to them about getting rid of this car that I am now $9000 upside down in - even at zero percent interest and sending extra money with my payments. Being on the lemon list is not good for equity.

    I assumed I should start with my dealer in Harrisonville to discuss buy back, but are you saying I should call this customer number first and then talk to the dealer?

    Thanks for all you info - between Uncle Sam wanting a good portion of my income this year and this car my head is a bit boggled.

    jen R
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    My Pacifica was in for 52 days in the first 8 months. Chrysler does not feel that this is abnormal. It has been arbitrated twice. For some reason I said that I would give Chrysler another chance if they would provide me with a loaner car and pick up my car. They have until May 6 to resolve my problems. So far their attorney has made a service appointment for April 22 at a dealership that is going out of business today - April 15. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.
    I love my Pacifica, but it is the worst car that I have ever had, if that makes any sense.
  • frankbjrfrankbjr Posts: 7

    What kind of power steering problems are you having? I get a rubbing sound when I turn the wheel (a full turn). Of course the dealer didn't here that just like they can't feel the shudder.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    Call Customer Care first, and do as I stated. By what you say I think you may have a good chance at a buy back. Be pleasant, nice and keep your cool. You must win some one to see you are a valued customer rather than a angry loud mad customer, Good luck.

  • barr1barr1 Posts: 1
    I have had several problems with my Pac. I bought the car used and bought a 50 dollar deductible wrap around warranty - thank God! Recently both power seats and the heat to them went out. They replaced the module under the front seat. Then the accelerator began sticking just you start to press the gas to start up. After that I noticed a surge in the engine at low speeds. The short of it is that they charged me 120 dollars plus the 50 deductible to clean the injectors and associated parts to no avail. They ended up replacing some parts (similar to the throttle plate in carb cars) and now they are replacing the torque converter. Just think of it a new torgue converter in a car that has less than 36,000 miles.
  • frankbjrfrankbjr Posts: 7
    barr1 - my TC was replaced with about 2500 miles. I only owned the car for about 1 month when they replaced it. Bought the car with 1500 miles. Still shudders by the way. Good luck. The first and last Chrysler I will ever buy. That's is the biggest mystery to me. Since they don't help you or don't admit that the car has a problem. Do they really think you would ever buy another one of their cars? Or go back to the dealership? That's why the Japanese are kicking are [non-permissible content removed] in cars sales.
  • elmo3elmo3 Posts: 9
    Update: I have had the second TC installed in the vehicle along with the latest TSB Flash (March 2008) and it performed well for the first 300 miles but now have the same problems with shudder and hard shifts and in places worse than before. I am going to push the Lemon Law hard as we have filed against the dealer and Chrysler and refused there latest offer. At this point where do you draw the line? It is frustrating as this will be the last Chrysler I will ever own. I am working with attorneys in Ohio who are also just shaking there head. I gave the dealer "one more time" and still the result is the same. Don't give up and keep pushing hard and politely.
  • tigger12tigger12 Posts: 9
    Anyway I can get in contact with the attorney working on your case.... I am also in Ohio. Thanks.

  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    Wayne: Attorney fees will eat you up just as much as if you traded it in. However, have you attempted a buy back? That only costs you a fee per mile of use.
    How bad is your shudder. Keep in mind that a reflash and a TC change take 4,000 to 6,000 miles to be up to par. I had my TC replaced at 7500 miles and it did not do much. However, the Reflash done on March 31, at 12,200 miles has helped a little more with each couple of hundred miles. We do feel a difference, and now it is only barely there, and the mileage is 13,900 miles..
    If you are so fed up then let me know and I will tell you how a buy back works. I have had two buy backs, on a 1996 Dodge Caravan, and a 2005 Jeep Liberty Diesel, and both times Chrysler has been very fair, and I would even say went the extra mile to resolve the situation.
    Good Luck,

  • Ohio Lemon law allows you to ask for court cost and attorney fees. You can go on line and read the law, it doesn't take some one from Canada giving misinformation. Every state allows you to research the law. :lemon:
  • Have you had any luck with this issue? I'm experiencing the same thing--when braking to a stop at a relatively slow speed, the transmission jerks a few times when it downshifts. In addition, I feel a "warble" when mildly accellerating at highway speeds. Lastly, the transmission seems to "jerk" when being put into gear.
  • fordfan_17fordfan_17 Posts: 175
    i have seen in the chrysler transmissions (A604) 41TE and 45RFE (these 2 tranny's im sure have to have pinion factors set) and later model transmissions have a pinion factor that must be set to tire size on pretty much all late model chrysler products if this pinion factor is not reset after i rebuild a chrysler transmission the trans doesnt want to work right. my thought is: maybe the pinion factor was wasnt set on some of these cars? from what i have read in these past few days of being a member here, most of these complaints i am seeing posted sound to me like the cars tcm(transmission control module) doesnt know the pinion factor (tire size)... I'm not saying this is a cure, but ive seen this problem since 1989 (introduction year of the A604 (41TE) transmission. i have seen multiple occasions of vehicles coming to my transmission shop with no factory pinion factor set.... hundreds +
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    Johnnhenryhoel: Perhaps asking for a buy back just might get you more of what you want. The Lemon Laws, as I have experienced, are a last resort, as once the jury gives their findings, that is final and no appeal is allowed, it's final. With asking for a buy back if you don't like the ffer you can use the Lemon Law. I believe Chrysler does not want negative images of unhappy customers. Hopes this gives you some more options to consider.

  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    I, quite frankly, do not think that Chrysler gives a damn. They have jerked me around for a year and I have had no results; just a car that does not perform as one might expect it to.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    rhollis: It is really frustration when you know someone is treating you like dirt! By everything you have said it sure sounds like you are intitled to some kind of compremise or something. What year is your PAC? Did you buy it new or used and how many miles on it now? Oh if you don't mind saying what state do you live in? If you want to list the selling dealer that might alert others to stay away. Maybe some of us might think of something that might help ya. I know a couple of people who I would be willing to ask to look into the situation if you would like, If so I would need the vin, and anything else. I can only mention it to the couple of people who just might have some input for ya. Hope to hear from ya.
    Buy the way what happened with the hearing you had last?

  • bulldozerbulldozer Posts: 31
    My Pac is not an All Wheel Drive. I do not have the shudder that everyone else seems to have, but I do have a very rough shift between second and third gear, even in auto-stick mode. And the clunk I get going into reverse is sure to break another motor mount before not too long. I have tried different driving styles to see if it makes a difference. I find that under hard acceleration, the trans shifts OK. Under light acceleration, that is where I get the hard shift. My trans has been flashed 4 times already. I don't really think a trans flash will fix my problem. I guess I could just floor it every time I take off, but when some other cars are in front of me, it is impossible. And considering the outrageous cost of gas...... It just feels like the car has been set up to tow a heavy load, and it isn't heavy enough-like shifting before you need to. Anyone else with the same problems? Any suggestions? It must be a solvable problem! My PAC has only 13,000 miles and I planned to keep it until the wheels had fallen off!
  • fordfan_17fordfan_17 Posts: 175
    as a transmission rebuilder ive watched these units since 1989 if one of you guys will help me narrow down some of the causes of these problems ill try and help you figure this problem out. you guys have the cars that have the problems. i have the knowledge and resources at my finger tips 8 hours a day and have a laptop on my toolbox at work. I am not sure if a reflash sets the pinion factor in the trans control module (it should) but in the past few years i have seen hundreds of chysler products thats come into the shop with NO pinion factor set I just need 1 person here who has this complaint to go have your cars pcm checked for one of the most common causes of problamtic shifting in this particular transmission (41TE) A604 If its not set it may cure your problem and if it is set we will have eliminated 1 of the most common reasons for unpredictable shifting quality..just trying to help is all
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    The 4.0 engine uses a different transmission - I believe it is the 62TE. It a six speed.
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