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Chrysler Pacifica Transmission Problems



  • Jason5Jason5 Posts: 440
    I believe a great deal of this "shuddering" is due to the locking torque converter on both versions of the transmission.
  • s_harpers_harper Posts: 4
    I just wanted to mention that my dealer (Willison Chrysler in Toronto) informed me that there is now a service bulletin for the shuddering problem. I sent him a link to this thread and he investigated the issue with Chrysler. They've ordered the parts but they haven't come in yet. Thanks goes to everyone here for posting their experiences. I'm sure it helped me avoid multiple trips to the dealer.

  • mntnpeakmntnpeak Posts: 1
    Regarding your Mpg. It looks like your economy is dropping. During the winter months, mine tanks to around 17. During the summer it can be around 20-21 mpg. I don't know if Gas is a different mixture where you are, but in Michigan it changes during the summer
  • s_harpers_harper Posts: 4
    As a follow up to my post regarding the service bulletin on the '07 Pacs shuddering problem:

    The parts arrived. They had the car for two days. We picked it up yesterday. The problem seems to have been fixed. We'll see if that lasts. Thanks again to all here who posted about this issue.
  • ericnannericnann Posts: 1
    I have the same shuddering/nearly stalling between 30-69 mph problem with my 07 Pac. I brought the car into the dealer for the first time (2 weeks after buying it) - they told me that it was normal and with these new engines the way the car shift feels differently. Can you believe that? I brought it into a different dealer and they have placed an order for a part, bringing it in tomorrow - they are ordering a new tranny module. Is your car fixed now - since replacing the torgue converter? Why haven't they recalled this issue yet? This is so annoying having a brand new car that doesn't work right! Afraid to drive my kids in the darn car!!!!
  • pacman5pacman5 Posts: 1
    Bought my Pac in Jan-07...Within two days it was back at the dealership because during prep, someone forgot to reposition a fuse that prevents the battery from draining during long periods of inactivity...

    3 weeks later I was back at the dealership because at a traffic light (and my two kids in tow) the damn thing stalls out. I managed to start it up after 10 minutes, dropped off the kids and then off to the dealership. The techs said that a component had to be re-programmed and it should be fine...they told my what they did, but not why it happened to begin with...

    Today, I stalled again, at the same light with the kids in tow ...was able to re start after 5 minutes...within 50 yards, the damn thing stalls again...had it towed to dealership who after all day said that the damn thing had needed an updated program to be loaded into it...offered no reason why...Thankfully, I am in NY which has a very specific lemon law. according to that statute, I am halfway to the lemonade stand with this thing...Its a damn shame, such a nice looking car, but so unreliable...

    any thoughts, ideas or suggestions from others? Please!
  • stayarmystayarmy Posts: 2
    I have a 07 Pacifica and any where around 35-65MPH it would start vibrating like you were running off the highway and hitting those little grooves in the road that wake you up. Anyway I put it in the shop and Chrysler showed me a maintanance alert saying that one of the makers of their torque converters were defected and to expect up to 15,000 Pacifica's effected by this. So they replaced it in one day and it works fine now.
  • hseberthsebert Posts: 1
    Don't know where to start,07 basic pacifica. been to the dealer now the fifth time. Same shuddering problem everyone is talking about. Torque converter has been replaced twice. Same result. Get a washboard bounce at higher speeds. Now Chrysler says that it is not a repairable problem. Thanks to you all, now I don't feel all alone.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 16,897
    check the lemon law in your state. I know in many cases an attempt to fix a problem and failure to do so in 3 tries = lemon.

    '13 Stang GT; '86 Benz 300E; '98 Volvo S70; '12 Leaf; '08 Town&Country

  • vtech72vtech72 Posts: 8
    Well I was the first to noticed the problem with the transmission. I did the lemon law, and they settled from court and I won. There is a big problem with this vehicle. My advice to those of you that have this problem. Take it to service 3 times. 2nd let them have there last repair 4th to be exact, but remember you need to keep records very important if you want to win. Now wait until it happens again about 3 weeks it will start. 3rd get your lemon law book fill the last pages send one to them and the other copy to your state attorney general. It will work they don't have any fix. The problem is there,and I was'nt going to let them win. I hope this will help you guys out there still having problems.
  • jbeard004jbeard004 Posts: 1
    Bought a 2007 Pacifica in February. Been in the shop 4 times already. Found this forum after I bought it and have been reading about the problems. My husband is considering the lemon law but I was hoping they could fix the problems because I really love this car. My question is, did you get another Pacifica and if so, is it running ok?
  • kmmmkmmm Posts: 1
    I also have an 07 Pacifica with the same vibrating problem. I explained it to the dealer that it felt like you were going over a "Rumble Strip" on the side of the highway. They told me it was "Normal". I brought my car back today. I printed out all these messages and gave it to the dealer. They kept my car and are going to research it. We'll see!
  • Jason5Jason5 Posts: 440
    Perhaps I'm just a "lucky" one. I purchased my 2007 Pacifica Touring FWD in December 06' and have had no significant problems. I just turned 16,500 miles(yes I do a great deal of driving). I'm saddened and surprised to see all the first time posters here who are having problems.
  • kkodalkkodal Posts: 34
    woow..i thought i was doing a lot of driving but you beat me to it...i bought my 05 touring may had 29k miles on it.14 months after it has 46k miles.and luckily i did not have ANY problems with mine.the only thing i did was get the recall done on the PCM and the headlight harness and that's it.i had the transmission fluid and the filter changed when it had 41k on it(it was my preference to get it done to make sure it is running with fresh fluid).now all i do is change the oil and keep driving it.ohh i did put a lot of options mine did not have like auto headlight,fog light,auto dimming mirror,intermezzo system,full size spare tire,vent visors,had the halogen lights changed it with the HID looking projector lights.just have to purchase another ballast and a bulb to turn it in to HID,mud flaps,the only thing i want to do it is the get the bottom of the car painted and the mirrors painted to make it look like the limited.i was thinking of making the car have the two tone color option instead of one color.but we'll see.everything i did to the car cost me less than $1000 so i am very happy with the car. :) :D :shades:
  • davisburgdavisburg Posts: 1
    Finally I found a forum where people are having the same issues. Mine began the moment I pulled the car out of the lot, it was downshifting really hard - felt like someone was tapping you from behind. The first trip to the dealer resulting in a "flashing" of the transmission, but it didn't help. A 2nd trip to a different dealer resulted in a transmission replacement - 4,500 miles in! About 2 months later I noticed a puddle of fluid in my driveway. A trip to the dealer resulted in a resealing of the differential (9000 miles). Right now I am having the 30-50 mph shudder between 1200 and 2000 rpm. It is scheduled to go back in next week. Depending on how they worded the repairs this will be the 4th powertrain issue in 7 months and 14k miles of ownership. So far the dealers have had the car for 22 days.
  • kkodalkkodal Posts: 34
    the shuddering you have should be fixed with changing your torque converter. ;)
  • irongirlirongirl Posts: 3
    I recently purchased a 2007 Pacifica Touring with a defective torque conver,the dealer attempted to repair in May. I called to have the car repaired for a second time the dealer told me that I should contact customer service regarding the problem as there is nothing further that can be done. I contacted customer service to find out that they told the dealer there is not issue with the vehicle it is the operator - this didn't sit well.

    In addition to the shuddering, I am also feeling a knocking in my foot when I accelerate up to 20 mph, my steering wheel shakes (which I believe is part of the torque converter issue), is anyone else having these issues?
  • david613david613 Posts: 16
    Same problems w my 07 Pacifica. It is in shop right now and I am told that Chrysler is currently producing a new torque converter to be released 8/15/07. Fortunately, the dealership and Chrysler has recognized that there is a problem and they are working to correct it. Hopefully, this new TC will solve the problem. I'm getting annoyed with not being able to drive my new vehicle.
  • kjay1kjay1 Posts: 1
    Has anyone experienced the gear position selector on the dash illuminating all options at the same time. ie. park, reverse, neutral, drive? Normally, the gear that you select is distinguished by an illuminated circle. As you move your gear shifter through the gears, the circle corresponds to the desired gear. Our '04 PAC has adopted this bad habit of illuminating all gears simultaneously a couple of weeks ago. The down side is (besides not being right in general) none of the features that only work in park will work anymore. ie. memory seats, power lift gate etc.. Also, we have experienced some starting problems and I wonder if these two problems are related. (maybe the car does not think it is in park, therefore, it won't start) Any suggestions?
  • hotsshotss Posts: 9
    They had my car for 28 days. I was having the same problem everyone else was having. They said that Chrysler built a new torque converter and installed it today( 8/1/07). I am going to pick it up tomorrow and hope for the best
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