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Chrysler Pacifica Transmission Problems



  • fordfan_17fordfan_17 Posts: 175
    thats why i listed the 41TE units specifically the six speeds on the road today are not hitting the aftermarket shops yet and informaion is still a bit slim on the 07/08 stuff chysler also used a 722.6 mercedes benz transmission in the magnums that has a known leaking tranny issue and this trans is way expensive to have built when a simple fix external of the trans can avoid a failure
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    bulldozer: What you describe is exactally what most of us started out with. The reflash does nothing noticable for most. The reason is the torque converter needs replaced, and the dealer's Service Manager may think because it's a FWD it may not need it. Wrong! There is a problem with the clutches in the TC. When the TC is R&R ed then the newest Reflash should make some big improvement. However the TCM and PCM may take a couple of thousand miles to get things learned and smoothed out. I do not think Borgue Warner (who designed and built these transmissions) had in mind that the engine could be in the 1200to 1800 and stay in any gear, especially 1200 rpm at 65 mph. I think this problem is almost a lugging sorta of thing. I am not techinical, so I am speaking just by my opinion. Tell the dealer that it's the TC and they will know what you mean. It took two full days for mine to be done, and some have waited a bit longer. I sure hope this helps. I too have the Lifetime Powertrain warranty, and the Max Care wrap Service Contract which makes just about everything Lifetime, and I hope I don't have to but another vehicle (we are retired) so maybe. But I need to stay away from the dealers showroom or I might think the latest and greatest would be better. I think my wife would run me over if we got another evhicle. We like our Pac very much, especially the MPG!

  • My Pacifica has has one reflash and a new torque conver. It still has a continuous minor shudder at fifty five in high gear with the converter locked up. ( about 1200 RPM) It has the 19 inch wheel package. Do you think this might be a pinion adjustment problem? It is AWD
  • tigger12tigger12 Posts: 9
    I believe that you are right. Perhaps not just the pinion, but the entire drivetrain seems to have a shudder at a certain pitch (since it goes away under load). I feel that it has something to do with the backlash tolerances throughout the drivetrain and that it is a design fault...
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    On the Chrysler Forum on another website There has been talk about the pinion coming from the factory not set. I really don't know what that means, but there was a good bit of posting about it.
    How many miles ago did you have the TC and reflash done. In march they came out with a more current reflash which I had reflash done on March 31, and there seems to be no noticable shuddering, but I call it more like a lugging, as if the gear was to high for the engine RPM's. But we are very pleased not.

  • bulldozerbulldozer Posts: 31
    To be honest, I am afraid to even go there with my dealer. I doubt they will take me seriously if I were to mention that I may have a blank pinion setting. They would look at me and go "...a what?". When I talk to them again, I plan to talk about the torque converter/reflash issue and see where I get with that. I may mention something about the setting and see if they know what it is first before I ask them to check it.
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    My '07 Pacifica Touring is at a dealer of Chrysler's choosing now. I have no idea what they are doing - frankly I don't think that they have a clue either. Their attorney picked up my car. I was supposed to be given a loaner which was to arrive around 12:30 yesterday. I still have not seen it. This is typical Chrysler. One of their higher ups is currently in India training people to be Customer Service Reps - an area in which Chrysler has no knowledge.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    I have a suggestion, call 800-992-1997 and speak to a Customer care perso and tell them your issues. How many miles do you have on now from the mileage you had the TC R&R, and about what month did you have it done? I believe that something can be done, it's just making contact with the right people.

  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    rhollis: It would seem that you are being "shucked and jived", time for some attack modes! I would suggest that you contact the Gemeral manager of the dealer and tell him how you are being treated, and this just is unacceptable! Then call the Service manager and tell him the same! Then call 800 992 1997 customer care, and tell them the same. IF you have the Chryslers Attorney's phone # call him! Then I would picket the dealer from the sidewalk! Dealers hate pickets drives people away and sales go down. By what you have said this dealer is messing with your head. Unless you got the loaner after you posted this note. next post give us the dealres name, and those of us who are willing can call and tell them that what they have done is being noticed by who knows how many people. Keep us posted!

  • hotsshotss Posts: 9
    Chrysler finally agreed to do the buy back on my crappy Pac. I am going into an Aspen. Right now the Aspen has a 3,000 dollar cash allowance. I was wondering if anyone that also did the buy back, are you entilted to the rebates. In my eyes it should be just like starting over, but my dealer said that he dosen't think I get any rebates if they give me sticker for the Pac,which was around 37 grand. Any help or experiences would be great!
  • First of all, check with your state's department of revenue, to have the sales tax you paid when you bought your car returned. You will need a letter from Chrysler saying they are buying it back, they won't just take your word for it.
    Second, go on line and sign up to buy a new car below invoice. they will send it out to 3 or 4 of your local dealers. You will receive more than one answer so be sure you don't end talking apples and oranges here. Make sure they are offering the exact same options.
    Remember Chrysler is only obligated to give you the exact amount of Cash you put into the car. Rebates were not cash. Hope this helps some. :surprise:
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    I would be suspect of an invoice price. There are many pieces of paper that are referred to as an invoice. I believe that the dealer's have about 25% to play with. Good luck with your Aspen. I had a 2004 Durango - 5.7 Hemi - that I loved. Chrysler offered a five month early lease forgiveness so I opted to buy my Pacfica, thinking that it might be the last car I would ever buy. My Pacifica has only 5000 miles in a little over a year because it is simply unpleasant to drive. Chrysler seems to feel that is normal.
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    The attorney from Chrysler complained that I was not giving the dealers a fair chance since my car had been to three different dealers for five visits. The last two visits were at the selling dealer. I did not take the car back to them originally because they are 45 minutes away. I thought that it was agreed at my arbitration that they would be given another chance. The attorney chose a different dealer, however, but they went out of business before she had a chance to get the car to them. She then chose a different dealer and the car is there now. I still (Thursday AM) do not have the rental (loaner) that they agreed to. I was supposed to have it by 12:30 on Tuesday. The attorney should have followed up.
  • hotsshotss Posts: 9
    Thanks for all the help!

    What I am wondering, the sticker price of the pac was 37,025. I still owe 31,630 dollars. If the give me the sticker of 37,025, I can pay off the pac and still have almost 6000 to put towards the aspen. Also until 4/30/08 there is the 3000 cash allowance on the aspen which I am wondering if I can still get. That would help ALOT on the purchase of the aspen. I tried to find info on this on the new york state website, but could not get a clear answer.

    Did anyone here go through the buyback and did you buy a new chrysler and get any kind of rebate?
  • bulldozerbulldozer Posts: 31
    Actually, I have not had a TC replacement; just the re-flashes-about 5 of them so far. My only real issue is the severe clunk I get going into reverse, or from drive to reverse and reverse to drive. If it keeps on clunking, I am afraid that it will indeed break more motor mounts. I am intentionally waiting several seconds between shifting into reverse so see if it makes any difference. It does not-still clunks. When shifting from park intor reverse, sometimes the whole front end shakes! The rough shifts are only from second gear to third. Do you still think I should call Chrysler? Or maybe the dealer again? Is it worth dropping the trans to fix the clunk? I am just afraid that if they drop the trans, something else may go wrong as a result, and right now, the car seems to have finally leveled out for me, save for the clunking. Thank God for a bumper-to-bumper warranty!
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    This is how our buy took place, and how I was told sop.Take the MSRP on the PAC and any additional dealer installed things. (not the price you paid, but sticker retail price). Now find the MSRP on the Aspen, subtract the Aspen's MSRP form the PAC's MSRP. Then subtract the mileage charge that they say you have for driving the PAC. Now you have the price of the Aspen. You do NOT get any rebates, or cash back of any kind. Here is how our buy back went on our 2005 Jeep Libert Diesel.
    $28,765. MSRP on Liberty
    361. dealer insatlled items
    $29,126. Total price credit for Liberty
    29,000 @ $. 05 cents a mile 1,450. mileage
    actual buy back credit $ 27,676.
    actual pay off to bank. $ 27,659. $17. we lost.

    $24.500 MSRP for 2007Jeep Compass
    $24,000. financed at same bank.

    In our case we broke even, and Chrysler transfered our Chrysler Service contract over to the Compass, and started it over brand new. In our case things worked out real fair. But if you had a negative balance drom a trade in on the buy back vehicle you could be in negative, and have to finance or pay to make the buy back. Our mileage at $ .05 was ver low and can be as high as $ .50 a mile, so there is an additional thing that can bog down for you.
    There is never a buy back that gives you anything but MSRP for your vehicle and Chrysler sells you the new vehicle at MSRP. Chrysler assumes you got a cash back or some special deal, and nobody pays MSRP unless they just got off the Cabbage truck that day they bought the vehicle.

    Let me know how it works for you.

  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    The tax thing depends on the state. Our state takes what you got for your trade in and takes it away from the new vehicle price, and that's the amount of sales tax you pay. I have little idea what it would be in other states.

  • trombonetrombone Posts: 1
    Hey everyone-

    Now wishing i would have seen some of these posts last week before i bought my new pac. a used 2007 with 29000 miles that i got for $14000 (a good deal i thought). The first day it started shuttering in the rear and now needs a new torque converter. I saw a few posts about this but anyone that got one replaced, did it fix the problem?? Also is this a precursor to my complete transmission going out??? Its still under chrysler warrenty and thankfullly i extended warrenty to 100,000 miles cause I dont want to get rid of it. Thanks
  • waterdrwaterdr Posts: 307
    I had mine replaced about 1500 miles ago. It has been great. In fact, the car has been othwerwise perfect after 7,000 miles. The dealer gave me ZERO problems....never even test drove the car.....just replaced it. Provided a loaner and gave it back on time.
  • Again we are talking apples and oranges here. Yours was not a buy back. With a buy back you get every single cent, looney, paso, mark or what ever kind of cash you had in the car back, If your state doesn't give the sales tax back you get that from the manufacture of the automobile. That my friend the buy back.
    You can choose to represent yourself in this if you want but it all goes back to the old saying. "If you chose to represent yourself as a client, you only have a fool as a client".
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