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Chrysler Pacifica Transmission Problems



  • drwalliedrwallie Posts: 1
    Had my car for a year and half brought it used with 20000 miles on it.always noticed the tranny shifted funny but paid no attention to it until I found this web site.When I brought my wifes car in for service (a dodge caliber)I asked about my car and the tsb. The service manager said their is none on my car and cant fit anything if a number doesnt exsist?I gave him 21-010-08 and reflash 68022304AE,said numbers dont show up on the computer?What do you have to do to get the ball rolling?Cars I used to own I would drive them to 200000 to 300000 miles before I got rid of them with no major problems.
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    It depends on whether your car has the 4.0 engine and the 6 speed transmission. Try calling Chrysler. The number should be in the back of the owner's manual. Make certain that you have all of your paper work before making the call.
  • faschulzfaschulz Posts: 52
    I took my PAC again last week to try to fix the shudder and the intrusive down shift but the people from chrysler told me that this is normal in this car, almost like saying that is some of the features of the car I tried to go the nice way I will get a lemon lawyer .
  • juleszeejuleszee Posts: 16
    Well this is even better, Last week I took the Pac to the shop on a wednesday. I called, friday, monday and tuesday. Come to find out, They never touched it, let it sit in the parking lot and it got pounded with hail. Then they didnt call to tell me my Pac was damaged. I didnt find out until I had to walk to the back parking lot to pick up my Pac and see the damage myself. Then they told me it they wernt going to do anything about it. I was MAD :mad:
    So they still say that it drives and shifts normal and that its normal driving for a PAC i think im going to get ahold of that company and see about another buy back.. ugh.. 2 bad chrysler products in less than a year. :sick:
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    One of the people who posted on this site was told by a dealer that if they did not like the way the car shifted they should use the auto-stick. What, then, is the purpose of having an automatic transmission?
  • juleszeejuleszee Posts: 16
    Ours told us never to use the auto-stick when the transmission was acting up. I dont think any of these shops know what they are doing.
  • d08d08 Posts: 16
    I have a 2007 pacifica and only have 3500 miles on it. I have noticed the same problems as every one else about the shudder so I took it to my dealer for repair. they replaced the tc and said that the car had to go through a reprogamming stage. They probally only drove it a 100 miles, when I get it back and drive I still notice the shudder. Do I have to drive it more miles for the re-progamming to fix the problem. Any advice would greatly be appreciated!!!!
  • d08d08 Posts: 16
    I just have that same thing replaced on my car and it still shudders. Do I need to drive it more miles for this to go away? I just picked my car up today and that replaced the tc yesterday.

  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    I am going to save this post # so I can refer others to it.

    I can see there is a lot of frustration and anger and rightly so. You are paying money that should be enough to get the PAC fixed right and be done with the problems! It seems the transmission with the 4. L engine seems to be problem most of us has had or having.
    First Step. When you show anger your anger you have failed step one! Be cool and collected. Show that you are in control of your temper, and the situation. Remember you have the right to have the vehicle work properly. They will fix it no matter what excuse they give. Be calm, cool and collected.

    Second Step. Keep accurate Records. Make a paper trail! Record every time and date, and to whom you talk to. Get every persons name you talk with or leave a message with. Get a service slip everytime you go to the shop. Warranty work has to give you a copy of everytime you are there.

    Third Step. Go and tell or call your Service Manager you want the Chrysler Zone Rep Contacted about the the problems and not being able to fix the problem. Go or call the Dealership Owner, or General Manager that you have requested the Chrysler Zone Rep be brought in on all, the problems you have had. Follow these calls or talks with a letter saying what you have requested, to each (General Manager, and Service Manager) and say to each, you have sent a copy to each of them, and Chrysler LLC.

    Fourth Step. Call 800 992 1997, talk with the people and give them all the details. Then ask them to help in getting the dealership to follow through with your request. AGAIN NOTE THE TIME AND DATE AND WHO YOU ARE TALKING TO.
    Notes are very, very, important. Be nice, respectful, keep your cool.

    Fifth Step. Call the dealership, Service Manager and ask what the Zone Rep. said. If her has not called the Zone Rep. Tell him you are going to give him 5 working days and to make contact and get back to you or you will have to take other actions. Keep a record of the date and time.

    Sixth Step. Call the 800 992 9997 and tell them if there has been no contact made, ask for their help again. Record the info in your records. Call the 800 everytime you talk with anyone so they too have a record of your attempts to get help.

    Seventh Step. If you have had the Zone Rep make contact and he wants to review the problems then ask him if you can fax your notes and receipts of the times in the shop and times with out the PAC. If the Zone Rep, or the dealer refuses to follow through, call the 800 992 1997 and ask them to help or you will be forced to take measures you would rather not take.

    Eighth Step. If you can not get any help at any of the above, here are some choices. Call the BBB and get the papers to go against the dealership. Call your State Attorney General Office. Get our the Lemon Law book in the Owners Packet for Abritration and follow the instructions for your state. And again you can hire a Lawyer yourself at anytime.

    Ninth Step. Keep your records neat and be ready to fax or send them to anyone who would be interested to see and help you. This is the key, most people lack documentation and blow their cool, and vent their anger and that sinks your boat. Remember YOU are in Control as long as you Control yourself.

    Tenth Step. Be looking ate what Chrysler made vehicle you want to replace the PAC with. Be looking on the Chrysler web sites for a dealer that has the vehicle you want to get to replace your PAC. If all goes right it talkes about four months to start this and to have the new replacement.

    We have had two buy backs, and on both Chrysler went overboard to please us. I wish you all well, let me know how it works for you. Remember there are no second chances to make a kind friendly impression. Be Cool and in control.

  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    The simple fact is that Chrysler does not have a clue as to how to repair these vehicles..If they do, they are not sharing the correct information with the dealer service departments.
    Keep track of everything and file for arbitration. In some states, Ohio for one, the teeth have been taken out of the lemon law. I talked to a lemon law attorney after my final arbitration and told him the results, and he said that he could not have gotten the same results for me - buy back with no write off for mileage. The problem that I have now, on a car that I am still paying for and insuring, is that the dealer from whom I bought it cannot seem to produce the necessary paperwork to complete the deal.
    I have already purchased a replacement because I refuse to drive my Pacifica. This gets costly after a while.
  • elmo3elmo3 Posts: 9
    Sorry for the delay in responding. i did not see your post. In Ohio I have contacted Burge Law Office in Dayton Ohio and the experience has been great so far. As of June 2008 we are persuing Class Action against Chrysler as I have had enough run around. You may call and speak wiht anyone in their office and there phone number should be easy to find by google or Ohio Lemon Law searches.

    Let me know how it works.
  • dooucdoodooucdoo Posts: 19

    Just checking back with you, 2500 miles since that last TSB we both had and I've experienced ZERO lugging what so ever. I've actually tried to make it shudder or lug but it's completely gone. Just thought you might like to know.
  • gthosgthos Posts: 15
    That's great news! What was the TSB# on that? Was that another flash, or whatever the computer update is called?
  • dooucdoodooucdoo Posts: 19
    It's 21-010-08. I had it done on March 26, 2008. That was the 2nd torque converter/flash that I had done as the first one did not fix the problem. Here is what the technician stated on my warranty paperwork:


    It has never lugged or shuddered after that. Now, the tech did tell me that it COULD have returned and that it may take 1000 miles to break the torque converter in and for the transmission to "learn" my driving pattern. Thankfully it never did return.

    Hope that helps.
  • juleszeejuleszee Posts: 16
    Well I took the advice and got ahold of the NCDS for arbitration.
    They told us they will not take on the case for us because we are not in a state they cover, got ahold of the district rep for chrysler so I did again and all they tell me is to take it back to the shop. I contacted the shop we have been taking it to, they told me they will not work on our PAC anymore. Its been there to much and they can't find the problem with this PAC.
    I feel like Im going in a circle and there is no way out, Just feel stuck!!! I was looking at the lemon law on line. I dont know if there is one that I need to contact or just try one of them.
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    I found the address for NCDS in the back of my owner's manual. It was a Texas address, I believe, and they forwarded the information to Detroit. I do know that the Burdge Law Officein Dayton, Ohio is putting together a class action lawsuit against Chrysler. You might contact them.
  • d08d08 Posts: 16

    Thanks for the info. I have only about 200 miles since they replaced the converter. I have called them back and I am bringing it back to them on Tuesday of next week, but I was wondering if it my take some more miles for it to clear up. They replaced the latest tc and reflashed, what ever that means. They are really nice to help me figure out the problem and I do have liftime warranty on the car and free oil changes.

    thank you so much!!!!
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    My transmission was supposedly reflashed twice and the convrter was replaced. Things got progressively worse. The most serious transmision event was accelerating and having nothing happen. Then the car would suddenly take off.
  • faschulzfaschulz Posts: 52
    Thats one of the features of my pac, they told me that is normal, no problems found, can not duplicate.
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    I guess that some might call that a feature. I have been in the suto repair business for 40 years and have some knowledge of how a car is supposed to behave. An independent inspector of my choosing drive the car and found that the transmission did not function correctly. NCDS had an inspector drive the car and he felt that the transmission needed to be torn down to determine what the problem was. The car went to a dealer of Chrysler's choosing and they supposedly reflashed the transmission and replaced the torque converter. The same inspector drove the car again and came up with the same conclusion. The arbitrator was steamed, to put it mildly, and concluded that Chrysler should repurchase my car with no write off for mileage. The car has now been sitting for nearly a month. Impartial Services Group, who handles the buybacks for Chrysler, is having problems getting the correct paperwork from the dealer so that they can determine the amount of the buyback.l Ofcourse, I know exactly how much I have paid, but the paperwork does not seem to coincide. Customer relations and good will do not seem to be in Chrysler's vocabulary.
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