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Chrysler Pacifica Transmission Problems



  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    Mine was much different, very much so.

    2005 Jeep Crd msrp $ 27,790.
    less mileage - 1240.
    Pay off 26281.
    owed to me off compass 267

    2007 Compass Sport 4x4 $24500
    . amount financed 24233.

    Chrysler Service contract was transfered to Compass from Jeep Liberty CRD

    mine was pretty simple.

  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    I am not so certain that Impartial Services is particularly impartial.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    rhollis: Glad to see you back. I was too outspoken with you the last time I responded to you. I appologize, rhollis, please accept my sincere regrets. To be honest as I have thought about it I was just full of people putting down my pleasure with PAC. I reacted more like a child, than the mature, old fart I am, and try hard to be.

    ISP must be different now that Cerberus has control. the cost per mile they are charging him is rather steep. However we got a buy back where we bought another Chrysler, that may be the difference.

    Did you get an Aspen to replace your PAC?

    I again am glad your back.

  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    After reading your post again, after I osted my response, I looked at this again.

    Are you going just for a return of your money? What the heck is $ 5847.79 for mileage all about? That seems super high, and very unreasonable!!!!!!!!!!!

    What kind of vehicle have you going to get now? What is damaged $ 2433. worth? Did you have an accident that your insurance did not fix?

    I kee4p our vehicle pretty much clean, but by no means was the Jeep CRD spotless. There were some scratches, and the seats were nasty. The Liberty Seats got spots just from water. The material was cheap crap.

    I wonder if you are taking a hit of $ 8280. maybe you shoul tell Chrysler to fix the PAC even if they have to put a brand new transmission in it! Remember there is a LIFETIME POWERTRAIN WARRANTY, and I think I'd make then fix it right or come up with a better deal. How many miles do you have on the PAC 40,000 ? Heck at $ .25 cents a mile that is 37,420 miles which is high. I paid $ .05 cents a mile, and that was lower than most, but you are being super charged......why?

    I can't believe you are being jerked so bad. You might call IPS and ask is this the best you can do? Let them know you know how I was treated and why such a huge difference???????????????? Wow, I 'd be very unhappy, unless there is something I don't understand. You should get about $ 10,000. off the sticker on your replacement then. Let me know whats up, ok?

  • forout:
    I sent those numbers to Richard (chrysler) and explain to him that I was charged with some damage but in fact the car is like new inside and out side I take care of my cars very much and looks like new, I mention to him that I agree to pay half of the miles which is $2923 for the 24,600 miles my Pac has, and that the fact that the car has so many miles is because the service advisor told me that the break in time for the converter is 5000 miles so if you get the original plus two that they replace that equals 15,000 miles, also that the extended warranty that they sold me I cancelled after 3 days and the refund for $2,826.56 was received by Chrysler financial and applied to principal, he told me that he will call impartial services and will let me know, by the afternoon he called me and told me that was a mistake and all was fixed, the amount comes now to $13,300 , that is if I got a Chrysler car
    if not I'll be charged with the whole $5847.79 for the 24,600 miles for me still high.
    by the way I went and test drive the PAC signatures series that I can get for $24,000 (full loaded) and the feel at the begining was good with no front suspension noise, but when i went to open road I noticed that the transmission just shifts up to third gear and was about 4,000 Rpm at 50 miles per hour the auto stick was not working as well , so I forgot the Pac It's a shame , I think I will get the Aspen because beleive it or not has better resale price than the town and country, I can get one fully loaded MSRP $40,300 for $30,000 plus taxes.
    I'll keep in touch.

  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    faschulz: I happen to remember that my buy took place when DC was the company not Cerberus, That may be part of your situation. Whatever you choose it seems to me you are going at it the right way.

    What's odd you post just showed up on this forum today. I wonder why it takes so long for your posts to show? I chech this forum just about every day so it sure is odd.

    Good luck, keep in touch

  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    A similar "mistake" was made with my buyback. My offer from Chrysler was $2,700 short. I could not figure out where the discrepancy came from until the dealer sent a paper that someone had altered after I signed it to Impartial Services. They had slipped in $2,700 in negative equity, but in Ohio, the buyer has to sign a form stating that he realizes there is negative equity. There wasn't, but someone tried to pull a fast one.
  • farout these are final numbers that we agreed in the buy back of my Pac Check I'll receive a check next week I got Chrysler 08 Aspen for $30,800 with all extras also Nav, MSRP was $40,700 I think was good deal.

    The breakdown of figures pertaining to the repurchase of your vehicle is as follows:

    Down Payment $ 9,499.03
    Net Trade In Allowance 0.00
    Monthly Payments Made (# payments) 16 X
    $424.80 (mo.payment) 6,796.80
    Flat Amount 0.00
    Aftermarket Accessories 0.00
    CREDITS SUBTOTAL $ 16,295.83 *

    Rebate(if Applicable) $ 0.00
    Mileage/Usage Fee 2,923.90
    Damage (Requires Estimate) 0.00
    DEBITS SUBTOTAL $ 2,923.90 *

    PAYOFF TO LIENHOLDER $ 17,400.71

    NET REFUND TO CUSTOMER $ 13,371.93 *
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    fashulz: Good yor you! I am sure you will be pleased with the Aspen! Please let me know how you like it and what mpg you wind up getting.

  • faschulzfaschulz Posts: 52
    Farout I just realized why the dealers and the country are in deep water, I received the check from Chrysler and try to buy the Aspen that I told you before but the problem is that Chrysler is financing with a low 16.9% and they told me that I was lucky, considering that I'm giving 50% down payment those guys are crazy at the time they told me that I just left the dealer, I think I will never go back to them, I was financing my Pacifica for 6%, I will put my money in something else I have never make a late payment I think I will buy something cash I'll let you know.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    faschulz: OH what a rotten thing to have happen. Was that Chrysler Financial? I believe a bank could do a lot better. Remember with the dealerfinding the financing the dealer gets a certian percent of the APR you pay. I think the dealer was not very hungry or the dealer is in trouble and needs every dime they can choke out of you. What state do you live in? You can go and get your own financing, did you know that? Chrysler was who we financed out PAC with 72 months, 6.9% and $ 5,000. rebate and we put $ 2,000. down. I am pleased with how it worked out, but the dealer kept telling us he could not get anything less than 11% so Chrysler Financial handled it all, and the dealer had to fill out all the paper work. The dealer was not very pleased, we got out PAC 08/31/07 we not have 35,350 miles on it. I sure whish you had gotten better service out of your PAC. It sure sounds like the Service dept was muffed up royal to me.

    Hope something I have said helps.

  • faschulzfaschulz Posts: 52
    I was the same in mine but they did not gave me the rebates because they told me that was or one or the other I got mine on 09/23/07 , I always tought that something was wrong, but they asure me that, now that you are telling me that i realized that the dealer got those $4000 of the rebate.
    I think that they are giving those huge rebates and discounts because they will get that amout back in the interest, I will try do it my self with chrysler and my bank,

    I will keep posting.

  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    I have no idea where you live, but in Cleveland the dealers claim that they are nearly giving the cars away - all sorts of incentives, rebates, employee pricing, and 0%.
  • faschulzfaschulz Posts: 52
    I live in Miami ,Florida, I think the dealers has to do with that because I called Chrysler financial and told them that I had 6.7% on the pac that they just bought from me and now the minimum they want is 15.7 % paying 50% down payment they said that the dealers do the approvals so yes they give you nice discounts but at the end you pay them twice.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    faschulz: The dealer ALWAYS makes money! They can not sell a vehicle except in very rarer circumstances at a loss, because they have flooring to pay that was taken when they bought the vehicle from Chrysler LLC. The whole financing tricks are there to make you think you really took advantage of the dealer. If a customer thinks he got the best of the dealer, the customer is more likely to reccommend the dealer to friends and family. Not only telling people about the dealership, but you are very likely to get service from the dealers service dept.

    When buying of a new car (or a used one as well) the buyer is at a huge disadvantage. The art of selling is very detailed, and a good sales person has an answer for everything you ask or objection you make. These salespersons are in constant training. The web they weave is strong and it has trapped people who who thought they were very sharp to salespersons tricks. I hope you are able to get the vehicle you want.

  • I know it doesn't have to do with the transmission (yet at least), but I have a question about the warranty. I'm pretty serious about buying an '07 Pacifica FWD Touring. It has 20k miles on it. It's not "certified used".

    1. Did Chryster have a 3yr/36,000 mile warranty or a 7yr/70,000 mile warranty in 2007?

    2. With either, do they transfer to a new owner?

    3. For the Max care plan, does anyone know where I can find actual prices, or do I have to get those from the dealer?

    EDIT: The dealer sticker only shows a 3 month/3,000 mile warranty. That's the reason I'm asking about the factory warranty.

    I just purchased a maxcare warranty from this on-line site. They are from Golick chrysler in Pennsylvania. Before I purchased, I contacted Chrysler to see if they are an actual dealer and indeed they are. I paid 1715.00 for the life time warranty since I am stuck with this car for a long time. The price they advertise is for a vehicle with less than 12/12000. I paid 1715.00 because I am way over that but within the 36/36000. Another thing, the day after I purchased the warranty, my information was added to my account information in the Chrysler Financial website. When I click on warranty information, my maxcare was listed.
    Hope this helps.
  • Thank you for the help. I found one here

    It seems good, so I'll research these a bit more. I don't know if I can get a lifetime warranty or not, since I didn't purchase it new.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    psycho sam 1: The bumper tobumper was 36,000 miles but as for how long I am not sure. There is a transfer fee, if you can get the 36,000 mile one.

    You can go the 1800 992 1997 and select the one for service conyracts. they have a paynebt plan for 0% interest on the service contracts, you do have to push to get it. My lifetime Max Care $ 100. ded. was $2500. and payments over 36 months. The prices I think are up. But that is bumper to bumper.

    I always get the Service Contract (extended warranty) If there is one bad vehicle in a lot of 100,000 I can pick it! So I buy the warramties. I have most always got my money back in repairs. But I go to a dealer who really helps me out a bunch.

  • d08d08 Posts: 16
    If I were you, I would not even think about buying another Chrysler product. Looks like I'm stuck with my pac because every time I take it back to the dealership they say that they can't find the problem. With all these posts from everybody, it tells you that this is not in our head. (It's poor quality on their end)!!!!!
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