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Chrysler Pacifica Transmission Problems



  • tlarstlars Posts: 11
    rhollis - any chance that you have service bulletins, codes, etc to pass on to the rest of us? My factory warranty expires April 2010. I'm trying to nip as much as I can prior to. I want to go in there and say "Look this, this and this up and make the corrections on my vehicle."
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    I will see what I can come up with. The strut, sway bar bushings and the rack were all replaced to get rid of a clunk in the front end. It was still there when they bought back the car. My daughter has a Pacifica with the same clunk. I replaced the sway bar links and, Presto, it went away.
  • Oh my goodness!! I can't even hardly stomach reading these posts. I, too, bought the, I dunno, 7-year covers everything 3K warranty and if that sucker doesn't cover motor mounts, well, well, well..... !!*(%&#@($8
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    I bought my Pacifica thinking that it would be the last new car that I would ever buy.
    After a year of fighting with Chrysler,(I have been in the auto repair business for forty or so years) back it went. I neglected to mention in my previous posts that after the car was supposedly repaired, I was making a left turn in front of oncoming traffic with ample room. I pushed on the accelerator and absolutely nothing happened. Finally the car accelerated. Rather terrifying. Another issue was the climate control. For reasons unknown to anone, it would, when the AC was on, suddenly switch to blowing hot enough to cook heat from the defroster. I do not recall the other problems with the climate control, but there were others. My neighbor borrowed my car while my garage was servicing hers, and she called to ask why I owned such a terrible car. I had a friend in the business drive the car to critique it and he asked whatever possessed me to buy such a piece of ----. He experienced all of the problems that I experienced and an independent inspector sent by Chrysler found the same problems. Chrysler maintained that there was nothing wrong with the car during all of this.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    The motor mounts are jluid filled, and dealer will honor these on the lifetime warranty. The Max care extended warrant is ALLWAYS the best. You can upgrade the warranty. I had mine replaced at 20,000. I now have almost 55,000 miles and no problems.

    Remember this forum generally attracks people with problems searching for answers to problems they are having. Most who have no problems don't look at or make remarks about their PAC. I would call the gemeral manager of the dealer you bought yourr PAC at and see what he or she is willing to do, that should stirr up some action for you.

  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    rhollis: I think you feel about your experience with your PAC as I do about our Jeep Compas we bought. It was a cheap poor quality gutless, rough riding heavy small hunk of thrown together work of those in charge in 2006. However the PAC we sure like.

    What did you get to replace your PAC, and do you like it?

  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    I purchased a used '06 T&C Touring. It the 6th or 7th Chrylser/Dodge van that I havehad. No problems. I have always liked Chrysler vans and had a 2002 when I had the Pacifica because I needed something to haul my dogs around in. I bought the Pacifica because it was a comfortable, good looking, good handling car, and I wanted to spoil myself, but it was all down hill after 30 days. I bought it because my daughter has a 2005. She loves it and has had minimal problems with the exception that it keeps burning out headlights. I have already replaced the wiring harnesses at the dealer's suggestion, but nothing improved. At least 6 bulbs on each side.
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    If you are asking how to do this, you need to remove the intake manifold. It is about a 1.5 hour job according to Mitchells.
  • sorry i screwed this up, i am getting ready to post detailed instructions on how to pull the intake and do the job.
  • i have a 08 pac and have had both motor mounts replaced also am having a shifting problem anyone having the same
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    Read all of the posts. Everyone is having the same problems.
  • hello i have taken the 08 pacifica to the dealer 4 times 1st time they changed the front motor mount, 2nd time told me it was a computer upgradeand change the rear motor mount , 3rd time they had me ride with the service manager,4th time they tell me its normal for the car to have a hard shift into gear? and also when i go from reverse to drive i feel a bang from behind . i told them i want to have the car checked again. i have to wait until the trasmisson guy and service mansger come back on monday and they would also have a chrsyler rep check out the car. i have seen some on this site get their cars bought back how do i start the ball rolling? please advise thanks
  • Dear '08: It seems as though we're sisters (brothers?). Anyways, I've had all the same problems. I love the way my car looks but as far as I'm concerned the engine's a piece of crap. LSS (long story short), when I last brought my car in they just happened to have the Chrsyler Rep visiting. He took my '08 Pac for a spin. Apparently he said that everything was "normal" and that I wouldn't be "hurting" the car if I kept hearing that noise, etc. B.S.

    The car is a pile of *&(*($#%. I'm not done yet, I'm just biding my time. They could take it back now, with oh, say, about 7K miles, or they can wait, til, I have had my complete fill at say, oh, about 20K. Either way, they ARE getting it back.

    They know they have a lemon on their plate they just ain't gonna admit it....yet.
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    I filed with the National Center for Dispute Settlement.
    Their address is:22500 Metropolitan Parkway
    Suite 200
    Clinton Township, MI 48035

    Make certain that you have all of your paperwork. Filing with them starts the arbitration process. I had an independent garage owner drive my car and write a report. I also had reports from others who had driven the car, and NCDS had an independent inspector drive my car before and after repairs. It took three filings but Chrysler finally bought my car back with no mileage charge.
    That finally happened after a Chrysler attorney took my car to the dealer of her choice and neglected to tell them all of the reasons why the car was there.
  • tlarstlars Posts: 11
    I joined ths forum after I purchased my Pac Ltd in March. I purchased it used from a Chrysler-Dodge Dealer for what I thought was a very fair price. Now I'm reading all of these problems and very concerned with future repair costs/issues. Would this suit get Chrysler to buy back the vehicles regardless or have a long list of issues?

    It may seem like a dumb question, but if the issues are there, they will happen sooner or later right?

    Thanks. :confuse:
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    As far as I know, NCDS and the various Lemon Laws will not help you with a used car. I am afraid that you are on your own unless you have loads of trouble and perhaps know a good attorney.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    tlars: "...if the issues are there, they will happen soooner or later right?" I hear the anxiety and I sympathize with your concern. A point to consider is that people come to a forum like this to see if other owners are happy, and if they had problems what they were. Often this forum is able to alert others with PAC's (Pacificas) to a possible concern to keeep alert for the same situation. The fact that some have had some very serious failuers in their vehicles is important to know, Rollis has had a very bitter experience with the PAC he bought. I don't blame him for the resentment he has based on really bad service, and even worse the handling of resolving of the vehicles problems. Someone at Chrysler, most likely starting with a ignorant jerk of a Service manager at the dealership just did not want get off his duff and satisfy him or even do the very least to help him. That would make anyone mad! So he is trying to alert people that getting issues beyond the normal resolved can be a real problem to the point of pulling your hair out.

    To answer your question, will these issues come up in your PAC. Proberly not. In any vehicles mass produced about 10% will be flawless, 10% will be the biggest lemon the buyer hopes to ever have. The rest 80% will be good vehicles and people will say their vehicle was fine. This is true of most brand of vehicles.

    We have more than 57,000 miles on our Pacigica AWD Touring. The transmission torque converter was replaced under warranty. The motor mounts were replaced and a sway link.. There was a funny draining of the battery and the dealer found the started to be the cause and repleced it. That's all we have had dome except for oil & filter changes, tired and wiper blades. We are very pleased, and the mpg is very good for such a heavy big vehicle. We get 21 to 23 in local driving and 24 to 26 on the road. Our best mpg is 28.4 mpg and worst wass 18 mpg while sitting for a long time in the winter waiting for my bride while she was shopping at several stores.

    If you like us bought it new than you have the lifetime powertrain warranty, which is unheard of in the auto industry! If you purchased it used than get the Chrysler Max Care Lifetime Service contract. That covers everything but warable items, examp. wiper blades, tires, brakes etc. Even if you bought it used you can get the extended warranty for what ever mileage you want up to 100,000 miles.

    The Pacifica you have is a great vehicle with quality, and fit & finish way above most brands. I do strongly suggest to have the Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep dealer do all the work on your PAC. Oil Changes and the like are just as cheap as any other place. Plus you have established a relationship that the dealer should stand by you should you have a problem that needs help.

    I have had 17 new Chrysler products in my life. Two were poor and had problems, a 1996 Dodge Caravan and a 2005 Jeep Liberty Diesel. Chrysler asked me both time if they could take care of the problem. The Caravan was replaced with a brand nes one. The Jeep was bought back from us and we bought another Jeep, a Compass.

    I keep all my records, and most alwats have the dealer do all the work, except an oil change or two because I was unable to get my PAC in when they were open, due to my schedule.

    So tlars, be alert for problems. Keep your cool when problems come, if they do. The PAC was made by humans not God, so don't expect total perfection, be reasonable with the Service Manager, but don't go along with sloppy, careless work done in haste. Except quality work, being treated with respect, and you keeping tract of when your PAC needs to be maintained as in schedule "B" in the owners manual, you PAC should deliver a long lasting vehicle for many years. Hope this helps.

  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    hollybarry: You Should GO PERSONALLY to the General Manager or owner of the dealership you bought the PAC from and with a cool calm mannor tell her or him what you are expereicing and ask hime to either resolve the issues or ask him or her to what he is willing to do. Also ask the ZONE REP to get involved. This should get some action. IF not and things are unbarable, file with the state you live in under the Lemon law. W could not be more pleased with our PAC. Maybe the GM or Owner can turn things around for you, I hope so.

  • Thanks, Farout, I prolly will talk to the owner, after the holidays when I'm ready to tackle this head-on again. This all gets a little tiring when there's other life problems. BTW, someone in here said they get 21 to 23 local MPG? Come ON!!!!!! I get 13-14 local and 17 on the freeway. My '76 Buick LaSabre V8 never took as much gas.

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