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Chrysler Pacifica Transmission Problems



  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    I will be very honest with you in hopes to help you see a way to help your self. Be determined to make Chrysler fix your PAC or buy it back! To do this your attitude needs to change. You need to be in control of every step, not the dealer. You have rights and how you work these rights either makes you a winner or a typical "I am stuck with a bad car" buyer. One mustisyou have to have an attitude of calmness and a cool temper that never can be let go off! There is no way to get arround you have to establish a working relationship with either the Service Manager or the Owner or General Manager. Do what ever you have to get on the better side of these two people. If you go to these people with a sour attitude or bad mouthing them or Chrysler you will shoot yourself in the foot.

    I always find something to praise the dealership or the tec's or something, because these people are use to hearing sware words, threats, and anger. Be noted for a kind word and be as pleasent as you can. Remamber how the sales person treated you? (I hope it was good) You have to apply kindness and a pleasent attitude to get anyone to want to help you. Only you can have these people working for you, so butter them up good. Ask for the Zone Rep to get involved. Ask this of both the service manager and G/M. This is a very good strart, and you should get done what you want be it a buy back or fixing it to please you.

    I have experienced 2 replacements from Chrysler. A 1996 Dodge caravan and a 2005 Jeep Liberty Diesel. So what I am saying is how I worked with the dealers and the Zone Reps to get what i felt was fair.

    Using the Lemon Law will get results, but you will not get near what you can if you are going by what i suggest.

    Hope this helps. farout
  • Well I hoped it wouldn't happen to me but it did! 2006 Chrysler Pacifica 52000 miles, transmission locked up in the driveway of my house because the torque converter went bad. Brought it to a experienced transmission shop and they rebuilt the tranny and installed a new torque converter(tc). That one lasted a week. I developed a shudder at 35 mph and 1800 rpm. They pulled the tranny and and found metal shavings coming out of the new tc. After cleaning out the tranny they installed another new tc. This one didn't last 2 days and it was shuddering even worse. Brought it back and they installed a 3rd tc. Before they gave it back to me they test drove it and it shuddered again. My mechanic is now installing a 4th tc and replacing mounts and he says that if that doesn't fix it he won't know what to do.
    Ok, from some of the more experienced Chrysler owners, very simply what are my options? I have no warranty, bought the car less than 10,000 miles ago from a used car lot, and have spoken to the chrysler cust service people but haven't been satisfied with them. Anyone? (i am pretty sure i could find the answer to this question in other posts but at this point i am just pissed at the world)
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    Is your transmission man using after market converters, or are they coming directly from Chrysler. I believe that your car has the aspd automatic, and they are not as problematic as the 6spd.
  • I just left the mechanic and they let me have my car. It isn't fixed yet. They actually took the car to a tranny guy they know at a chrysler dealership. They reprogrammed everything and it didn't get better. They checked all the part #'s and everything is good. At this point it has had 4 tc's installed.
    The problem now they feel is the actual fluid. They bought fluid from chrysler and (i think it was +4?) the next step is to bring the car in after the holidays and they will tear everything down again. The parts that can be cleaned will be and the clutch plate (which absorbs a little fluid) will be replaced. Their objective is to totally start fresh with this new fluid and see if this was the culprit. Heard of this? Sound like a good idea?
    My transmission shop has been in business for 60 yrs and have been really cool with everything. Other than being without a vehicle for so long it hasn't been too bad. This is the first 06 Pac. they have seen in their shop and apologized for all of the inconvenience and that they too were learning. At no further cost to me. $1800 is what i have paid up to now. I am just REALLY scared at the outcome of all this if it doesn't work. Whatcha think?
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    It would appear that they are covering all bases. If all of this fails, I will give you the phone number of my transmission shop. They are good. That is not saying that yours isn't, but sometimes it takes a different perspective.

    Good luck.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    Unfortunatly you did not get a Chrysler Scrvice Contract. (extended warranty) Perhaps the tranny shop is making a very small mistake somewhere. I take my 07 Pac to a dealer that is honest and carefully looks at all areas when doing a job.

    Have you kept the schedule A or b on your servicing the PAC? There is hardly anyone who qualifies for schedule A. The transmission you have needs sericed every 30,000 miles have you done that? If your tranny shop is learnining that is not a good sign at all.

    For $ 1800. that tranny shop sure should stand behind it, The cost is on the high side, and at under 60,000 miles it never should have needed anyting. Do you have a trailer?

    I hope you can get this taken care of, as most PAC's are a very good car.

  • hello can you send me a e/mail on how long it took to get your car buy back thanks :sick:
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    We started ours Feb. 16, 2007 and we got the new Compass on April 4, 2007 and by May 8, 2007.

    Don't go the arbratation way it takes longer and you pay out more.

  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    You have me stumped. I cost me no more to go to arbitration. I got back every penny that I paid for the car and was not charged for mileage.
  • jathgajathga Posts: 1
    at time my 2004 Pacifica AWD will slip into neutral before catching. sometimes it happens when I shift from reverse-forward, sometime I'll be sitting at a red light and when it goes green I step on the gas on it doesn't move. I shift out of and back into drive and I'm ok. Am I looking at a total rebuild of the tranny?

    I had the Power Transfer Unit replaced 9 mos ago. Is this related?
  • I have the same car with the same problems, bought a used tyranny and TC and it worked better but not right. I'm starting to think the tyranny cooler built into the radiator is collecting tyranny dirt instead of the transmission filter. My reason is my tyranny/raditor return hose popped after my tyranny was installed (the NEW fluid was dirty looking coming out of that cooler) with the hose repaired and fluid added the Tranny seems to be working better) I'm considering adding an in-line filter on the out side of the radiator. It might even be the tranny fluid is breaking down the radiator.
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    I would be more inclined to think that there is a problem with your used transmission. It could well have been full of dirty fluid when it was installed.
  • greg135greg135 Posts: 4
    i have 2007 Pacifica 4.0 51000miles I recently change oil in the transmission. Now sometimes when I stop on the traffic lights seize on me . And also after the oil change when I'm standing up hill I have to hold the brake, otherwise rolls back. any one now what wrong with that tran?
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    Who did the transmission oil change? It sounds like the wrong fluid was used. Chrysler has a rather expensive fluid in the 6 speed and that's why you can't check it. Do you know what fluid was used? Was it a dealer or a transmission shop?

  • I too think many Chrysler transmission problems are fluid related after checking out fluid sold at gas stations I found many carry only one type and are labled so that they seem to be right untill you read the fine print.
  • greg135greg135 Posts: 4
    fluid and filter they got from chrysler . now his saying that looks to him that my torque converter is bad!
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    Some 07's had a recall on the converters. Mine was one. If you bought your Pac used there may not be any recourse. However if your Pac was made up and until Dec. 06 it should have been replaced. You can call any dealer and they can run you vin. to find out.

    When you say "they" I assume that means a tranny shop? I think I would like to see the bill they paid for that at the Chrysler parts dept. To many places buy parts from AutoZone ect. A trans oil and filter and labor runs $149 to $180. The dealer I use all the time says it will cose me $179. I have 65,00 miles on our Pac now and maybe somewhere about 75,000 to 85,000 I may change it.

    What made you change it now? These trannys are great IF you start out with everything working out right from the first. Our Pac did have clunking and shuddering and after the TC was replaced it took a reflash and 4,000 miles to finally work like a great tranny should.

    I hope I am helping a little.

  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    July 13, 2010. The transmission Torque Converter went out with 74,477 miles on ot. The transmission became stuck in frist gear and would not shift up. Had to drive to the dealer 70 miles away, while stuck in first gear. The info center said I was getting 10.6 mpg. I believe that to be true, as I could see the gas gauge go down rather rapidly.

    The Service tec. said the TC was faulty. With the new TC I notice no shudder, or anything that reminds me of the first TC replacement.

    The best thing was now I do not need a fluid and filter change! That was done while doing the R&R of the TC. We still really like the PC.

    Anyone else have the same thing happen? Would like to hear from someone else on this forum.

  • grubby1grubby1 Posts: 1
    I am interested in your recall on your tranny. We have an 06 pac and have had trouble with the transmission shuddering for the last 15000 miles (70700) on it now. Out dealer told us there was never a recall, but it sounds like yours was built in 06 as we're assuming ours was. Are we getting the runaround from the dealer? We were just told yesterday (7-21-10) that there is no way of really fixing it short of a new tranny and we would have to wait for it to quit working. I don't really like those odds can you shed any light on the Chrysler recall.
    Thanks a bunch
  • Just to sum things up on my 06 pacifica : tranny went out, bad tc, rebuilt tranny w/ new tc from chrysler at local shop, developed shudder immediately, transmission in/out more than 5 times with new tc's, new motor mounts, and at long last they took the whole damn thing out and replaced it with another tranny and new tc and problem gone! HERE is the kicker! They took my old tranny and put it in another 06 pac and had no problems with it at all. So I guess that tranny just didn't like my car. Took about 6 months for resolution for me. Oh and by the way I bet your 06 pac has a bent front right strut too, just like mine and everyone else's.
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