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Chrysler Pacifica Transmission Problems



  • Good news! Dealer is ordering the torque converter. Hopefully it will fix it. As far as the MPG. I got the reading from the car's system. Will let you guys know when the torque converter is replaced.
  • Do you hear the grinding noise when you make turns? I am hearing something when I turn right, but it doesn't happen all of the time. I am taking my vehicle in for the 4th time tomorrow, they plan to replace the second torque converter and "flash" it. Let's see if this is the fix.
  • gthosgthos Posts: 15
    Glad to hear you're moving on to a torque converter replacement. As for the car's system MPG reporting, the dealer I purchased from indicated that was not accurate. Interestingly enough he told me that BEFORE knowing that I was doing a manual calculation and was giving the impression that the system would be "under-reporting", however he was very quiet when I told him that my calculations were manual from the gas pump and odometer reading. Who really knows, but the manual calculation certainly can't be inaccurate. I'd be very curious to see how your manual calculation compares to the one your car's system is reporting. Good luck with the new torque converter. I'm hoping to get a call on my car' status tomorrow. It will have been in the shop this time for eleven days tomorrow and certainly not the first time in.
  • gthosgthos Posts: 15
    Yes, the grinding noise is when turning. Started out after backing up and then turning to move forward, but progressed to just turning from a standstill at stop sign, etc. Replacing torque converter for SECOND time?? What is "flash" it procedure?
  • Hi all. I own an 07 Pacifica Touring with all the bells and whistles. Unfortunately, I have had two torque converter replacements thus far and I am still having issues with the shuddering / lugging from 40 mph up (at low RPMs -1200-1800), particularly going uphill. Anyone else still having this same problem? I am very seriously considering either a buy back or going through the :lemon: lemon law here in MD.
    Any help on either process or my vehicle's problems would be greatly appreciated.
  • Sorry to hear that. Torque converter came in. Dropped off the pacifica at the dealer. Should take 2-3 days to replace. They will be putting their best guy on it. Hopefully the replacement works. The dealer told me chrysler stated that not all replacements are working. You might want to try the buy back. If this does not work for me. I will probably start the buy back process. Good Luck! will keep you guys/gals posted.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    I have sympathy for your situation, The lemon law is not the easiest way to go. Chrysler will work with you on this if a buy back is what you really want. I know as Chrysler called us and told us our 2005 Jeep Liberty diesel was not up to Chrysler standards!!! Now that says a lot to me about Chrysler!
    Here are some things to just let you know. If you have less than 36,000 miles, and have receipts for you scheduled work done, and repairs made, you stand a good chance to get a buy back. However if you borrowed money beyond what the vehicles sticker price was that can present a problem, in financing the replacement vehicle. You can choose from any vehicle made by Chrysler LLC, except MB. They like for you to select a vehicle equal to or more expensive than the vehicle you currently have. However it can be worked out with a lower priced replacement vehicle, but it makes it difficult. Depending on how many miles you have on your Pacifica is how much per mile you will have to pay for the use of the Pacifica. That too can be determined by how many trips for repair you have made to correct the problems. In our case we went 25 times to the dealer in 17 months. Our cost was $ .05 cents a mile for 28,500 miles. We were told that was very unusual as most mileage charges go for $ .15 to $ .50 cents a mile, just depending.
    To start the buy back ask the Service Manager to call the Chrysler Zone Rep. as you feel a buy back is in order. Then go to the Dealerships General manager or owner and tell him your issues with the Pacifica, and tell him to please assist the Service Manager and call the Chrysler Zone Rep as well. Then call Chrysler Customer Care at 1 800 992 1997 and talk to the last choices # 5. Tell then how you believe you have a defective Pacifica. They will follow up with the dealer to make sure the Chrysler Zone Rep. is involved.
    ABOVE ALL ELSE DO NOT DOWN GRADE THE DEALER OR THE PEOPLE WHO WORK AT THE DEALERSHIP! BE POSITIVE, AND AFFIRM THAT YOU ARE A CHRYSLER LOYAL CUSTOMER. These people hear complaints ALL day, by nasty people that abuse them all the time. Be refreshing and kind as well as showing understanding. Get off to a good start by winning the people over to understand you have a real problem that they can help you with.
    Hope this helps, and good luck.

  • I have done exactly what you have suggested. Fortunately, we only borrowed about $12,000 on a $36,000 vehicle. Also, we would really like to have another Pacifica (wo problems of course) or possibly a Town and Country (don't know about the minivan.....yikes). Also, we have just over 10,000 miles on our Pacifica, so we will see how this plays out. I will post again when I have new information.
  • rae4rae4 Posts: 2
    Hi, about to bring my 07 Pacifica in again at approx 3900 miles. Had the torque converter replaced approx. 1000 miles ago. Seemed to work at first then gradually the "shuddering" started again. Usually happens between 25 to 40 miles and a lot when going up hill. Is poor gas mileage something that anyone else has noticed, is it connected to this problem? Also, I see a lot of post re a buyback. Can anyone explain further, is that part of the Lemon Law. I'm live in PA now so not familiar with their law. (I know in Jersey you had to have to the vehicle back at 3 times for the same problem and if not corrected by then if under certain mileage etc you can initiate a lemon law).
  • I too have a '07 Pacifica AWD with the transmission/torque converter shudder issue and have also noticed a 20% decrease in fuel economy as the temps have dropped. Though I expected a drop in fuel economy with the colder temps, a 20% drop seems excessive.

    I have not had the torque converter replaced in my car as the shudder is infreqent at this point. Can anyone that has had the torque converter replaced, please comment on how the fix has affected driveability, performance and fuel economy?

    Thank you for your time.
  • We bought a 2007 Pacifica Limited Edition last April and at 700 miles I started noticing a "shudder" problem. The service tech told me it was the transmission "breaking in" to my driving style and that it would stop. After 300 more miles it wasn't stopping and, in fact, getting worse. I took it in and they replaced the torque converter. That was fine for a couple hundred miles. It started again, I called and they said bring it in they had forgotten to "flash" it....ok...did it and still not working...took it in a couple more times, no help. The dealership then told me that a Chrysler rep said that it was going to be a "silent recall" and new torque converters were being manufactured and I would be notified when they were ready. I've heard nothing. In October I requested an arbitration packet since the car was purchased in KY, it is a arbitration state. Still no packet even after several e-mails saying it was on the way. I do have a name and number of the Chrysler rep and also a case number. Has anyone else had THIS much difficulty in resolving this issue and has anyone had any luck on getting their vehicle repaired or replaced? I'm just fed up (as you can tell by my rant) and would like some insight from some fellow Pacifica owners. Thanks!
  • My torque converter was replaced at 700 miles and it worked for a few hundred miles. They said it was going to be a "silent recall" but still nothing from Chrysler. I'm hiring an attorney after several attempts to work it out through Chrysler Customer Service.
  • Replacing the converter probably will not help, we just bought a new 2007 Pacifica on 10/31. at 600 miles we discovered the shudder also at 30 & 55 mph. They have replaced the converter and we still have the issue, just now it is @ 25 & 45 mph. They have flashed the car twice and still not resolved, we are told a new tsb will be out soon. I am really pissed and want to know how to start the buy back proceedure.
  • Hi. You are correct. Two torque converter replacements did not help mine. The buyback process has proven to be fairly easy for me thus far. Just follow the directions that someone posted on here a while back. If you do exactly what he suggested, it shouldn't be a problem. We are in the process of getting an 08 Town and Country as a replacement for our Pacifica. We had to order it as no one had one exactly like what we wanted, so I guess it will take a little longer than usual. they told me about 6-8 weeks. This doesn't seem to be a very long wait to me. Our dealership has been great thus far. Just remember not to yell and scream at people. That will get you nowhere; besides it is not their fault!
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    tdunaway: Having gone the complete way of a buy back from Chrysler back in April 4, 2007 I can give you some information that might help. We has a 2005 Jeep Liberty with the diesel engine. This vehicle was in the shop 25 times in 16 months. Chrysler called us and asked if they could help us with this situation. So we stated the buy back on Feb. 16, 07 and we got our choice replacement of a 2007 Jeep Compass on April 4, 07. The Compass was a huge disappointment. We traded it in on our 2007 Pacifica Touring AWD on 8, 31, 07. The Pacifica gets better fuel mileage than the Compass did! We are pleased with the Pacifica. Yes, we had the converter R & R done a bt two weeks ago, There is still a small shudder at low RPM's like 1200 to 2200. But with the LIFETIME WARRANTY POWERTRAIN I have no worries about it not being resolved sooner or later. The Pacifica's ride and fit and finish and quality makes this a great vehicle for us.
    The buy back will cost you something per mile for use, anywhere from $ .50 to as little as $ .05 a mile.
    The 4.L engine and the 6 speed automatic are new for 2007, and are now in the Town & Country and Caravan. So I would expect this will be resolved rather soon. Unless you hate the Pacifica I would advise to stick it out for a while. One other issue is that with a buy back you have to buy a Chrysler vehicle of your choice, but not a MB.
    Frankly from what I have seen all vehicles regardless of brand have some sort of unique problems. Chrysler is easier to deal with problems than most other brands, and make your issues known by calling 800 992 1997 at customer care and get it documented, so you have a clear history that cam be proven should you want to get a buy back.
    Hope this helps. and merry Christmas
  • I bought a 2007 Pacifica in October 2007 and the shuddering started shortly after that. I had the torche converter replaced and it still shudders. The mechanic said this is the way these cars drive because the idle is kept low for fuel economy. I'm sorry I bought it because it is driving me crazy. I have only put 3400 miles on it.
  • Correction - I only put about 1900 miles on the car as I bought it with 1500 miles on it. And the problem started within a month of purchase if not sooner.
  • gthosgthos Posts: 15
    Same problem here from an April purchase. Chrylser (or at least the dealer) doesn't want to own up to much. I've been in four times and not even had a torquer converter replaced yet. Other problems also. Is your MPG so good that you believe what the mechanic told you? Mine really sucks.
  • My MPG also sucks. Whether the mechanic is right or not it doesn't really matter to me. Because I would have never bought a car that shakes or shudders. I just spoke to my salesperson and told him I can't beleive that he never heard of this problem after seeing all these complaints. I told him to go onto this site. He is supposed to check with his mechanic tomorrow as I have been going to a local dealership since the one I bought it from is 1 hour away. I will persue this until they fix it, I get a buy back, or I go through the lemon law. I can't beleive they have not replace your torque converter yet?
  • gthosgthos Posts: 15
    You say you have no worries about it not being correct, due to the warranty. However, do you want to keep battling this issue forever? I say the issues should be corrected NOW so that we can drive these vehicles in comfort now, as we'd intended when we purchased them. I owned a fantastic Chrysler a bit over 30 years ago when it was a very fine company and people were honored to be driving one of their cars. I wish I could still say that today.
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