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Chevrolet Malibu Maxx Design Love It or Not?

Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
edited July 2 in Chevrolet
What do you love and not love about your Malibu or Malibu Maxx design?

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  • It appears the upcomming Malibu MAXX SS is a combination of show car with performance enhancments.

    Question is, should the Malibu Maxx SS be;

    1. mostly show ("look at me" dubbed wheels, bad boy wing, lowwww to the ground, black interior, lots of chrome, etc?

    2. Mostly go (variable valve timing, increased HP engine, 6 speed manual/manumatic, flow thru exhaust, tuned suspension (to enhance handling _and_ ride over typical roads),

    3. Both?
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    Mostly go....Chevy has lost the image of the SS badging....remember the SS camaro and GO cars.....look at what the return of the Hemi has done for the Chrysler brand...Cobra Mustang for SVO Ford.....and the revamped GTO for Pontiac.....If I was in the market...I would want a improved performance package first and unique looks second....
  • chris65amgchris65amg Posts: 372
    It should be GO in line with the SS line, but it will be more Show, I fear.
  • navigator89navigator89 Posts: 1,080
    The Malibu SS seems like a decent buy, but only if you're on a budget. Otherwise, there are better vehicles like the Charger, Maxima, 6, Legacy, Altima SE-R.

    I think Chevrolet is misusing the SS badge. It should only be reserved for a few select vehicles, like the Cobalt, Impala and Silverado. I'm not sure about the Trailblazer, but if Jeep has the guts to put 425hp in a Grand Cherokee, then I guess the Trailblazer has a competitor. The Malibu seems more like a bargain sports sedan to me than a worthy competitor to the Charger, 6, Maxima, Altima SE-R or Legacy.
  • carlisimocarlisimo Posts: 1,280
    If their suspension is anything like the Impala SS's, I'm going to cry.

    SS vehicles should have both go and show, but the show that goes with go has nothing to do with bling show. Bling is about cruising so slowly you can get girls' numbers as you drive by, but accelerate away softly if it looks like they're about to say no - or raise a tinted window if you're approaching ugly ones. You're supposed to be late. Dubs and chrome make sense in that application, and some extreme lowering (and tints, of course). The ideal bling car interior is extravagantly upholstered, lots of lights, and with a deck chair for the driver.

    Go show is less lowered than bling show (no wheel rubbing), with a cool wing (which never look as distateful on hatches), nice but light-looking wheels (polished lips and painted centers are popular now), and sports seats. Simple interior with gauges that stand out - lots of gauges. American go show has stripes... Ford makes it work on their little Fiesta, so it could work on the Malibu.
    But they'd have to fundamentally change the car before anyone would take a performance version seriously.
  • ...but not fully working. 2006 build section does not include either Malibu or Mailbu Maxx.

    was curious about available interior colors on the SS (I fear you can have any color, so long as it is black).
  • It seems that automobiles are constantly in a "fad" mode. Some time ago it was fender skirts, and recently it's ridiculous tire sizes and wheels. A continuing fad is a lower than standard suspension with the usual punishing ride. Hint - roads in America, for the most part, are rough - I want a suspension designed for the roads I drive on, not a smooth race track.

    What I'm looking for in a Maxx SS is the same as any other car: competence as an automobile for my driving conditions. I want good handling and a good ride - not one or the other. No tire series below 60's, and preferabley 70's. Useability, as in a hatchback, full instrumentation - preferably the ability to tap into the cars computer and display the information on an existing screen. And, of course good performance, as in a 15.5sec. quater- mile minumum.

    Most important of all, and why Detroit has lost huge market share, RELIABILITY.
  • They're canning the Maxx next year, so why are they bothering with the SS package? This should have been done for the Equinox.
  • well they did lower the suspension but at least the wheels don't look as ridiculous as I feared.

    But why do people feel that a dark color car with all black interior is so "cool"? In many places like Southern California, a black interior's going to get terribly hot, and outgassing of the plastics will fog the windows within a day.

    So what other suspension changes did they do aside from the retuned shocks and lower ride heigth?
  • What is the last MODEL year of the Maxx? Is it '06 or '07? I may want to buy another one - good hatchbacks are hard to come by. It would be nice if GM would offer some more interesting colors - even Mazda has more desirable hues for their hatchback.
  • Found it:

    "Malibu, Malibu Maxx: The 2006 Malibu and Malibu Maxx receive a freshening. SS models are added, with a 3.9-liter, 240-hp V-6 four-speed automatic transmission with manual shift mode, sport-tuned suspension and exterior styling enhancements. The Maxx will be dropped at the end of the 2007 model year."
  • probably killed it. I think the Saturn Aura has more of a chance of being a future 5 door hatchback. If Saturn picks up more Opel models, it would seem easier to just bring over a rebadged Opel rather then produce a model with low demand.
  • I'd love hearing if they end up having problems with window fogging in hot climates.

    Previous black interior cars I've owned fogged their windows in a matter of hours in the hot sun. By comparison, tan interiors allowed a couple of days or so between cleanings.
  • Saw a Mailbu SS yesterday (not the Maxx, unfortunately):

    Was all black save for interior which was a mix of gray/titanium (seats, sides, etc.) and a painted black dash (surface of dash looked cheap/plasticky .vs. what I've seen in the Maxx.).

    Interior colors reminded me of the HHR I drove on a 1.3K mile trip. And if GM thinks the HHR will replace the Maxx, nooooo way for me unless it gets:
    1. Malibu's V6 in it (or better, one with an aluminum block,
    2. Better seats (narrow, absolutely no side support)
    3. Sorted out rear bay (move the shelf up and you have a huge hole in the floor that makes it hard to get stuff in and out of
    4. Less tacky gauges (chrome on 'em looks stupid and makes them glare in sun),
    5. Overall higher quality feel.
  • I just purchased a 2005 certified maxx with 25000 miles and while driving home my son head a wind noise from the passenger rear side. Anyone else with this issue? Also notice condensation inside the headlamps on the car. Looked @ 5-8 other Maxx's and saw the same thing on most of them. Is this common? I do enjoy the ride and price of the car - reason I purchased it Hope it goes well. Also any idea why I only recieved 1 key flob with 2 keys on it instead of 2 remotes.? I also was not happy that there was less than a 1/4 tank of gas in it from Joe Romanno Chevy in Syracuse NY.
  • you might want to post in the Problems and Solutions forum. This one's only about the Maxx SS
  • e2helpere2helper Posts: 1,002
    Kurt - yes this message was posted in another forum as well. I originally answered here as well but deleted post when I noticed the other post and that someone else already answered it :)
  • Thanks didn't I realized after I posted. Sorry about the error.
  • Car and Driver tested the SS in the Feb.06 issue and gave it a favorable review.
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