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Toyota Celica Accessories & Modifications



  • shifty017shifty017 Posts: 6
    I Have a 2000 Toyota Celica GTS, Mostly stock except for a, GRedddy Evo Exhaust + a Weapon R short ram intake. I would like to put Headers on it and a fuel rail,but i cant find any places that sell fuel rails. I hav heard that if you put a fuel rail in you have to change your injectors,otherwise its usless.?

    Im new at edmunds so I dont know if im posting right or not.
  • I Have a 2000 Toyota Celica GT-S, I would like to put headers on it, but i would like to know if anybody has a opinion on good ones. I am looking at DCsport 4-2-1 headers for better low end.
  • There are lots of high intensity LED head lights and all other lights.

    Anybody used them?

    Are they bright enough?

    They are supposed to last 50K hours. Are they lasting long?
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