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Chrysler Sebring Brake Problems



  • Since I bought my Sebring, sometimes when I come to a stop and brake, the car jets forward. This has happened at Stops and is very dangerous. When I take it back, they say because they cannot replicate the problem, they cannot fix it.

    Has anyone had this problem? I never heard of not being able to check on a problem through being told what the problem is. This is the second time I have it in and they are saying the same. "We can't replicate the problem, therefore we cannot diagnose and fix it." Is that true?
  • I am experiecing something similar with my 2004 Sebring Convertible (GTC). It has just over 3,000 miles so it's pretty new. Twice in the last couple of days I was stopped with my foot on the break (stop sign, in front of my garage door) the car surged forward. The third time it just stalled. I have an appointment with the dealer in a couple of days. I will let you know what they say/check.
  • rp98rp98 Posts: 3
    I have a 98 conv. with the same brake noise as everybody seems to complain of. The noise comes from the rear brakes not the front. The problem comes from glazing over of the brake shoes. Have your rear brakes cleaned and sanded and the noise will go away. If it comes back, do the same or have the shoes replaced with good after market parts. The othe thing to consider are the wheel cylinders. If they start leaking (look for moisture on the cylinder itself) they will not retract all the way causing the shoes to stay in contact with the drum and glaze over faster. Hope this helps. It has worked for me.
  • sidoniesidonie Posts: 1
    I recently changed the brake pads and turned the rotors on my Sebring and now the braking is almost zero. Help! Is there something that I missed, never had this problem when changing brake pads/rotors on other cars. If anyone has experienced this please let me know how you fixed it! Thanks
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 974
    sidonie, you might also want to post your question in the Stop Here! Let's talk about brakes discussion.

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  • jforzettijforzetti Posts: 1
    hi i have a problem with my brake lights they dont come on. Now as far as i know i did check the fuses in the fuse panel in the engine compartment. Does any one know of any other possibilitys? I have also checked all the bulbs to!! please help!!!
  • mykeemykee Posts: 1
    I had the exact same problem with my car. As it turns out the brake light switch was bad. When it failed the cruise control also quit working. The switch is cheap and easy to replace.
    Hope this helps.
  • bmatz67bmatz67 Posts: 2
    IN reference to your rotor problem?? What brand pads are you using?? also are you using ceramic or semi metallic pads. ?? Some ceramic brake pads...Raybestoes in particular will warp rotors by forcing the heat generated by braking, back into the rotor.
  • bmatz67bmatz67 Posts: 2
    Try using a Bendix ceramic pad. Go to and look for a dealer in your area. Bendix is used in service shops but not sold in too many parts stores. They are made by Honeywell friction and are used as an original equipment on BMW , Mercedes, and many passenger air planes.
  • My wife and my daughter both own 2004 Sebring Convertible (Touring) and are both having the same problem you describe. Was the dealership able to correct your problem? Thanks ...Joel
  • I purchased this car in late March, and it had only had one owner -- a late-middle aged couple. There was about 62,000 miles on it and I bought the extended warranty and will probably be paying it off for ages. I did buy it from a dealership, though.

    During the initial checkup for the used-car inspection, they failed to fix the clicking in the steering wheel. It was something I'd asked about upon purchasing the car. Turns out it is listed in things that "should be repaired but don't have to be repaired" -- I can't think of what the list is called. But the dealership is paying for it. A month after I bought the car, the A/C went out and would only work on high. I was furious, so the dealership paid for that too. Then my check engine light came on last month and, luckily, it was just an emissions fix, and it's covered.

    But now, my brake light is dinging off and on all the time. Mostly when I turn right. Any clue why?

    Most importantly though -- when I'm sitting idle at a stoplight or something and the A/C is running, there's this rumbling underneath the car. It sounds like it's coming from the front, but unfortunately it's not the kind of thing I can tell the dealership to fix becuase frankly ... it happens maybe once, twice a week and is completely random.

    Does anyone else have this problem ...? :confuse:
  • I had this problem, easy one.... but nonethe less a stupid problem to have.... you need brake fluid...
  • dlkdlk Posts: 8
    Wondering if any of you that responded to #80 still have your Sebrings....and do they still make the same crunching, grinding noises in the front end when braking and turning? What was the remedy? Any other problems caused by the definitely present but nonrepairable problem (even though my dealer keeps telling me it's normal for the car). Tried the steering fluid replacement suggestion; did not work. Mine now has 33,700 miles and am debating whether to keep it or move on since the 3 yr./36000 is about up. Suggestions - other than if I keep it, get an extended warranty?
  • My 05 Sebring started doing that about a month ago at 13K miles. The dealer discovered that my front shock towers are loose and need re-riveted. He got the new rivets in, but, so far, can't get the special tool needed from Chrysler to install them. Will post again if the dealer actually manages to fix the thing.

  • dlkdlk Posts: 8
    The dealer replaced the struts on both rt & lt front. New stabilizer links, control arms, extra lube..Didn't make a difference. 35000 miles...getting concerned because the 3 yr/36000 is close. Got a price from the dealer on extended warranty. They only recommend a Chrysler warranty because so many others have gone belly-up and they have been "stuck" (now they know how I feel). I could use the money they want for a warranty to put a downpayment on another car......
  • I purchased a used 2002 Chrysler Sebring Lxi model about three months ago. It now has about 70,000 miles on it. I have not had any major problems (yet), but I have noticed that there was a grinding noise coming from my right tire while turning to the left. I had new brakes installed this weekend and the noise is no longer there. My question is was the noise coming from the brakes or is this something that I should still get checked out anyway? Also when I drive over a speed bump and the back end goes over it, there is a squeaking noise coming from the rear end of my car (sounds like the shocks may be bad - not sure). Also if one person sits in the back of my car (not heavy) it sits really low to the ground. The car already sits low anyway, but just wondering if that is something that I should get looked at. After getting new brakes installed, they are now making a grinding noise - will take car back to dealership to see what the problem is with that.
  • OK, another problem...was on a trip yesterday and the R/F caliper froze up, dragging the brakes. Limped into a local brake joint, where they found the caliper piston frozen. Seems they come stock with a composite piston. Replacements have a metal piston that takes care of the problem. Trouble is, i was in Charlotte, NC and no one in 50 miles had the caliper. Rather than camp out all weekend, which I cannot do, the brake place lent me a hose clamp to stop hydraulic pressure to the piston, and did not charge me a cent. (Value Brakes if you ever get there). Limped the car home 300 miles with 3 wheel braking, but no problems. Tried to get a new caliper and the same problem exists in my area, no one has it, and it takes 2 days to get one. Anybody else experience this? Car has 114,000 miles so figure it's normal wear n tear.
  • I have owned a 1997 Sebring for three years. Up to now, I've had no real complaints. However, several weeks ago my Sebring started squeaking during turns. This problem has gotten worse recently, progressing to a high-pitched whining that seems to come from the tires/axles at all times - although it generally doesn't start until the car has been running for a few minutes and seems to start when the car turns. The squeaking goes away when the brakes are applied, but immediately resumes when I take my foot off of the brakes.

    Adding/changing power steering fluid has been suggested to me. I'm not sure what fluid to use, though. :sick:
  • I own a 1999 Sebring LSI and this past weekend I've starting experiencing the same squeaking noises that seems to becoming from the steering wheel whenever I make a turn. I took my car in yesterday to have it inspected and they were unable to determine where the squeaking was coming from. At first they thought it was within the supension system or the tires but after further investigation that could not find anything wrong. They decide to lubricate the struts, ball joints and when I picked the car up yesterday evening the noise was gone. I went to start my car this morning and the same problem is back. I see in your article that it was suggested that you change/add power steering fluid. Has it worked? Please advise.
  • have Checked your Brakes?
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