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Chrysler Sebring Electrical Problems



  • rocknrogrocknrog Posts: 1
    :mad:sick: I have 99 sebring and the dash keeps going in and out,nobody can figure out why,any reply would be great.I even called chrysler about it cause someone has to know why but they would not help.I had them put this issue on watch cause there are so many problems with this car and its electrical systems as i have found out in the last couple of weeks. people need to call chrysler directly and make complaints cause they told me they can't do anything unless people call and make complaints.Something needs to be done about this or they will just end up getting away with it. we deserve better.please call & make a complaint and also write about is chryslers #800-247-9753.There are soooo many problems with these cars and i know i'm tired of paying big money to high priced dealers to not get it fixed.
  • I too am looking for a solution. I have a quote of $1400 just to look at it and I hear it takes a long time to try to find the problem. They wanted to replace the module which clearly works, but sporatic. My dash which is the odometer, gas gauge and RPMs do not work at all from December to April 1st in the cold weather. It's been back on since it's been 65-80 degrees again. Today I just drove into rain and it went off again. It is so frustrating. Looking for solutions or a recommendation of someone in New Mexico who has done this before.
  • poots3poots3 Posts: 1
    My 2004 Sebring gauge panel wont work!!!! the car turns on and the radio works but my gauges are dead!!!! Its not the fuse because I checked them all and they are fine. If anyone has any ideas what it might be please help!!!!!!
  • flash87flash87 Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 Sebring Convertible and a few months ago the dash lights started going on/off intermittently. The dealer told me that, based on an error code, I needed a new BCM (Body Control Module) which cost me about $800. It did not solve the problem. They then told me that they got another error code and that I needed a Multifunction Switch which cost me $200 more. They said they couldn't tell that the Multifunction Switch was bad until the BCM was replaced, and they they were both bad. Does anyone know if it is true that you wouldn't get the Multifunction Switch error code if the BCM was bad?
  • hate to be the bearer of bad news but after having 3 sebring convertables. iv'e found out the hard way. 2 of them have already had the problem and i'm waiting for the 3rd. to go. the distributors have a limited life span. one of mine was on a recall but it quit 13yrs. and 187,000 after the notice was put out. your problem sounds just like my 2 it's intermitten at first then it shuts down at times but will start when it is ready to. it leads you to believe a bad fuel flow but it's all elect. avg. fix cost 400-$500 at the garage.
  • aleeeeaaaaleeeeaaa Posts: 2
    I have a 98 sebring coup lxi. The headlight dims work but the brights don'[t come on. Any suggestions on what i should check out. Thanks
  • dmrolanddmroland Posts: 1
    My dash lights just went out. I have no other electrical problems and we have changed the fuses. Can you help me. Is there a way to change the lamp or might it be something else.
  • flash87flash87 Posts: 2
    It seems many people have had this problem with the dash lights. In my case, I spent about $1000 at a Chrysler dealer (South Bay, Torrance, CA) during several visits only to find that the parts they replaced never fixed the problem. I have written to them and asked for a refund and if I don't get it by end of this week I will be taking them to court. Good luck getting your problem fixed. Hope you get better service than I did.
  • smokeydogsmokeydog Posts: 1
    i have a 2006 sebring 2.7 v6 81000 miles, . i have a major car audio system in it. i am having two problems 1 major and one minor. the major problem is that ive lost .4 tenths of a volt. now i know this may not seem to be something to be worried about but i am. about 2 months ago on a warmer day after winter, i had the a/c on high and was play my system pretty loud.and the voltage dropped down to 12.98v (i have voltmeters in my car) turned off the radio and the voltage went up too 13.68 for a little bit, and then started to climb back up too 14.21. for the 10 months before this happened i have not changed a thing. my voltage read out used to be 14.54at idle, and drop to 13.97 the lowest. i changed out the front batt and got a brand new one. (i have 4 other big deep cycle batts in the rear of the car.) after replacing the front batt there was no change in the volt read out. was also experiencing a major voltage drop. i figured that it was the alternator that was on its way out, i've replaced the alt with a H.O alt. still no change in the voltage at idle. currently my volts read out at idle is 14.16 for the most part. if i am parked sitting still with nothing on and the voltage will jump around 14.10-14.21-14.16-14.26-14.10. never steady like before my problem started. when i push the gas down, if i floor it then let right off it the voltage will go from 14.16 to 14.39-14.43 then drop to 14,25 and then right to 13.98 then back up to 14.18 or so
    i have checked every batt by there selves. all sit at 12.82. anyone have any ideas please this is driving me crazy and stressing me out where i almost have no more hair.
    my other problem is sometimes the PRND3L and the mileage part of the gauges will dim out usually after i use a blinker. if i move the blinker high beam light control it will come right back, when it does this my inside lights don't work either
  • bmwx5guybmwx5guy Posts: 6
    I think it is actually the "electroluminescent transformer module". I need one too for a 1999 JXi Limited Convertible. Any luck with yours?
  • Oh boy...not looking good for me after seeing all the Chrysler electrical problems. Well my car drives fine the only bad part is the locks keep locking and the door chime keeps going off while Im driving. I hear about alot of "haunted" chryslers...guess I have one too. Any suggestions are very appreciated! :cry:
  • I have a 2001 Sebring Convt. driving down the road a few days ago and parked and tried to get top up and windows up nothing happens. have checked fuses and relays all good anyone else ever had this issue. AC also stopped working.
  • I am working on a 96 sebring convertable which keeps blowing the number 8 fuse under the hood.?It is the fuse that controls the ignition,fuel and starter relays..i see where some people have had the same issue but have not seen a fix?well one guy said he had a melted wire by the egr valve,,but i have checked that an no go!I have replaced the ignition switch in the steering column and am having the starter bench tested with the solenoid..are there anybody else that has this problem and what was there solution??Thank you!!
  • Well i replaced the starter and cleaned the solenoid connections up with some degreaser as there was some oil in it.packed it full of dielectric grease and away i went!!Started up the first try...woooooohhh
  • Im sure your relieved....sometimes it ends up being somethin small. My chrysler is still locking and unlocking and the seat belts stopped to work is soooo much fun...lmao :lemon:
  • On my 97 Sebring Conv. The odometer show nothing and the tach has no reading with engine running and the light on gear selector are off. Sometimes (think it was 2 years ago) odometer,tach and lights worked fine for a day then back to misbehaving.Anyone?
    And nope I will not let the dealer replace the computer!! A friend did and had the same problem come back dealer said "well you needed a computer anyway" yeah right!!
  • My wife is having the same problem with her Sebring now. Had it to the dealer and they cannot figure out what the problem is. Can you tell me what it is they fixed on your car?
  • My wife has a 2003 Sebring coupe Lxi. Hers did something similar in the snow...the car suddenly flipped on the battery light while she was on the highway and I had her pull off in a parking lot, so I could check it out. When I got there I put a meter on the battery to check it out. The alternator was messed up and I was getting 18 volts at the battery. Inside the car smelled like electrical stuff was burning, which was the fan since she had it on high. In an effort to not further ruin the battery and car's electrical system I unplugged the alternator regulator (small ~4 wire connector on top), which immediately stopped charging and we drove the car home. I proceeded to check everywhere what the exact problem was because the next day I plugged the regulator back in and the car was fine. It continued to be intermitten and finally I replaced the alternator with NAPA's top end rebuilt alternator (didn't sell a new one). This lasted 1 mile from where I replaced it. To make a long story short NEVER buy a rebuilt alternator for this car. I had an alternator and starter shop check both the original and the rebuilt and they both had bad stators, which he informed me can only be purchased by buying a brand new alternator (which is not usually the case). What this means is a rebuilt likely has a bad stator and they did not replace it and it is usually an intermitten problem that pops up in cases like yours...high humidity/rain.
  • My 99 Sebring Conv. same problem but just seems to be a short a push the mileage reset and it comes back on, of course you have to do it fairly often.
  • rmcohenesqrmcohenesq Posts: 1
    edited November 2010
    Did you ever get a solution? My car just did the same thing, exactly!

    Please let me know?
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