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Chrysler Sebring Water Leaks



  • The drain holes are in the bottom of the door itself, not the rocker.
  • I had the exact same issue with my car, and after close inspection, the following was discovered...

    There is a drain hose for the air conditioner moisture that is supposed to run to the outside of the firewall. Somehow this hose gets kinked or put in wrong, causing the condensation to run inside the car instead. Even though the front passenger floor board appears to be dry, if you lift up the carpet, you will discover water running underneath it and pooling in the back passenger floorboard. It was a simple warrantied fix for the dealer to make, and a known issue.
  • Hi, Thanks for your response, I have ran my hand under the door and do not find any indentiations, holes, slots or plugs. Since the rock panel seam is higher than any water can entry to the car, how can water get into the passenger side rear foot well? Thabks
  • I think you have to lie on the ground to see the drain holes under the door.

    Water can come from the trunk area (rushes forward as you brake). Also if that passenger door was ever worked on, someone could have ripped out the moisture barrier. (not good).
  • ralkaralka Posts: 72
    there are drain holes in the rocker panels as well . that is where the runoff from the convertible boot drain goes to . the older Chrysler sebrings were notorious for clogging which caused the water to run into the car rather than out. the results could resemble a goldfish pond on the rear floors. the newer ones didn't seem to have this issue as much
  • Yes, this is a common problem. I own a 1998 sebring convertible, and mine got filled with water too. Someone told me to unplug the drainage holes, and the water came pouring out. Now I have my husband use his air compresser to clean out the holes every now and then. I haven't had a problem since.
  • My wife's 2001 Sebring leaks condensate water on to the floor on the driver's side when she runs the A/C. My mechanic looked at it and tells me the drain comes out through the firewall behind the engine. He tried to fish a wire up to see if it is clogged but it hit what he thinks is an elbow in the line. He said he couldn't get the wire in any further and of course the car still gets wet when she runs the A/C.

    So is there any place to view this hose inside the car?

    Mr. Ed
  • ralkaralka Posts: 72
    no you can't access the a/c drain from the inside, it is incorporated into the hvac housing which exits through the lower firewall and out into the engine compartment.
    Does the a/c drain out of the drain at all? It is possible that the case has a crack in it
    this would also drain into the vehicle. but make sure that the plastic outlet does not have a rubber elbow attached to it this to may be plugged up and require removal and cleaning.
  • Glad to find this forum. We've been to the mechanic three times now and have been assured it is not the ac condensation hose. The water only appears in the rear passenger footwell when the ac is or has been running. Since the water could be coincidental to ac use we'll try the unclog/unplug/open the drain fixes found here.
  • I have looked along the whole passenger side bottom side door, even used a mirror incase I mised something. There are no plugs or vent holes. The top is solid, even had the kids stay inside while I ran a hose on it. No Leaking.
  • so it's the rear footwell, you say? Then it pretty much has to be the convertible top or the window seal, I would sunroof obviously, no leak in the trunk you say, and no water in the front that has to be the top or window then, or the door seat perhaps.
  • Thank you. This worked for me. My 96 Sebring was taking on water but I was unable to find any drain holes... You solved my problem. Thanks again
  • Thanks to all posters, I have a sudden persistent passenger rear footwell leak, like the others. I used a sprinkler to try and determine the origin. My 5 star dealer had no further ideas. (they replaced the top once, are they brain dead?) It continued to leak. My local garage changed my oil and noticed the musty smell, and cleared all the weep holes- several quarts drained. I used an industrial mildewicide (moldstat) diluted, saturating the carpet and pad, drying thoroughly. It is better. I previously owned an 00 Jxi with no problems, I should have kept it.
  • mendimendi Posts: 1
    Hi Terrichick,
    I also have a 98 convertible... wondering exactly where those holes are located... I found just one place today and it is definitely not a place that could be blown out with an air compressor. I had to use a wet vac to suck about 4 inches of water out of the driver's side front and back floorboard today.
  • I am reading with great interest about the chrysler water leaks in the Sebring Conv. I had recently purchased a 2005 Sebring conv. and I too have a water problem. when it rains hard, the passanger side door fills with water. when someone opens the door after or even during a hard rain, the water comes gushing out all over their feet. I mean a lot of water. I was told by the dealer this is natural. But it does not happen on the driver side door. Yesterday again we had torrential rains and this morning my grandson open the passanger side door and the water just poured out, he knows now to stand back when opening the door, but it also filled my floor well in the passanger side rear foot area. Any suggestions?
  • That certainly doesn't seem normal. I wonder if the "squeegee", the rubber flap at the top of the door, as it meets the window, has deteriorated and is letting water in?
  • dycar1dycar1 Posts: 2
    Live on the rainy west coast and have four door sedan sebring love car but feel it's becoming a health risk from mold. Every time it rains the car drivers side floor board and carpet is soaked and my passenger spot behind the driver in the back of the car is filling with water also. Driving me crazy any one have a fix and possibly a drawing of where these plugged drains are .

    Surely with all the posted notes Chrysler must have a fix. thanks
  • dycar1dycar1 Posts: 2
    Live on west coast where it rains every day and when it rains my four door sedan Sebring fills with water on the drivers side and the rear spot behind the drivers seats floods out. I am concerned about health risk due to molds and hate the dampness .

    Any one have a quick fix, and drawings showing were the drain plugs under the door are.

    Any one starting to get sick and considering class action against Chrysler due to mold bye product of the floor mats being so wet all the time .
  • I fully agree with you. It is time for Chrysler to step up to the plate and rectify this problem. After seeing all the posts it is past time. I just took mine for service and my mechanic has referred me to a collision body shop. When i first had the problem, it was only 2 weeks into my purchase. When I brought the car back to the dealer he said it was NORMAL??? I have been driving for more that 50 yrs, and have NEVER had this problem in any car.
  • colloquorcolloquor Posts: 482
    A bit off topic, but I fought Chrysler on a somewhat similar situation with our Grand Caravan. In my entire driving life, I've never had a major leak at the top of the windshield, but the Grand Caravan's windshield leaked like a sieve at the top seal and/or pinch weld. After several trips to the dealer, and to independent glass shops, it was never fixed. They just reduced the volume of the water leak.
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