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Changes I'd Like To See in the PT Cruiser



  • ronpoolronpool Posts: 2
    I leased my PT new in June of '05. It has been a most dependable and fun-to-drive car. About six months ago the battery died and had to be replaced. That's the only problem I've had. It's been a second car and only has 13,500 on it. The lease residual was $12,500. Chrysler called today and offered it to me for $9.000. I intend to take them up on it. Retail is $14,500. Nowhere in town could I get this value at that price! Two really minor complaints. 1) The rear window is too small. Can't adjust the mirror to get a full view. This could be remedied if the mirror shaft was about 1/2-1" longer. 2) The seat belt holder on the back of the seat is notched in the wrong place. As it is, the belt slides out. This could fixed if it were cut nearer the top. But, too late to fix it now. Will be sorry to see the PT go. Maybe Fiat can revive it and put an engine in that would get better mileage.
  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    Well, the good news for Cruiser-lovers is that Fiat has decided to give it a "stay of execution" and let it hang around for one more model year until they can get some of their own cars ready for the US market. There will be a 2010 model!

    That was in the news today! :shades:
  • ronpoolronpool Posts: 2
    Good news! Glad to hear that the PT has been given a stay. Now, if the engineers are smart they will go back and review consumer nega5tive feedback notes and make a good, honest effort to fix things. The most important would seem to be gas mileage. Surely Fiat has a European 4 cylinder that could be incorporated. The one thing they need to guard against as far as the Ameiican market is concerned is performance. Our Interstate and Freeway systems demand a vehicle that can get up to speed and merge with much larger traffic very quickly. My 2005 GT Turbo with automatic does that very well but gas mileage sucks. Also, they need to get rid of the super-expensive 17" tires and rims. America is moving toward smaller, very fuel efficient automobiles. Here's Chrysler's chance to be a leader!
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