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PT Cruiser Tires and Wheels



  • please call me if you want to sell your factory wheels[817-713-8192]i would like 1 for a spare..i keep a 17 spare but it is not afactory wheel...
  • You are right.. I lost track of time ;D It was the dead of winter in 2002 when I bought the first PT GT this dealer had ever sold. But the model was a 2003.
  • I have decided to sell it with the factory wheels on, but I will pass along your info to the buyer. What state arer you in?

    1 of my 4 wheels is good because I got a new factory wheel and tire about a year ago. That is the only one that didn't leak lol.
  • thanks everyone for all the good advice on my chrome wheels. The new mechanic advised selling the car as is instead of replacing the wheels. That way, he said the buyer could decide what to do , and I would sell it :"factory". I would have bought the cheapest wheels and tires I could just to sell. The buyer might want other wheels. Made sense to me.

    So far, so good. 4 days. I am still skeptical of the whole tire rot thing. I didin't see any disintegration of the rubber. And they told me I needed new brakes front and rear, which I also declined. There isn't any noise or anything.

    New mechanic said the same thing as the old mechanic - that those chrome wheels can really pit around the tire seal and leak air. That sounded legit to me.

    Anyway.. thank you ALL! What a nice helpful bunch of people. :)
  • Great Question !!!!! I have the 2002 Liminted Edition. I had 3 of my rims - chrome w/dimples, that leaked, got dented or split. I just found that the tire and rims are just too damn flimsy. So, for now I just got my snow tires and steel rims put on for the winter. I know that they will keep me safe, and the steel rims are sturdy enough, that I wont have to keep putting air in my tires and stress about it anymore !!! I dont ever want to be bothered with those flimsy chrome rims again. They look great, but I dont want to suffer to be beautiful !!! It seems to be a very, very common problem with 'our' cruisers. Hopefully, the newer models will have evolved away from the flimsy chrome rims. Any suggestions of what rims/wheels I should get in the spring... or should I just get wheel covers?
  • Don't stress about this. Any wheels that aren't the flimsy chrome ones that Chrysler supplied should work for you. It was the chrome that kept flaking off my wheels that gave me the problems that drove me crazy. Interestingly enough, other sturdier chrome wheels might do the trick.
  • Well, thanks for the encouragement. I'm definately going to have to make a decision about what to get to replace those flimsy ones... but that, I wont have to do until the Spring, as I have my sturdy steel winter tires/rims on now (all though not the most attactive).... Do you have any specific suggestions for what would look good on my 2002 Pt Cruiser LE - that is a reasonable price?
  • I live in Connecticut and I purchased winter tires last year. They were goodrich tires and I had done some homework and they seemed to be good, but they arent. I cant get good traction and i'm slip sliding around in the winter. Can anyone tell me what a good tire would be for winter? I have two small children and need to be able to get around in the winter time.
  • This fourm dates from 2006. Does anyone notice a pattern. Some domestic automakers have an issue with quality. Corrosion on cast aluminum wheels has been an ongoing battle for many years. "chrome" plating seems to make the issue worse. Steel wheels hold up better in corrosive environments. although steel has rust problems. We are going to purchase new rims & tires for our cruiser. Still trying to decide if they will be steel or cast.
  • Please save yourself the trouble and expense: don't get chrome/cast wheels for your PT Cruiser. There is some wiggle room here, however, as it is the original-equipment CHRYSLER cast wheels that suck while other after-market wheels may hold up better. Good luck!!
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    I always used Bridgestone Blizzaks when I lived up north. They are very good snow and ice tires. Good luck.
  • laurebellelaurebelle Posts: 1
    edited April 2010
    I am currently on my 2nd PT Cruiser, a 2006 Signature Model, the previous was a 2002.

    The 2002 model had multiple issues with the wheels and steering wheel, the tires were always deflating. And after a few years of frequent rotations and constantly putting air in them (they were checked for leaks, none were found--in the tires anyway), I started having a non-stop shimmy in the steering wheel. I took it into Dealer to look at, they made some repair to the steering--including adding their (proprietary) steering fluid, and sent me on my way. Still had shimmy, so I took it back. They could not figure out what to do to make it go away, short of replacing all of the tires and 'seeing' if that would work.

    I had an upcoming road trip, had been admiring the new 2006 models, which had new interior design, and seemed more solid with less road noise... I ended up buying a new PT, after a deal was struck that would give me the trade-in and 4 year payment plan I wanted.

    However, I am still having to air up my tires on this new one too. Unfortunately, into my 4th year of driving this car, my steering wheel has started doing the shimmy as well.

    I have owned about 7 cars in my life, two of them bought new and drove 10'ish years, and NEVER did I have to constantly air up the tires, and/or replace the tires every 20,000'ish miles. I never had any issues with steering like this before either... Also, no one else I know, has had to deal with these issues on their vehicles. Tires are checked when rotated and/or oil is changed, and that's the norm. But not with PT Cruisers.

    I love this car, and would probably drive PT's till my dying day, but this 2006 will be my last, unless I (or Chrysler?) can find a solution to the tire/steering wheel problem that doesn't involve replacing the wheels and/or tires, as is recommended in this thread.

    This Edmunds thread was started in 2006, to discuss this wheel issue. Individuals report this same problem back to the 2001 models. It is now 2010 and here I am, googling "PT Cruiser Wheel Issues", and discovering that it is an on-going problem that has YET to be resolved going on 10 years...

    If anyone has found a simple solution to this problem and would care to share, I would really appreciate it! :mad:
  • The problem I had with my 2002 PT Cruiser, was the chrome rims. They look great, but are not at at sturdy enough for even just simple driving around town. I took them all off and replace them with standard rims. It's fine now. I haven't had any trouble with the 'shimmy' of the stearing wheel, but that may be due to the fact that I have steel rims now. I dont know about the newer PT Cruisers, as I am still driving my 2002!
  • I have 2002PT Cruiser Limited Edition. Black with lt. purple flames. I was in an accident and the entire left side of my car was damaged. I love my car, I had the repairs and replacements done, doors, bumper.. Now, I need to get that side of the flames replaced. Does anyone know what or how I can get them at a good price? Also, I have taken my chome rims off they were cracking and peels and caused me too much problems. I have now got my standard rims and snow tires on my PT Cruiser. Now that it is spring, I want to start to Spruce up my Cruiser, I need to know if anyone can suggest what to do re: tires/rims that will look really great on my Cruiser and will not be too expensive. Any suggestions will be really appreciated. Thanks!
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    I have a 2007 PT Cruiser Convertible with alloy rims. Bought the car last year with 5,500 miles on it. Now have over 13,000 miles. Knock on wood, no problems with the rims or tire deflation.
  • I am having the same problem, I cant afford to replace all 4 rims, but have to monitor my tires weekly to make sure I have the correct air pressure. I just purchased new good year tires and had the rims sanded and sealed to the tires, but still have issues. Unfortunately Chrysler has a problem and is not doing anything about it. I just hit a big pothole and bent two rims, found one for $150 and looking for a second one. Does anyone have a decent one for sale that has little or no erosion until I get the funds to replace all the rims.
  • kronykrony Posts: 110
    My '06 Limited has 43,000...the original 205/55R16 89T M+S Goodyear Eagle LS's were shot and never had much grip as the compound was rock hard.

    Went a little wider with 225/50R16 92V SL BSW Goodyear Eagle GT's on my stock rims...same rolling radius as the originals but much better look and grip both in the wet and dry...excited to see how they do in the snow. Goodyear store even matched the $95/tire price of
  • Recently purchased 2006 base model with 55K on it, just had panel damage kind of fixed. Probable cause, the bargain tyres that were newly fitted. My first job was change the tyres, would like nice wheels but budget not so good so staying with steel at present. I had Falkens on a Toyota two door coupe in Australia some time ago and they were fast and sticky and after checking several reviews on Edmunds and some other car sites I went for the Falken ZE912 with nitrogen fill. Got em from Pueblo Service in MacAllen, TX, not the best price but makes the service guys smile and come with warrenty and nitrogen fills for life. Spend extra and do the alignment too!
    They are great tyres so far, put on 5000mile in six weeks, nice and quiet with even wear. I had a noticeable increase in noise at about 1600mile on my recent trip and realised it wasnt tyres wearing in it was the change in road composition as I crossed through states from South Texas to Dakota.
    I will update as time goes by but these Falkens are good in the noise and grip department, even went well in some snow and ice through Arizona with little noticeable change in road handling. Still be cautious though.
  • re_tiredre_tired Posts: 1
    '05 PT Cruiser: We are now in our 29+days of 104 average daily temp...what psi should I be running in my tires?
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