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Chrysler PT Cruiser Transmission Problems



  • rhtransrhtrans Posts: 84
    Most tranny computers are learning constantly how to keep the vehicle shifting smoothly. Most of them constantly monitor how long the shift takes to complete..and makes adjustments to line pressure accordingly. If the dealer ran a quick learn procedure for the computer and maybe changed the fluid and the problem still exists then there are only 3(lol) explanations. 1. the trans has an internal pressure leak on the 2nd gear circuit, 2. there is a problem with the solenoid block or 3. A crappy computer or crappy computer inputs. Anyway, still give it a few miles for the computer to try and smooth it out ..k, then go from there
  • myohnmyohn Posts: 1
    01 Pt , will not shift out of low gear and speedo doesn't work. Can someone help ? THX
  • ptnurseptnurse Posts: 2
    my car is an '06 and it does that as well - shifting roughly (almost jerking) from 1st to 2nd gear. I took it in about 3 times before they reprogrammed the computer, but the odd time, I still get that jerking and my car only has 48,000 km on it. Oh and today I found out they have to replace the engine cause mine is shot... I am beginning to think I bought a dud.
  • The reverse gear on my 2003 PT Cruiser has failed . It's a 5 speed manual. Is there something I can do to correct it or do I need to take it to the shop?

  • shumphreysshumphreys Posts: 1
    I have a 01 pt, with 84000 miles and the trans needs replaced, any good tips on where in columbus ohio to go?
  • carlarcarlar Posts: 1
    the reverse gear on my 2003 pt cruiser will not work, all the other gears work. I have had no problems or any indication that something was wrong. is there something I can fix or does it need to go to a shop.
  • mauitracimauitraci Posts: 1
    Hi everyone... I've been reading your posts, and I would like to add that if you are considering buying a PT Cruiser... DON'T DO IT! :mad: My mom bought a 2001 PT Cruiser and it has just had problem after problem after problem! :lemon: We have put thousands of dollars of work into that car! Between a leak in the cooling system, multiple problems with the power steering, and now a MAJOR tranny problem, this car is a major disaster. :sick: My mom's car will only go in reverse, but none of her forward gears are operational. It is not a gear shift problem, it is a problem within the transmission that requires a complete rebuild.

    My recommendations to all of you suffering tranny problems (and don't have a warranty that can cover the cost of fixing the problems): if it doesn't make sense for you to spend $3,000 or more on it for a tranny rebuild, you need to sell your car ASAP if the important gears are still working (Drive and Reverse primarily). Otherwise, you will be stuck with a car that will cost you thousands to fix and be a constant headache for you in the future. Again, sell it ASAP... or run the risk of it completely crapping out on you to the point where you can't even drive it! And, that is the worst case scenario, because then you have to pay for towing it somewhere. On top of that, if you can't even drive it, the chance of someone buying it from you is pretty much zero. If for some reason a miracle happens and someone does buy it, pretty much it will only get bought by either #1) a mechanic who is willing to give you a thousand or so bucks to tow it and take it off your hands (and he or she will bebuild the tranny and resell it for a profit) or #2) another owner of a PT Cruiser who is willing to buy it from you for spare parts.

    When considering all of this, you NEED to objectively figure out how much your PT Cruiser is actually worth! And be realistic! Kelley Blue Book is only a good guideline for PT Cruisers that are in Fair to Excellent condition. If you have a transmission problem, your PT Cruiser is in POOR condition! So, you have to figure that your KBB value will drop dramatically. I figured that my mom's 2001 PT Cruiser Limited edition with 77,000 miles on it would be worth about $6,000 if we sold it to a private party in fair condition. It would be worth about $4,000 if we sold it as a trade in. But, that is for a PT Cruiser that DOES NOT have major tranny problems and non-functional gears! Again, these types of problems automatically make the value of your car significantly less. And, as far as fixing it, it really doesn't make sense for us to put $3,000 to $4,000 of work into rebuilding a transmission in a car that is only worth around that much anyway! Besides, that doesn't guarantee that our problems are over! This car is notorious for regular, expensive "issues"!

    The bottom line here is to REMEMBER TO WEIGH YOUR OPTIONS CAREFULLY AND OBJECTIVELY BEFORE DOING ANYTHING with your PT Cruiser if it has transmission problems! Thankfully, we are got an offer from a mechanic friend who said he would buy it for $1,000. It's not much, but then again, there is not much else we can do with a car that can only get to the grocery store in REVERSE! ;) We are going to take that money and apply it to another more reliable car like a Honda or Toyota for my mom! Good luck everyone, and I hope this post helped you!
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    take that money and apply it to another more reliable car like a Honda or Toyota for my mom!

    Good luck with that Honda. They've had their fair share of transmission problems lately as well.

    My wife has an 03 Cruiser turbo and she loves it.
  • ronp3ronp3 Posts: 1
    I was just driving a borrowed 03 PT (5 speed) and shifted from 2nd into 3rd gear but it was not there. No noise just like being in neutral. There were no preceding problems.
  • sateelasateela Posts: 1
    hello everyone i also have the same problems with my 2003 pt cruiser 2.0 limited edition ,the car is stuck at the third gear and sometimes i have difficulties shifting into park,since almost everybody has the same problem with damn car can't we take chrysler to court for selling these cheated cars if not can someone tell me what exact parts are necessay to buy to rebuilt the automatic transmission thank you all
  • Help!! I am looking for information re computer trouble and whether or not it is natural for the torq converter & tranny to go at the same time?? Purchased new, my 2002 PT has been lovingly cared for through 161,000 miles. Always hand my vehicles down to family and wanted to do the same with this but think a dealer has trashed my car!! Without previous trouble, my car stalled 2x immed after startup. Once running, it proceeded to act up on way home from 60 mile commute. Speed would drop from 60 mph (trying to save gas) to 40 mph on or off cruise.Never got any check engine light. Got home, parked and towed to Chrysler dealer where initial diagnosis was "computer". New computer, battery, (original still going), spark plugs, etc the charge was $1400.00. Didn't make it 3 miles, check engine light on. Towed back to dealer, claimed "power steering switch" bad and needed new rotors. Never had any trouble w power steering or ac, as mechanic said I should, and charged almost $400.00, w Svc Advisor stating "lots of mile left in my pt".
    Before ride home from dealer, check engine light back on, this time it's the emissions, though catalytic converter had been changed within past 2 yrs. Nothing changed out. Within 3 days, high pitched whine noticed, parked again & towed to dealer. This time I am told to "trade it in or take it to the salvage yard". Told me they could tear down the torq converter but possibly has "broken weld in tranny or engine" and would cost $2000.00. Having a fit. Meeting with the service and general manager and will be waging war. I know the car was only worth apx $3500.00 bef the trouble started. I think they should have known that the computer trouble might also have caused the torq converter and other damage, which would have kept me from spending anything and just replaced the car. Any info re this would be appreciated. Don't know if I will buy another pt cruiser but I sure loved that car!!
  • I have a 2001 pt cruiser and I accidentally blew my EATX fuse under the hood and now the transmission is stuck in limp mode (second gear) any ideas how to fix this???
  • I have a 2003 PT and have never had any problems with it until now. It has about 70,000 miles on it. Lately, when I am slowing down for a stop or the car is already stopped, it feels like someone hit me from behind. I've had the transmission fluid and filter changed and the computor reset. Anyone have any ideas?
  • kfradkfrad Posts: 1
    You wrote:
    I have a 2003 PT and have never had any problems with it until now. It has about 70,000 miles on it. Lately, when I am slowing down for a stop or the car is already stopped, it feels like someone hit me from behind. I've had the transmission fluid and filter changed and the computor reset. Anyone have any ideas?

    I am having the same problem with my 2002 PT, were you able to solve this problem? Any suggestions?
  • Good morning all, safe and Happy Holidays to all. I have a 2005 Cruiser Limited and have had vibration happening between 1st and end of 2nd gear. Took it to Chrysler and they replaced shafts on both the left and right side. It did make it slightly better but still there. Asked why it is still there and was told they have no other answers or solutions to try. Any thoughts out there? Any help greatly appreciated!!!
  • ann36ann36 Posts: 1
    Help!! I have a 2001 PT Cruiser - all of a sudden it won't shift out of first gear - it's automatic - before I spend way too much, can someone suggest anything....please??!! :sick: :confuse: :cry:
  • CHRYSLERs / MOPAR unfortunately are known transmission problems. I always said i would NEVER OWN one. My Gramps and Uncles on my Momma's side of the Family are DIE HARD CHEVY / GM and did their best to talk my Momma out of our PT CRUISER purchase . She does her hardest and it is hard with no child support or any help and being single . My dad is a mopar fan and that gets my Momma because every Mopar she has gave us all kind of problems . On the other hand, our Chevys have never failed us.

    Problem with our PTCruiser?
    First it was the battery, then the coolant (still dont work!) then the battery AGAIN, and shifting problems. The shifting keeps getting worse and worse and we cant nor can ANYONE find where to put the Transmission Fluid as i think that will at least HELP ease the shifting. If anyone knows how to help please let my Momma know. Im just a kid but I am doing my best to helpp her.

    Thank you!
  • Anne, Did you get it fixed? My Momma's car is doing the same thing but it is stick. forums all over advice that is a known problem. My Grammpa and Uncles tried to get her not to buy Mopar but because my dad is a mopar fan i thought that maybe it would be ok, but we have had NOTHING but problems . I feel really bad because my dad dont give her any kind of support or help and gives her a hard time. I feel bad. Please let me know if you got it fixed?
    Momma is trying a Chrysler Advisor and Mechanic online close to where we live. I will let you know if we got it fixed or not.

  • My buddy just bought an automatic 01 cruiser about 3 weeks ago. He noticed it was leaking transmission fluid so he took it in and had a full transmission service. After getting the car back he noticed it was still leaking. He took the car back and again they replaced the seal. The car is still leaking fluid. Today he was on his way over to my house and stopped at the store. After backing out of the parking spot he put it into drive and nothing happened; the car wouldn't move. He sat there for about 3 minutes and finally the car started to drive. The car seemed to shift just fine as he was driving. He got to my house and decided to see if it was still having problems. He backed it out of my driveway and it was just fine. He shifted it into drive and again the car wouldn't move. He tried Drive 1st and 2nd gears and the car wouldn't move in any of those gears. He tried reverse again and it moved in reverse just fine but wont go forward. He said that before this started happening, when coming to a stop the car would jerk as if he was slamming on the brakes just before coming to a complete stop.

    Does anyone have any ideas on what could be causing this or how severe it is? Does he need to replace the transmission or could be something less severe like a solenoid or control module? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  • Hi there Bill, I was surfing through this old forum and I seem to have the exact same problem. Out of all the posts I read you're the only one that matches the description of my problem.
    So anyways, did you ever find out what was the problem with your car ? did you fix it? if so, how much did it turn out to be ?
    I would really appreciate it since I'm the typical starving college kid paying my way through college, and with my part time job i only make enough to pay for my rent and bills. I took it to this place here in Chico, CA and they quoted me like $2780 to have it fixed, waaaayyyyyyy out of my range.
    Thanks for your time and I hope you can get back to me :) :sick:
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