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Chrysler PT Cruiser Transmission Problems



  • trrjartrrjar Posts: 1
    edited August 2011
    My check engine light has been on since we bought it back in April or May of this year...we've had it checked on quite a bit but everyone says the same thing it's fine nothing is showing up...around about 3 wks or so ago it started having trouble going into reverse but no problems with any other gears....What could be the problem with it??? Any idea's????
  • does any one no if thiers a class action law suit against chrysler for these problems we all have incountered. i have a 2003 pt bought it new by the third year i replaced the timing belt then the conputer now the car shakes they said its the transaxel i have spent around 6000.00 and the tranmission is to be about 2500.
  • uggyuggy Posts: 4
    Blood from a stone. I had an 88 ramcharger that I loved. The paint evaporated off of it above the passenger and the driver on the roof! Then, it started to leave the body turning it white from gray. The Maintenence Manager brought in a Chrysler rep and this guy said this, "You must have driven through something! Something aerosol!" (!?!). My reply, "Like what? a picket line of pissed off hairdressers?" (at the time, Chrysler had blamed the hairspray of their assembly line workers for the big paint problems they were having!)They would do nothing, he was very rude and declared that I had exceeded the 50,000/5 yr. paint warranty by one month! I explained that it TOOK A MONTH FOR HIM TO GET THERE, & DRIVING BACK AND FORTH TO WORK TOOK IT OVER THE LIMIT, WHILE I WAITED! He did not care. I contacted my states Attorney general, and got harumphed. Years Later: I discovered Chrysler was experimenting, (along with the other big 3) with "enviromentally Safe" undercoatings that were EXPECTED to cause the degradation of the surface paint! Ford had better success, but GM and Chrysler did not. And now the rest of the story: the paint on my PT Cruiser is fine, but it has been 9 months trying to get a transmission in it that will work! My brother seeks a new car, today he looked at a Chrysler 300, I hit him with a brick... Good Luck!!! :lemon:
  • 2001 PT Cruiser Automatic
    My daughter hit something which broke the bell housing on her tranny. He friends replaced it with one from a boneyard which came out of a Stratus. They guy said it would work. They got it in ok but it will not shift out of first. Someone told her that there is a "linkage conversion kit" she needs to buy for the Stratus tranny to work in her PT Cruiser. She is bringing me the car on Saturday to fix it. (sure wish she would of done this to start with) Any thoughts? This is all I know and I could not find anything about a "conversion kit"

    Terry the Dad
  • If the car has problems going into reverse then it usually indicates that there is something going on with the transmission.
  • Figured it out. Where the linkage attaches you can turn the nut underneath to adjust it.

    Thanks anyway

  • cicccicc Posts: 1
    I had a same problem and it was a computer in the car.If your light on not pass a smog-test,and had to replace a computer.about 800-900 dollar
  • cheeks5cheeks5 Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Pt Cruiser and it has been leaking the transmission fluid, about two weeks ago it the check engine light came on and the car started to get stuck on first gear....i checked the fluid level and it was low... i added fluid and it worked fine but it started doing it again after a few miles of driving it. Yesterday a friend of mine that's a mechanic checked it and cleared the codes and the check engine light turned off and the car was working perfectly fine but after a few miles of driving it the light came back on and it started getting stuck on first gear again but he cleared the code once again and it worked fine again. Has anyone had this problem? Please help...i need answers
  • I have a problem with my 2002 pt cruiser, where it down shifted to 2 nd gear from 40 miles a hour on its own i slowed the car down to a stop shut it off and when i did it started rolling when it was in park. started the car no gears at all in the car automatic trans. So had it towed still no gears n no park also. called chrysler 1800 number cust serv, said theres no recall and no warranty. That chrysler never noted a problem with there transmissions in the pt cruisers..... no help at all . so i know im not the only one
  • Hi, just read your post, sorry a bit late.

    The symptoms are that of not replacing the transmission filter and oil at the right time. Happened to me once.
  • uggyuggy Posts: 4
    after my 2001 pt cruiser tranny litteraly blew to pieces, my mechanic said that chrysler informed him that , along with the filter and fluid, the timing chain, the computer, all needed replaced after 40,000 miles. when asked why this was only information priviledged to chrysler dealership mechanics, the reply was, "there are no recalls, and if the transmission is not properly maintained, by taking it to the DEALERSHIP on the scheduled maintenence dates, then this is what happens!" meaning my transmission that shot gears across a snowy PA road! I was lucky in the fact that the SECOND computer used was NOT the one that came with my replacement tranny, but like an organ transplant, the tranny did not reject it. My mechanic said that if the computer does not sync up with the replacement tranny, you have to keep trying until one or the other does! this car replaced by a wonderful 09 Nissan Versa!!!
  • maryvmaryv Posts: 10
    Hello: I have the vehicle in the title above and had a big shock when I went to the dealership for an oil change / tire rotation.

    First, a little background on the car. It is a 2001 with 34,000 miles when we received it. My mother-in-law gave it to my 17-year-old son when she got a new car. What a fantastic gift. We are very greatful. She is meticulous about car care and this car was pretty much literally only driven to church on Sundays. She NEVER drives on the expressway. Only a little bit around town, doing errands and such. Also, it was thoroughly checked out at 34,000 miles. So it was quite a shock when I went to the dealership and they told me my engine mounts were loose/breaking, and something about the axle connections (I don't know the technical terms), and axle seals. To the tune of $1300. I agreed to these repairs as I am worried about my inexperienced driver son driving this vehicle if it has suspension/engine problems.

    Then, at the end of the day, the dealership called to tell me that I needed a new timing belt and water pump replaced. To the tune of $1200. I declined to have these repairs done. $2500 in repairs is a big shock when you take your car in expecting to spend $60.

    Mind you, there are only 41,000 miles on the car at this time. I don't have time to comparison shop for repair services, but I will definitely not take it back to the dealership at those prices.

    I was skeptical that these repairs needed to be done at all, but after reading this forum it seems like others are having similar problems. I work for GM, so personally I would never buy a Chrysler product, but I'm not going to say no to a free car.

    When I asked the service guy why a car with only 41,000 would have such serious problems he said that "It is just the luck of the draw." What????? So when you buy a Chrysler product you might get a good vehicle and you might get a crappy one? What does that even mean?

    I'd appreciate any comments. I guess I don't really have a question here, just looking for validation/venting. Also, I'm a little worried about the transmission now after reading all these posts?

    Advice on whether I really need to have the timing belt replace? Anybody?
  • I was tooling down the freeway at about sixty-five, when I heard and felt a loud thunk. I immediately noticed my tach was registering higher than normal. That's when I knew I had lost my high gear. I limped it home. When I tried to back it up to get a better angle on the parking space, that's when I knew I had lost Reverse. Is this common for a PT Cruiser tranny? What are my options? If I need a rebuilt tranny, what kind of money am I looking to spend? The car has less than 100K miles on it. Aren't trannies supposed to last longer?
  • aiko5aiko5 Posts: 2
    I have a 2007 PT Cruiser 5 speed manual shift. In Aug of 2012,
    I had front end collision. The car was not totaled,but repaired. Since then I have noticed a vibration with acceleration on the gas pedal. Also the engine seems a lot louder than before the accident.
    The other issue is, the shifter is harder to work when the car is warmed up.
    The tie rods were replaced on both sides. Could it be the motor mounts? And is there an "after market 5 speed shifter" that could be installed?
  • Yes I have the same year. The problem is the Trans module its right on the trans. right below the battery. Its about 150 for the part. you can do it yourself but first get a book or ask someone that knows about cars help you. you will need to do a trans fluid/filter change while you are at it because of any dirt that's in the trans. the reset the codes and drive if you still have problems it maybe you main computer for the car then. that runs over 1,000 because you need to have the miles and what not transferred to the new computer. if you need anymore help just email me
  • Well, first off the dealership will nickel and dime you. Second you should always get the car looked at by at least 2 mechanics before spending money at it. The trans are not bad on them but people don't seem to understand they should change the fluid/filter every 18months or 30,000 miles. and the other thing that goes wrong with it isn't the trans at first but the module that sits right on it, any good mechanic will tell you that those modules goes out a lot its the same one as the Dodge neon. as for the mounts they do go out if they are that old regardless of miles driven because the plastic drys out and brakes. It also says the water pump should be replaced every time you change the timing belt(just what the books say/but should change every 5years just to be on the safe side) By the way if it starts to over heat in the summer on the highway its the fan because the fans go out a lot for some reason. if you have any other questions about the car and what to do just ask me
  • here are a list of things you should have done and possible problems
    1) change trans oil/filter every 30,000 miles(book says 24,000 tho)
    2) Check fluid every week(I like to do it sunday so i know I have all fluids need in the car.
    1A)could have been the trans(if fluids weren't checked and/or change properly
    1B) the module that sits right on the tranny does go out often i don't know why other than it might just get burnt out from the heat. i think it was stupid for them to put a computer on the tranny anyways.

    I hope this was of some help. sorry it took so long for the reply tho. Just started getting back on here to help out.
  • okay, first off you need more detail as to what you hit how fast and where the damage was. more than likely you need to replace all three engine mounts have the inner tierods checked, ball joints, front struts(make sure they are not bent/twisted) control arms bushings, as well as stabilizer bar and bushings. could also be you have different types of tires on the front two and/or needs balancing. as for the tranny goes make sure none of the piping/tubing is broken(pinched) or the pump is going out(since you crashed it) get the tranny tested for code and then ease all code off the car's computer if it works fine for the first 10miles or so then its the computer if it still acts up just like before then its your tranny (98%) sure your tranny needs to be replaced. the life of a tranny does last longer than that but whenever the car get into accident it truly doest mess [non-permissible content removed] up for both the tranny and engine not to even think about the suspension if you have any other questions just email

    PS always have you car looked at by at least 2 mechanics. some are just money hungry and doesnt love to just work on cars.....sad i know!!!
  • I have a 2006 PT Cruiser 2.4L with the 5 speed transmission. At 47,000 miles the transmission needs to be replaced (already replaced at 22,000). I am stationed in Germany and a new transmission from the dealer costs about $4,000. I found a German spec PT Cruiser at a salvage lot that is the same year but a 2.2L engine. What are the chances that the transmission from the German Spec car will fit in my Cruiser? Please help if this doesn't work we are going to have to junk the car because it's to expensive to fix.
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