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Chrysler PT Cruiser Transmission Problems



  • shenning1shenning1 Posts: 1
    Recently got a PT Cruiser 2008 with 93,000 on it. Everything seems great but recently we noticed the manual transmission is a little tough to shift into 1rst and 2nd gear. Feels like the gears are binding sort of. You can push it in but it seems tight and sort of double pops into gear. Its kind of like it takes a little muscle to shift into 1rst or 2nd. The other gears seems a little easier. Reverse not any noticeable problem. Anybody deal with this before?
    sorta frustrated......
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    I had a 2006 Dodge Caravan with the same engine. Timing belt replacement was recommended at 90k miles in the owner's manual. What the dealer told you about the timing belt sounds fishy. Good luck.
  • cardawg29cardawg29 Posts: 1
    I have the same exact problem. Lucky for me my best friend is a mechanical Engineer and takes automotive challenges very seriously. He came over with his code reader and laptop and was able to determine that I am having transmission problems. It all started with a soft whine type noise that I thought was just a wheel bearing I could get to later. It worsened so I took the car last July 12 to Jiffy lube for new ATF+4. I drove just under 7,000 miles since last July and then the check engine light came on and the car went into safe mode not allowing me to take it over 2400rmp. When the car gets warm it becomes extememly difficult to shift it into gear. I had very little trouble during the cold Oregon Winter. My friend reset the trouble code and the check engine light went off as did the safe mode. So I can drive the car normally but again when it gets hot I have difficulty shifting it into gear. It is a 5 speed manual trans. I will be taking the car to his house tomorrow for more comprehensive diagnostic work. Hopefully It's something outside the transmission that can be replaced like a clutch master/slave cylinder kit. my email is little nich at yahoo dot com. all without spaces. Hit me up. Maybe we can get to the bottom of this problem. :confuse:
  • My vehicle goes to Limp Mode.. I get these codes. P0700, P0732 and P0733 Codes

    Already replaced Speed Sensors in and out.

    Metal filing/material was on Speed Sensor. 1/8 of teaspoon or less.

    Do you have any next recommendations if solenoid should be replaced. Or are we thinking more on overdrive clutch.. Not sure how to test that.. Fluid is clean, but filter has not been checked. Now 99,000 Miles on car. Bought from dealer at 65,000 Miles.

    Generally seems to drive fairly well at 35-38 Miles per hour. Once I speed up beyond that, it goes into limp mode.
  • texas_redtexas_red Posts: 3
    edited September 2013
    So here's the story. About a year ago I was out with a friend and his GF in his PT. We were on our way back from getting some food and for some reason he decided to floor it right before we went over a railroad crossing. Took the hit kinda hard but not quite Dukes of Hazard levels. Engine died. It started back up fine but my friend said the car was making a noise. I couldn't hear it, and the car was driving fine otherwise. Once we got back I could hear the sound. I can only classify it as a sort of rough whine, but it's not really high pitched. The car was already giving the CEL and P0601 codes well before this.

    He continued to drive the car with it making this noise up until this past July when he lent it to me, with the idea being I'd probably buy it assuming it wasn't a major problem. He went and got the oil changed and tried to get the registration and inspection up to date, but the inspection failed due to the CEL. I took it to Cottman Transmission and they said they cannot identify the issue, they'd have to pull the tranny off and inspect it. $550 just for that, which would get included in repair costs depending on what they found. They said the transmission fluid was fine and not burnt, etc. and only mentioned that I had minor oil and tranny fluid leaks. The car shifts smoothly still and has plenty of "go," it's not in limp mode, but it does make extra noise if it has to work hard above 3.5K rpm, so far only if I have the AC on and getting onto the freeway or the cruise control is trying to get back up to the set speed. More recently I've noticed a rhythmic tapping when standing still at idle, and it can become more of a light knocking during deceleration from highway speeds and it goes away once speed gets below 40mph.

    I was thinking of biting the bullet and paying Cottman to take the tranny off an identify the issue, hoping it will be simple, but it seems that's unlikely. Not only that, but it appears I can buy a tested good used replacement tranny for under $1K shipped, I am guessing getting the work done by Cottman would cost much more than that, depending on the issue. Of course I will still have to pay someone labor to install the new used tranny and fill the fluids and such.

    So I guess my question is, does it seem worth it to those of you who have significant history with PTs? Should I just pass this up, or is it worth getting fixed? It's an otherwise nice car with only the usual wear on the outside, it has leather seats, etc. all the interior electronics are in good working condition, etc, it's just the transmission that is a problem. I'd hate to see the car get junked or sold for parts, etc. oddly.
  • If you like the car and gas mileage + the engine is running well along with below 125,000 miles, then it would probably be worth it. It is always important to change the tranny filters on these vehicles.. they can also give you the P700 and tranny codes because of reduced fluid pressure.
  • Yeah, I like the car, the mileage is good enough. It's at 119K miles right now. The place I was looking at that sold used trannies wanted a bit under $600 for a unit with ~170K miles on it.
  • A transmission with 170k is to risky, without knowing what history that transmission has. Of course if they have checked the transmission, replaced some worn parts, and offer some sort of warranty, that would be helpful, but I'd guess they'd charge more..
  • Well, the site I have looked at so far is ( g.html?fit_notes=9716867599da51db0efa638ce5418263&seq_num=4) and they mention a 6 months to 2 years warranty on the transmissions. I haven't looked too far into it so there may be more to the whole thing. The pricing they have on different transmissions seems to be based mainly on where they'd be shipping it from.

    In the end I just want to go a route that isn't super expensive, but will reliably and definitively fix the problem. I don't want to take it to a shop, put in $500+ to have them tear it apart and look at it, then give me a $1.5K+ laundry list if just buying a whole new working tranny and paying labor to install it would be cheaper.
  • I've got a 2005 PT Cruiser which has 120K miles on it. Lately, I've been hearing the engine puttering, sounding like what I call a "wind-up" car. Though sometimes it doesn't have a consistent putter. It skips one or two "putts". It idles rough when I'm stopped at a light and in Drive, but if I put it in Neutral, it idles fine. I've had the car for 6 years and have had a oil change done every 3-5K miles. I had the engine looked at around 100K and I thought they did a trans flush, but I'll have to double check that. If they didn't, I'll get that done and hopefully it will fix the problem. If they did, should I get another one done? Would it hurt?

  • I have a 2003 PT Cruiser and I notice last weekend that it was a struggle to shift down to Drive but I was able to and as soon as I got to my location I put it in park but while I was parking I heard a click sound when shifting pass R, turned my car off took the keys out and my car starts to reverse. I jumped in the car and push the brakes and made sure it was in park, my car was now in park but when I turned it on I notice I couldn't reverse and when I got home I turned the car off again and now it won't turn on and I just noticed a buzz noise coming from the engine area... anyone have any ideas??? email

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