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PT Cruiser Electrical and Lighting Problems



  • nervoustnervoust Posts: 4
    I have a guy that's going to look at my wiring for my tail lights and interior dash. Did anybody check your wires to make sure nothings rubbing and it shouldn't be or there aren't any lose wires somewhere? You really shouldn't even be driving that car if it smells like somethings burning.I really hope you get that checked out and fixed soon.
  • nanjefnanjef Posts: 1
    2005 PT convertible turbo. The dash suddenly stopped working. No odometer, fuel gauge, speedometer, etc. Radio works interior lights do not. Car starts and runs fine. Anyone with similar problems? Fuses appear to be fine checked dash fuses with continuity tester.
  • poe4poe4 Posts: 2
    Thanks for your reply. The dealer checked everything, at first couldn't find anything wrong. Then he burned his finger on the emergency flasher, which he replaced. It hasn't got sizzling hot since, but warm, but only when the lights are on, which isn't often. Haven't smelled anything burning since.
  • I have a used 2003 pt cruiser. About a week ago the electrical light came on while I was driving. (The one that looks like a battery.) After a while the vehicle started to drive funny...Like it didnt have much power. I took it home and parked it. It was starting fine...until one evening (couple days later) when I desided I would drive it. It wouldnt start. The dash would light up but the engine didnt turn over instead I heard clicks. Soooo...We got a new battery. It started but cut off. So now we are thinking it may be the altenator??
  • geek5geek5 Posts: 8
    get new battery cables $60 and install or have them installed. i replaced two perfectly good starters, the battery, ignition module and the computer first. it was the positve cable. light were bright but very low current getting to the starter.
  • havoc2havoc2 Posts: 1
    i have a 2002 PT Crusier. check engine light came on one day while driving my roommates to work. i changed all fluids and it remained on. i started to get frustrated for severial reasons. why have so much of the engine depedant on the computer board, or the OBD. needless to say, the light is still on. what would cause the light to remain on after changing all fluids and changing the spark plugs
  • We had a light. AAmco transmission shops were advertising free diagnosis. Went there and got a code showing the computer had gone bad. Went to Chrysler dealer and had the computer replaced for FREE. There is a federal pollution warranty thing that if car is 8 years or less and less than 80,000 miles, the government has to pay. 2002? probably too many miles by now but you might want to check it out.
  • Ok not quite sure what you mean by had a light. But you're cars computer had gone bad, that I understand. Now my question is what year is your Chrysler or is it still under warranty? My cruiser is a 2007 but mot under warranty anymore do to the mileage. I just found out I need to get my computer fixed or replaced as well but am terrified as to how much it's going to cost.
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    How many miles are on the 2007 Cruiser? If it's less than 80k, you may be covered. The emissions warranty covers the powertrain module, I believe. The emissions warranty is for 5 or 7 years and I believe 80k. Check your warranty booklet for further info. Good luck.
  • i have a serious problem and hope someone can shine some light on the issue. my pt cruisers engine warning light came on and for some reason the car will only rev to 2500rpm then i lose power to the engine untill the revs come down to 2000rpm and the engine kicks back in. this restricts me from pulling off quickly at junctions and i can only get a top speed of 55mph.if anyone has any thoughts on this it would be appreciated as i have taken it to a garage and they havent got a clue they changed a sensor on the car but no different. thanks
  • I just bought this car 3 months ago with "as is no warranty" (stupid of me, I know!).
    Had starter replaced after it went out a couple of weeks after purchase. Then about 3 weeks ago, while leaving for work, it wouldn't go over 20mph. Tried turning around to go home and get my other car, but when I turned the corner, it seemed as though there was no power steering, then it died on the road in the left lane in the wrong direction. Couldn't get it started. turn the key, nothing. Finally got it started and backed out og the way and parked. Waited for my roommate to come by on his way home from work. He got in, it started up just fine, and drove just fine. Next day, drove it to work with roommate following me. Halfway, I came to a stop, and it died when I started accelarating. Couldn't get it to start, not even crank. Had it towed to my mechanic. He couldn't find anything wrong. For a week this happened, and luckily got it to the mechanic and he still couldn't find the problem. Last time it happened he found a wire going from the battery compartment that connects to another wire which goes to the "main power supply" was shorting out and losing connection. This fixed it for about a week and a half. Now this time, on 11/20/09, when I came to a stop light, it died when I tried to accelerate. I didn't even move, it just died. Couldn't get it started for about 20 minutes then it did start and I pulled over. Couldn't get it started the next day and had it towed. Now, my mechanic says that the "crankshaft sensor went bad" had it replaced and "computer still not reading engine trying to turn over". He tried everything and still nothing. Sometimes it cranks, sometimes nothing in both park and neutral. Now he's looking at hte wireing schematics to see if it will shine some light on it. Anyone else have any problems like this? I really love this car, when it runs and it runs great when it actually starts!!
  • Hi, our 2002 PT Cruiser just starting this same problem today with the fog lights staying on. Did a mechanic replace the switch or was that something a non-mechanic could do? My husband can repair most things. Thanks.
  • Well it finally came to a head today. All the dash lights came on, dropped out of OD into 2nd gear, and the widows wouldn't go up or down. :mad: When I stopped it wouldn't start, I opened the hood and found the positive battery clamp split in half, on the back side under the wires. :cry: Replaced everything is good. :)
  • My cruiser did the same thing I pulled the fuse.
  • pull fuse until you can fix.thats what I did
  • check plug wires at see if one has a cut on it you can,t see in day.I had a little ford that did that no one could find out why it was hestation .it may not be but you can see.
  • I have a 2006 PT Cruiser- and all of the sudden the dashboard gauges went dead. Odometer, speedometer, gas, engine etc as well as the interior lights.
    the car runs fine- the stereo and air work - and the fuses have been checked and are fine. Please help !
  • crm3crm3 Posts: 2
    I just bought a 2002 with the same problem the person stated he was trying to put a bulb in roof light and they blue?
  • crm3crm3 Posts: 2
    I have no gauges or dash lights. Any ideas? Checked fuses
  • At 3 a.m. for no reason, my alarm went off. Then the next morning, my "hatch open" light continued to be on..even though I opened and closed the hatch several times.
    When I parked the car, the interior light would remain on for a long the car thought the hatch was still open. While driving the interior light would stay on as the car thought the hatch was open. This finally stopped, though the hatch open indicator light remained on. Once while driving the car would ding, and the interior light would come on briefly, and then go off. all stopped..everything is fine now, though I do not initiate the security system, as I don't want to get up in the middle of the night to disarm it. My fog lights quit working a long time ago, but would come on occasionally for no reason..I pulled the fuse.

    Any idea what kind of electrical gremilins I have in my car?
    2001 purchased in May 2000 135,000 miles
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