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PT Cruiser Electrical and Lighting Problems



  • My pt cruiser is having wiring problems with fog lights, they stay on and there has been smoke from the steering column. Is there a recall now or has there been in the past. How to fix this please ...
  • I had this happen last year. The multifunction switch on the steering column is bad and needs replacing. Also it is likely that you need to replace the wiring harness if there is smoke. Something is melted, you can bet on that.
    This happened to me while Chrysler was in bankruptcy and the parts were not available anywhere. I had to buy a junked out steering wheel/column and have them take the parts from that.
  • billybugbillybug Posts: 8
    Many cars have highly recommended timing chain/belt replacement intervals. Does the PT cruiser has a timing chain problem?

  • i have n tail lighys or dash lights all fuses are good and put new bulbs in
  • frhrwafrhrwa Posts: 6
    2004 PT.. dash lights all went out, guages don't work.. once a month I hear a ding.. everything works for about 2 minutes, then .... gone again.. any clues ?.. thanks..
  • I'm having the exact same problem with the driver side stop/tail light bulb.. However, I have not had the melting issue yet. First time it happened the bulb was shattered. Second time, the bulb had a hole melted into it. Third time it was shattered again, and as a result, I got a traffic warning for driving without a brake light.
    These three incidents have happened within a three month span.
    I've considered getting a toggle fuse for it, to try to alleviate the symptom, but would prefer a real fix - especially if it can be done on the cheap.
    Any solutions will be greatly appreciated.
  • I have a 2001 PT Cruiser, the other night the alarm starting going off. When I went out and checked the car some of the dashboard lights were on like the key was in the ingnition-Air bag/Oil/Seatbelt/Engine. I was able to start the car but 20 mins. later it was dead. Replaced the battery and car ran great the whole day. That night the same thing happened with the alarm and dashboard lights. Has been at the mechanic for 3 days and no resolution. It runs fine all day but in the morning they come in and battery is dead. They can't find anything that is draining battery out. This is my only transportation and can't afford to get anything new. Any suggestions...Please let me know!
  • I'm having the same issue with my 2001. Check out these suggestions at this link s-3.html

    Sounds like many of us are experiencing the same issue, but there isn't a recall (?)
  • i have a 2005 pt cruiser,defroster ,windows,and ac.stopped working.checked the fuses.what else could it be...
  • ifloresiflores Posts: 1
    edited March 2011
    This happened to me 3 times. Took it to the dealer and was told that they replaced the battery, bulbs and a wire and was told that would take care of the problem. It did for about a 1yr and a half then the fog lights would not shut off again. Took it to the dealer and was told that it was the steering column that needed to be replaced. Had it replaced and seemed to be fixed. NOT! 3rd time as I was taking the off ramp on the 101 fwy to my destination the fog lights came on, on it's own and the smoke came out of steering column and it started getting hot. I was lucky that I got to my destination and that my brother (a mechanic) was around and was smart enough to safely take out the fuse for the fog lights which prevented what could have been fire, damage to the car or even harm to me. Went to a good mechanic and he replaced the steering column with an after market and I haven't had the problem so far. I did file a complaint with
    FYI, I saw today (3/23/11 on nbcla) on the news that 2 young girls were killed by a rental car (PT Cruiser) from fire that came from the steering column that there was a recall (I was never notified of one) on the steering column but that rental cars by law don't have to have them done. A city official is making it law that car rental agencies have to get the recalls done on their rental cars too.
  • chnybergchnyberg Posts: 6 the right of the clock, and above the EJT CD button are two spots. One is labeled H and the other is labeled M (Hours..Minutes) Take an ink pen or something similar and press on the H spot to advance the hours, and on the M spot to advance the minutes.
  • chnybergchnyberg Posts: 6
    This happened to me long ago..I just pulled the fuse.
  • kanorkanor Posts: 1
    We just bought a used 2001 PT Cruiser Limited about 1 month ago. Car is in great shape and we love the gas mileage. All was fine the first three weeks and now we are having trouble. We have keyless remote that works fine. However, after we turn on the car and start driving we get a constant beep signal with the warning that a door is open. The first time this happened we went around and shut all doors but it did not stop the warning. As we were driving with the constant beep the door locks started to unlock and lock on their own over and over again. It now does the beeping and unlock and lock whenever driven. At the same time we heard the panic alarm honking when the car was parked. It started about 6 hrs after it was parked and off, which was around midnight. This panic alarm problem has happened 3-4 times now but does not happen if we leave the car unlocked. The Chrysler dealer wants to replace part of the sensors or the computer but we wonder if there is an easier and less expensive way to stop these things from happening. Dealer also says they have never seen electrical problems with a cruiser. We don't buy that one. Any ideas? Thanks.
  • This is the exact thing i have going on right now! Can not figure out what the hell the problem is. Mine ran fine for a couple months, now its doing this again.
  • Well i have 265,00 on my 2001 PT cruiser right now, and am just starting to have problems.
  • bfcobfco Posts: 1
    Recently I experienced a strange occurance to my 2005 PT Cruiser convertable (37500 miles) as I was driving along. The first symption was the radio started having short static burst on the speaker like the antenna was loose, then I noticed the instrument panel warning lights and traction control lights started to flash on and off. This seem to occur every time I hit a bump. I Tried to pounding on the dash, and it seemed to make it happen. THis kept up until I got to work. I Turned the car off and thought this might reset it. But I could not turn the car back on or start the engine. The key turned but it was like I had a dead battery (The car was in Park and the doors were closed). I left it there and came out during lunch and it started up ok and no more problems with the lights. I drove home and two days later took it to my mechanic to have the oil changed. I mentioned the problem, he could not find anything wrong with the car. Does anyone know why this is happening? The car works ok now, but I am afraid it might come back and strand me someplace.

  • Yep, us too. Our 2006 convertible with 70K miles developed this gremlin while we were miles away from home on vacation--panel's idiot lights would come on and the engine would go off! Many times, it would start, then die after a few seconds--many times nothing--like dead battery. Once it died while waiting at intersection. Some friends with PT told us to have the steering column replaced, but our mechanic claims that the best he can do is to find one in a low-mileage salvaged car--which means to me that it'll happen again. We can still get it to come back to life when we bounce the tilt column a bit. And, I certainly do not know if there's a connection here or not, BUT, right before this first began, I noticed that the console dash area around the AC controls and up to the radio was nearly too hot to touch! Yes, the headlamps were on as it was raining at this time. Can anyone out there give me a good reason NOT to sell it?
  • My engine light has recently been staying on and going off. When the light is on my car will not start...if I sit for a few minutes it will eventually start up. This has been going on for a while but now seems that it's getting worse and takes much longer for it to start up. It also jerks like it wants to turn off while driving it. I called a mechanic and he mentioned that it sounds like an electrical problem but nothing else electric im not having trouble with. Any suggestions on what it may be...the car has a little over 70K. Any suggestions are welcome.
  • I've been looking online for others with this same issue but haven't found one. My husband is going to look at the car when he gets home, but I'm pretty sure we're going to the mechanic for this one! The car will start, with issues, but will not go and the steering wheel is completely locked and will not unlock.

    When I start my PT cruiser turbo 2005 it makes a high pitched whine. The engine light and oil light come on. Steering wheel will not unlock and nothing happens at all if I tap the gas. Can switch gears, and the radio and lights fades in and out every few minutes. Could it be a computer problem?
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