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PT Cruiser Electrical and Lighting Problems



  • 2001 cruiser.. headlights won't come on.. brights work and fog lights and running lights.. what happens is I turn the headlight switch on and the regular lights don't come on so I run an brights then about 35 mins into the trip the regular lights come on.. after we got home we turned the lights off and then back on they worked fine... last night we turned them on and nothing drove about 10 mins. and lights.. they still won't come on... any suggestions on what the problem is? :cry:
  • Mine has just recently started to do that as well. When I had it looked at, I was told it was a malfunction of the Ant-theft system. The way it was explained to me was that the car thinks it's being stolen due to the malfunction so it prevents juice from the battery from starting the engine. The battery itself is fine, which explains why the dash lights and everything still work. I was advised to look online at forums such as these for a fix. Otherwise I would have to pay $100/hour at the dealership for diagnosing plus the cost to fix. It has been some time since you posted this topic so if you have come across a solution, could you please post what your problem ended up being and what you did to fix it?
  • I have a 2005 PT Cruiser GT Turbo i bought in March of this year. When i start the car now, it makes a beeping noise (4-6 beeps) and then stops. What is that? Does anyone have any idea what it is? I have only had one other "issue" with this car and its with the trunk door. I will lock the car with the keyless remote and it locks fine but when i unlock it the trunk door shows it's open even though i didn't open it. The dealership said it maybe the touch pad. Has anyone else had this happen? I thought you had to hit the unlock button on the remote a FEW times before it would unlock the trunk? It used to be the trunk wouldn't unlock at all unless i used the REAL key but now it pops the trunk on one push on the remote. This is frustrating. I love the car and will keep it for a long time but i can't afford to do electrical work and it not fix the car! Help!
  • I have the same problem with my 2002 PT. What was the fix?
  • Hi,

    Did you get the air light sorted. Mine has been more or less constantly on for a couple of months beeping at me every minute or so. Worse, I have been told that it's a fault that might not be repairable.

    Is it as simple as the airbag genuinely not working (the mechanic says not) or something else?

    Answers might save me a fortune!


  • ksbpksbp Posts: 1
    My daughter's cruiser seem to be losing power lately. We bought it a few months ago with fairly low miles, and she says that sometimes it dies when she's pulling out of the driveway. I'm wondering if this is due to a PT Cruiser being a little harder to to keep going because of the way it idles. (This would be in comparison to my Chevy van.) Anyway, her battery was shot, and she took it in and got it changed out today. I wasn't with her when she picked it up, but she said that she had to put the pedal more than half way down to get it to 40 mph. Her boyfriend then mentioned that he sort of floored it the other day when he was jumping the battery to get it started, and it only went up to 25rpm. They both said that it isn't as fast as it was a few months ago. They didn't mention this to the dealership, but I'm going to call on problem this week. The dealership did a diognostic check on the car today to make sure it was the battery and found nothing else wrong with the car. Has anyone had this problem? Suggestions on what it could be? Thanks in advance!
  • This sounds like a problem with the cam position sensor. Fortunately for you, it is a very easy and inexpensive fix. It took me about 15 minutes to do myself, with help from an online step by step instruction I found. I am not a mechanic, so anyone should be able to do the same. The part cost about $15 at a local auto parts store.

    The cam position sensor basically counts the revolutions of the cam as it detects a magnet on the cam. It's simple.

    Good luck!
  • I took my base 2.4L 2007 pt cruiser convertible to Jiffy Lube, where they tried to replace the passenger side high beam bulb only to find the wire had been frayed apart by the drive belts. :mad: Now the regular headlight lamp is not working. The bulb was bad (I checked) but a replacement bulb is not lighting. :surprise: :confuse: The wires for the regular light weren't frayed, but they had started to crack due to being dried out. I inspected the wiring on the high beam bulb that came out of the car and after stripping some of the wire to crimp it together I discovered that the wire itself seemed to be corroding from the INSIDE. Now I'm afraid that the wiring itself has gone bad for the drivers side headlights.

    How do I go about diagnosing this and is there any way to re-wire the headlamps myself?

    Seriously disappointed in Chicago.


    So frustrating
  • jpelderjpelder Posts: 235
    My mother's PT Cruiser had the same problem, and I believe I have found the solution. It appears that a small crack appeared in her tail light assembly (above and behind the bulb), which allows water to enter just above the tail light bulb. It is very hard to see or find, but when this water drips onto the hot bulb, the bulb shatters. I started replacing her driver side tail light bulb last fall, and had done so twice in about two months. I replaced her bulb again 2 weeks ago, and it lasted less than a week. I also noticed her other tail light was out, so replaced both, and within a week both were blown. I noticed water in one of the blown bulbs, which led me to search for the leak. Right above the light bulbs, in the assembly, a crack develops right near one of the plastic reinforcements in the assembly housing. It developed in both tail light assemblies, and I assume this is a defect which is created from the heat of the bulb . Water from the rear tires gets thrown up into this area, and hits the tail light assembly. I filled the back side of this cavity with a silicone window seal (had a partial tube in the garage), which sealed the crack, and so far so good. We tested the lights again today since we had a good deal of rain, they're still just fine. I hope this helps, as this was a very frustrating issue, which had me checking wires, ground, etc, but I think this may be your issue.
  • I bought a used 2001 pt cruiser in September. It did not come with the remote for keyless entry. Whenever I would use my key (in any door) the lights would flash until I started the car or put the key in the "on" position. A few weeks ago the automatic lock buttons on the doors stopped working. Then about a week and half ago the doors started locking/unlocking on their own. THIS week, the alarm keeps setting itself off. It does this muted rapid beeping (sounds like the battery is dying) and I can't get it to shut off. When trying to leave for work today the car wouldn't let me unlock the door with my key unless I held it in the unlock position while opening the door at which point it would lock once again as soon as I removed the key, the honking would continue until I shut the door and then resume when I started the car. I have just spent the better part of the afternoon reading forums trying to find a solution, I went back to the car to try a few things and now it is just doing the muted beep intermittently while locking and unlocking the driver's side door. I have read many posts about similar issues but no one seems to be giving a clear cut answer. I cannot afford to take the car to the dealership where they have apparently "never heard of something like this" so if anyone knows of anything at all I can try at home before forking over big bucks to the dealership PLEASE PLEASE help!
  • Here's a list of possible solutions I have read about:

    - driver's side key cylinder switch
    - multi-function switch
    - try manually locking/unlocking all doors (tried this one, no luck)
    - loose screw in driver's side door
    - replace rke (no idea, not too car savvy) and replace key fob
    - replace IOD fuse

    Any information on these? Have any worked/not worked??
  • jamnjimjamnjim Posts: 2
    edited May 2012
    has happened twice sinceDec2011purchase. Replaced sparkplugwires&sparkplugs(E3brand) Could it be electrical output? Fuel injector? Has low output turbo. 57k mis
  • jamnjimjamnjim Posts: 2
    Has a low output turbo. Has happened twice since Dec 2011 purchase. 57k mis.Replaced spark plug wires&sparkplugs(E3 brand).Could it have been the electrical output source? Fuelinjector malfunction?
  • I having problem with car only have 52,000 miles on it ...with all the lights on the dash coming on the hands going up and down have took this car to the shop for last three weeks alternator was replace a new battery put in no one no what the problem is has any body else had this problem ...I'm so unhappy with car brought it new in 2005.. everyday i drive to work about 10 miles the lights come on and all so they clean cc. Thank you please let me no if someone else having the same problem. N.A.
  • chnybergchnyberg Posts: 6
    No I haven't had that problem...but I would's better than the lights going off....especially at night! I only had the problem with the fog lights not coming on..then coming on at night...took out the fuse..
  • Hey there,.. i had the same problem until the pulled a fuse on the dashboard (lower, left hand side; left of the steering wheel) you have to take the face off first then there's all these fuses..Ironically, my husband got the info off this website... not sure if they still have which number fuse it was but i had the exact same prob's and the dumb dealers couldnt help whatsoever.. it has to do w/ pulling the fuse for the fog lights..(i think that's what fixed the problem)
  • bnanasbnanas Posts: 1
    My 2003 PT with @ 127K just started today.
    Looked like my brights were on, at least the indicator light.
    Checked it out and found that one of either my lights, fog lights or parking lights had to be on. I did tie up/put tension on my turn signal and got them to shut off.
    Came in side, Googled the problem, found this blog.
    Pulled out fuse#8 and now fog lights off....looks like my 'brights' probably won't work either now.
    fyi..when car was about 3 yrs old had problem with turn signal and replace that switch then. Sounds like same problem now. I was thinking it was close to $300 at the time, but notes make it sound cheaper.
    Thanks for everyone's posts on this topic.
  • 2001 PT Cruiser - all of a sudden the tail lights stopped working - brake lights and turn signals included. The back up lights and third brake light work. All fuses have been checked any clues???
  • The headlight on my 06 Cruiser only works when I turn on my brights. Replaced the bulb and it's still not working. Could it be a fuse or would it be an electrical problem?
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