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PT Cruiser Electrical and Lighting Problems



  • Hello,
    I just bought and a 2006 PT Cruiser and it quit for the very first time last Sunday (doing 70 mph). All I can think of is, oh great I'm stuck with a Lemon. At any rate I have had Chrysler vehicles for years and one thing that always seems to go out on them is the Ignition coil, which controls the spark. The coil heats up and shorts out after it cools it is good to go again. They always seem to be weak in Dodge and Chrysler cars and trucks. Did you ever have the coil replaced on your car? I'm thinking this will be my first plan of attack... unless you tried it and it didn't work then its plan B what ever that will be.


    Sincerely, Kevin
  • hzleyeshzleyes Posts: 2
    I would like to know of any solutions to this problem. My wife's car is having the same problem. A mechanic friend of ours said it is possible that it is lead number 7 but he can't find the exact cause. We would rather not take it to the dealer.
  • kpatriciakpatricia Posts: 3
    I've got a 2002 PT with about 89,000 miles on it. Have begun having the fog light problem that I've read about here. Fog light indicator goes on, I jiggle the switch, they go off for a second and then back on. The other day while my car was parked, not in use and not running, noticed that the fog lights were on even though I hadn't driven the car since the previous day. Jiggled the handle, fog lights went off. Next day went to drive my car and battery was completely dead. I called Chrysler's recall number, and no recall had been issued for my car. They transferred me to customer assistance where I was told that they'd never heard of my particular problem before but that they would record my call. Not happy about that. Just towed my car to a local trustworthy mechanic--not the dealer.
  • nfrostnfrost Posts: 3
    Hi Everyone,
    I have a 2003 PT limited which has the fog light issue, exactly as everyone has described.
    I have found mine starts to act up when the interior is very hot (i live in Florida), the fog lights keep coming on and i keep taping the multi function switch on the end to turn them off, once the A/C cools the interior they stop coming on by themselves.
    I also found that when i leave the car the only way to stop them coming on is to turn the left turn signal on, just as described.
    Its good to know other people have gone through this, and tomorrow i will be calling the 800 number which was posted earlier.
    Thanks to everyone who has offered advice.
  • mybell222mybell222 Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 PT Cruiser GT. I love this car, however, lately I have been having problems and I was wondering if anyone might know what is going on. It all started at the beginning of this year when my turbo went out at around 35,000 miles. It was replaced under the Powertrain warranty. Early June I was running errands (it was hot outside) and all of a sudden my car over heated (the light went on and the gauge was close to the max). I turned the air conditioner off (which helped to get me home; I was really close). The car was running hotter than usual so I took it in and by the time they got to it the next day there was nothing wrong and it was not running hot.

    So, a couple days ago I was running errands all day in the heat again and the car STALLED while I was driving. It took constant turning the car on again to get home. The engine light was on. We took it to a dealership across the street Sat around 5pm (could hardly get it there- cont. to stall repeatedly) and come Monday day the tell me that they had to replace the battery of the car to do the diagnostics and nothing was wrong with it! It was back to normal. That problem was not my battery-the car started fine it just shut down when you tried to drive it. I don't know what to think but I am very frustrated. I know there is something not right. Anyone have any suggestions?? :cry:
  • Two days ago my cruiser decided that it didn't want to start. It had started fine all day long and I made one last stop before going home and it wouldn't start. The dash lights, and the interior lights come on just fine, but when you turn the key all you hear is a click. The motor doesn't even try to turn over. My husband thought it might be the starter so we replaced it and still nothing. The battery is fine, the cables are fine and everything is hooked up. My check engine light came on a month ago and the only codes it displayed were for the battery cables and power steering...checked all that and the light went off until the next time I hit a bump and the light came right back on, and the codes were the same. I've also had a problem of when the car was starting ...the engine would sound like you were holding the accelerator to the floor. I am desperate for any help or advice.
  • I own a 2001 cruiser with about 61k miles on it. Very reliable, no problems, until this evening. I got in my car this evening(not the first time driven today)and I started driving, about a block later the car beeped like a door was open. Checked all doors, all closed. For the rest of my drive home (about 2-3 miles, all stop and go) the car would beep like a door was open, the map lights would come on and go off, and everytime the car hit 20 miles, the doors would lock, even though they were already locked from the first time the car hit 20. Then when I got home, I parked in the driveway, locked the doors, and as soon as I got in the house the panic went off-lights flashing, horn going, the whole 9 yards. Went down with the key, but by the time I gone down, the car had reset itself. Happened again about 5 minutes later. At that point I decided to leave the car unlocked. This has worked, but my car stays outside. Luckily I keep it covered with a locking cover.
    Someone please help.
  • I have an 03 PT Cruiser, which I really love. I have done all the work on my car so far and don't really want anyone else working on it. But at this point I am stumped. I Live in Phoenix AZ and really need to fix the problem. It first started where randomly my windows wouldn't go down and the A/C would not turn on. After moving the steering wheel up and down it started working randomly again. Then every once in a while Air Bag light comes on. I know it is something pretty simple but I sure can't figure it out. I don't want to change a whole bunch of things if it might be something pretty simple. Moving the Steering wheel up and down is no longer working. It usually happens when it is really hot outside. Can anyone help me with this problem? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  • I test drove an '06 pt cruiser. It not only vibrates at idle, but also while cruising at highway speeds, under load. (When stepping on the gas). I had it checked by my mechanic, but they didn't take it on the highway, and said the motor mounts were good, and vibration at idle, is normal. I don't remember the other ones I drove, doing this. (An '03,'04, another '06 and an '07) Any thoughts on this? Or, has anyone else experienced this?
    The body is just cherry on this car. No nicks or scratches. Inferno Red. Very slick. Every power option that I like. But, don't want to buy it, if it's going to be trouble. Been there, done that.
  • bjc25..I own a '07 Cruiser, 1650 miles, have vibration problems. Took it to my mechanic after the dealer said it was tire problems. The mechanic of 20yrs predicts it to be the powertrain. Vibration in the steering wheel while in idle, vibrates at 40-45 mph then with new tires at 60mph. Dealer put new brand tires on it, problem not solved. The dealer told me the PT basic cruiser has the vibration characteristics. I won't settle for that answer. I will either have it fixed or file the "lemon law" where I live. Bought at SANDY SANSING, PENSACOLA, FL
  • I have a 2005 Turbo Convertible that is just creeping up on 40,000 miles :) . Nothing was wrong so I thought today I would fix that problem ;) . I decided to replace the spark plugs, figured 40,000 was a good point and I wanted to try the new Iridium plugs anyway. Bought four NGK 2314 plugs, removed the old plugs and installed the new plugs. Again, nothing was wrong before I started. After putting everything back together I started the car to see how much better it ran. :mad: It now sputters and coughs, won't start unless you try at least twice and generally sounds like it is running on two cylinders. When you only have four to begin with, that's a problem. Put the old plugs back in, same problem. Apparently it is not the new plugs. I think I must have screwed up a spark plug wire or two during the job. If you are going to change the plugs in your cruiser, have a new set of wires handy, the old ones are real fragile apparently. I now have to order new wires, I am looking at Magnaco wires for $70 delivered. Hopefully that will put me back on the road. The car is now a fixture in the garage until the wires arrive...bummmer...
  • What did you find out? I have a 07' PT and it has a vibration at 50mph and I just assumed it was either the stupid badyear tires or warped wheels. Chrysler seems to find the worst steel wheels ever made, my Dad had a Ram truck with chrome steel wheels and they(Chrysler)replaced 3 of 4 because of them being warped. I'm replacing them with alloy's soon so I'll know more about it then.
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832

    You might want to try a Google search for some PT Cruiser enthusiast forums - there are a few really good ones and you generally won't encounter the same rude responses you see here. I'd post links to a few but I'm at work and a Google search cannot be done from here (firewall).

    My wife has an 03 GT Cruiser that I surprised her with for Christmas a few years ago and I occasionally "cruise" the forums for advice and money-saving tips.

    In the future, try twisting the plug wire boot before pulling on it to break the seal. Also, apply some dielectric grease in the boots to make them easier to remove next time.
  • I Have a 2001 PT with 108,000 miles on it. My mechanic (non-dealership) diagnosed a broken lower motor mount. To change it will require about 6 hours of shop time, he says. Any ideas on an easier fix? Also, any problems if I don't change it?
  • my 2004 pt cruiser has a very bed hesattion when driving or when im at a red light. they can not find out what the problem is and its getting very frustrated iv only had the car for two months now please help.
  • I have an 04 2.4l pt cruiser with only 35.000 miles this last friday it started missing esp when excellerating and now ths engine light is on !! Any ideas about what the problem is ?
  • ya gotta tell me what the code is in the 'puter. It's probably a P0300 0301, 0302 OR 0303 code. I need to know what it is to help u more, please. Thanks

    Chris (Chrysler Master Tech
  • JUST GOT THE CODE AND JUST NEED PLUGS AND WIRES . Thanks so much for your reply 1!! Happy Hollidays ! :)
  • The 1682 and 1684 codes are factory codes the p0700 is a speed sensor code. The speed sensors are easy to replace yourself their right under the battery box. Hurry and replace them if not youll be doing what I have to do now to my kids car and replace the trans. control module. Once you've replaced the sensors the codes will erase and also check the EAXT fuse which is in the same area, most likely thats blown.
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