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Changes You'd Like To See in the Chevrolet HHR



  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    I bet they probably will not offer it in a panel version at least initially. I think they should offer a back seat as an option in the panel as well.
  • I would like to see 4 wheel disk brakes, better cup holder placement... and thats about it.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    The SS model coming out will have 4-wheel disk brakes.
  • I had a PT for a rental car and could not get use to the center counsel mounted window buttons!

    Never had a Dodge Shadow, eh? ;)
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    I would prefer the door mounted switches as well, but the centered mounted ones wouldn't deter me from buying the car. Maybe I would leave the windows up more often?
  • For one thing, Chevy could restore the manual option with the 2.4 engine in the 1LT. The pricing schedule of Chev is designed to restrict choices so that the customer will pay more to get certain options which appear to be simply disabled in the lower prices models.
  • Its confirmed,, out in 2009.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    I saw that also. I didn't get any info. on the interior. Is it the same with no back seat option?
  • From what i've read so far, no back seat.

  • scortchscortch Posts: 41
    More power. Very poor engine power even with the 2.4L. I had to run 92 octane fuel to get somewhat decent performance. I had the 2LT with pretty much everything on it. Still sucked.

    Totally redesign the poorly designed interior. It's cheap for a reason.

    The outside looks great but, that is the only thing I like about the HHR. I was always getting compliments on the looks.

    The all plastic interior just reeks of cheap.

    The seats are small and I feel like I am in the movie theater sitting next to someone in the passenger seat. It's great if you want to cuddle up to your woman or something but, sucks otherwise.

    Console? What console? That piece of junk they put on the dash? please

    My knee was always hurting due to the center area design. It was cramped up against the center area and the curved part pressed into the knee area.

    Arm rest? Oh, the things that sit way too low to be of any use? It needs to be raised up.

    Cup holders. Oh man, what a bad design. If you have anything larger than a small drink, it hits the side of the seat and tilts and they are hard to get to. Move the emergency brake to the floor at least.

    Back seat room is too small.

    Lower the seats or something. It sucks having to lean forward into the steering wheel to see when the red light changes.

    Move the window controls back to the door where they belong. If nothing else, at least move them up further.

    Door locks are in a bad position. When I have the window down and my arm resting on the window, the lock pokes my arm. It being small, it hurts like heck too.

    Do something about the rear airflow. The back door area gets extremely dirty really fast.

    Massive blindspot in the rear. Backing up is a pain and when moving into the right lane can be a hassle mkaing sure you are far enough ahead.

    Worst mistake I ever made in buying a car. I loved the look and the drive was ok, if it wasn't so uncomfortable. Just way too many things wrong with the poor interior design. The person that designed the interior should be fired.

    I moved up to an Impala and MUCH happier. Even the Malibu was a much better car. My Pontiac Vibe was even better, even though it had the same center arm rest height issue and engine performance problems. That was it though.

    I have never been more dissapointed in a car than I was the HHR. The outside was really great, only to be so let down by the interior.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    I disagree with almost everything you say, but that is your opinion. The 2.2 L engine has more than enough power for this car/van for normal driving, and the 2.4 L a has a little more go. Compare the 0-60 times with most any car out there and you will see this is normal for a 4-cylinder vehicle. The designer of the vehicle was the same guy who did the PT Cruiser though I don't know if he was involved with the interior.
  • scortchscortch Posts: 41
    Isn't all of this people's opinions? Every person's changes they would like to see is an opinion. :)

    It's all the stuff I didn't like and what led me to get rid of it finally. Of course some people are going to disagree and some agree. They asked, I posted ;)
  • lacolaco Posts: 28
    Yes its all personal opinion.
    Mine is, I'm pretty satisified with the 2.2, but I also have the five speed manual transmission, which is more efficient in getting what power there is to the drive wheels. Mileage, I consistantly get 35mpg highway, 28mpg or so city, so it does well in that catagory, but then I also don't drive it hard.

    Visability, yes there are blind spots, but getting the mirrors adjusted properly goes a long way to help that.

    My only interior issue, is, I wish there was more storage inside, compartments accessable to the driver. I really miss center console storage, but it is a small car, and something has to give.
  • I have noticed several HHR's with dented tailgates, i saw a used one at the dealer and it was dented right above the license plate, the same dent I have seen on several other HHR's, I put my thumb on the metal and it caved in with a "pop" sound, like a coke can and it left a new dent!! Have any of you noticed this with your HHR? It stopped me dead in my tracks from buying the HHR.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    It sounds like a design flaw. If that was the only thing holding me back from purchase I would live with the small ding or would be careful with that area when washing. You can get those suction cup dent/ding pullers at stores for as little as $10 now.
  • talker20talker20 Posts: 7
    I found an 08 with doors and a seat but the back windows were panel. I bought an 08 LT1 but should have looked at the panel closer, I'm a new owner as of2/25/08, Cardinal Red w/Chrome package. :)
  • jm40jm40 Posts: 6
    i'd like to see the front end changed to look more "macho" like a truck. more edgy on the front,,, basically so the front end will match the rest of the vehicle.
  • acmechacmech Posts: 2
    I have an 06 LT2 with all the bells and whistles. Needs bigger brake rotors and calipers. Rotors warp fairly quickly.
    I'm 6'4'' and have to sit on the front of the seat for head room. Wife had to have a moon roof. We bought a new FJ Cruiser and I got stuck with the "No head room HHR". Sucks to be me.
    Seriously, I love the car, great power, handles smoothly, sound system is good and it's fairly inexpensive.
    I think I'll trade it for a loaded Tundra. That should fix the brake problem!
  • droldsdrolds Posts: 4
    Hello everyone, does anyone use a HHR panel van for a business? Are you pleased with the cargo space? I am a building services contractor and my 05' Chevrolet Express with the 4.8 is killing me on gas, I am thinking about adding an HHR and using the full size only when necessary like when I have a large carpet cleaning job or a floor refinishing when I need to load with larger pieces of equipment, but for the everyday grind I'm thinking the HHR can handle a vacuum or two, a tool box, and a box of misc items I may need. Thanks for any input. Mike
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Yes, that is the situation with those roofs. I once had to sit in the back of a Lincoln Towncar and my head was brushing the roof and I am only 6' tall.

    I assume you have the seat height adjustment all the way down. It sounds to me like you should switch vehicles with your wife.

    If you do decide to get rid of it why not support an American company and buy a Silverado/Sierra. They are a better truck than a Toyota with better looks, mileage, resale value, built better for work, nicer interiors and road manners, and not as many recalls.
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