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Changes You'd Like To See in the Honda Civic Hybrid



  • fierojimfierojim Posts: 1
    Headlight auto-off.
    Charcoal grey interior.
    Bluetooth and USB interfaces.
    Plug-in battery charging.
    Standard engine block heating. Warm up is a mileage killer!
    More exterior color choices. Black and red for sure.
    More durable front floor mats!
  • Folding Rear Seats
    Standard Rear Cupholders
    Dual Glove Box Compartment
    Projector Headlights

    A moonroof would be nice (and I don't see why they won't add that as an option..) but third parties can do that for you without voiding the warranty.
  • I don't care about the seat colors, but adjustable lumbar support would be nice.
  • I no longer use cruise in the mountains, because it's too inefficient. I'd rather drop 5 mph for a few hundred feet than lose an average of 10 mpg on a 400 mile drive. Gravity's not nice to your mileage, and the battery drain on some steep climbs can be substantial.
  • I second this:

    "2. Total control over air flow, A/C and Econ setting. Right now, if I want air on the windshield (even for light fogging), the A/C comes on and the econ goes off (on my 2003). When I turn defrost off, the A/C stays on! I want to direct outside air to the windshield without turning on A/C and turning off Econ."

    Especially now that the AC condenser bearing on mine has failed and I have to replace it in order to drive, because I can't keep the dumb thing from turning on.

    (What brilliant engineer came up with a design that requires the air conditioner to be functional for the car to run?) :confuse:
  • mabecanemabecane Posts: 46
    install better more comfortable seats, try driving for 500 miles on the HCH you will know what I'm talking about.
    The fasteners that keep the undercarriage cover on are a real pain to remove, and are very brittle, I thing Honda should do away with them and use bolts and lock washers
    Changing the oil is a drag because of them, specially if you don't have a lift.
    I buy new fasteners every other oil change, the Honda ones are expensive and still won't last, the after-market a little cheaper but just as brittle. Gravel and sand just destroys them.
  • How about upgrading to batteries that don't fail. Namely, LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate) which are able to handle the same type of conditions as NiMH, are 50% MORE efficient, last much longer (some can go 5000 FULL cycles or more to 80% capacity, as opposed to 500 for NiMH), and have 2-3x the energy density (approaching 190wh/kg).

    Also, a solar panel on the roof that actually recharges the batteries, not just one that turns on the cabin fan on hot days, since nobody else can figure that one out.

    Maybe a battery sensor that actually tracks voltage at ALL times, even when the car is off, so that we don't get anymore of those stupid 'recals'
  • I don't care WHAT Honda does with/to the Civic Hybrid, they have lost a loyal Honda customer here. I purchased a 2007 hybrid in September of that year. My wife and I loved the car initially. We were impressed enough to purchase a second Civic Hybrid in September of 2008. My '07 had rear tire wear issues, which Honda "took care of" (cost me for two new tires...Honda wouldn't cough up $'s for tires THEIR defective rear suspension components trashed). An "update" took care of very hard transmission engagement coming off Auto-Stop. Other than that the car has been wonderful. My wife's has had no issues.

    That was until the latest "update". We received a recall-like notification for an update that was to be made. Received for mine and one for her's. I made an appointment for mine, as it needed an oil change anyway. The car has been nearly undriveable since. It performs so poorly is verges on dangerous. No acceration. Little assist now. Battery charging all the time. Rarely charges above 50%. Terrible hesitation from stop. Gas mileage down significantly. It is obvious Honda had a battery issue and are covering it up with "work-arounds" (adjusting the car to charge the batteries less, use them less and rely on the engine only way more), rather than address/fix the issue (REPLACE THE FREAKIN' DEFECTIVE BATTERY PACK). The service manager at the dealership is TRYING to get Honda to address my issues, but he is having no luck and is avoiding my calls at this point.

    I REFUSE TO TAKE MY WIFE'S CAR IN FOR THIS LATEST UPDATE. I'll not take her car to the dealership for even an oil change as I fear they will do the update. I will not take the chance.

    This situation is B.S. And owning two of these pieces of crap is a terrible situation to be in. I've noted values of our used hybrids dropping as word of Honda's issues with the Civic Hybrid spreads via internet forums. Our nearly $46,000 total investment in our hybrids is evaporating. Honda should be [non-permissible content removed]-slapped,sued to the max and criminally punished for perputrating this scam on us.

    We have purchased nothing buy Hondas since 1978! After the two we own are gone there will NEVER be another Honda seeing the inside of MY garage. Even if Honda did the right thing and fix our cars, I'd never buy another Honda.

    So you folks can dream of better worthless junk on future Honda Hybrids, more power to you. But Honda missed the mark under-engineering this hybrid and it will be nothing but a piece of crap until the IMA system, including the battery pack, is redesigned and built right.
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