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300M 2000 CD Repair Maunal



  • why do you need an email of the manual? Gr8twhite just posted the links??
  • swilkeswilke Posts: 1
    Hello Larrie,
    I sure would like take advantage of your kind offer by email. I just purchased a '99 model last week, it runs great and I always purchase manuals for my vehicles. My email address is
    Thanks again,
  • I have created a link at for all manuals of the 300M , Concorde & Intrepid. These are actual Chrysler Service Technician Manuals and extremely indepth at approx . 10,000+ pages. The original disk that I have provides the ability to open the manuals in PDF form with Adobe Reader. You can select the year of the vehicle and also click on the index to view any section. In Adobe Reader you will be able to resize the text / pictures to any size and click on any sidebar groups.

    I just created this link through , but found that when I viewed them , they were garbled and not anywhere near close to the actual original disk / pile. They might download from the link to your computer properly though. I have not tested that. If need be I can provide original copies which work flawlessly , where the text and pictures are all perfect.

    Here is the link :
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