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Jeep Liberty Transmission Problems

Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,413
edited March 5 in Jeep
Post your comments on any Jeep Liberty transmission issues here.




  • My daughter purchased a 2003 Liberty on 10/31/02. Right away, the transmission started whining on acceleration so we took it to the dealer. They took us for a ride in a similar Liberty so we could hear that it,too,had the same transmission whine. That was the dealer's response to our complaint - ours wasn't the only one. We resigned ourselves to the noise because it drives fine except for a somewhat sluggish acceleration. Should we be more agressive about this? It currently has about 9,000 miles on it.
  • A few months ago I posted a problem where I would put my 2003 Liberty in reverse and nothing would happen. Well now when I slow to a stop there is a jerking feeling. It happens at 30 mph. Does anyone else have this problem?
  • I have a 03 liberty that has 37000 km (approx 20000 miles)
    I have had problems with the tranny almost from new
    they have changed a selinoid which helped fro a while but it just started again
    as well i had "bump" shifting but that ha snot returned
    looking for anyone who may know what the problem could be
    getting a little frustrated after numerous trips to numerous shops to get it "fixed"
  • Hi Dean12...Well as an update I took it to the dealer and I told them of my issue and they plugged my car into the computer and recalibrated the transmission. So far no problem but I am not holding my breath. It does shift a bit smoother now than it did before though.
  • zulu59zulu59 Posts: 1
    :cry: Hi, I am mexican guy and I'm the owner of a 2005 Jeep Liberty with 14,500 kilometers and, this is my third problem with my SUV this problem is with the
    Transmission ,and how you say I don't want to get frustated visiting several shops, right now my SUV is in the dealer'shop and they said me the problem was a SOLENOID , so they are changing THEM , but you consider that was NOT the solution AT ALL so, I would thank you IF you could give more information about this problem and its solution because I'm worried about it.--
  • john81john81 Posts: 60
    This is a toyota website, but gives you an idea how transmission solenoids are suppose to work.
    I do not know "which" solenoid they changed, either #1, 2 or 3. I gather that shifting was rough or not at all.
    The basic rule of troubleshooting is change the smallest, cheapest and easiest part first. Solenoids are on the outside of the transmission and easy to get to. Now, my question is, was the problem fixed? There may be possible issues with tranmission fluid contamination. There could be problems with the "electronics" which controls these solenoids. Did anyone check bare, exposed or worn wires which may have caused the initial problem (shorts)? Most people don't understand electronics and many believe that wires don't go bad. That's why many technicians leave the troubleshooting to the diagnostic machines instead of using their own brain.
    Read the above website then quiz your dealership on what they changed and why. They should have put it on a diagnostic machine - request the printout from the diagnostic results. You should receive a printout, atleast you paid for the service and using the printout will help further troubleshooting down the road. Properly document your maintenance paper-trail.
    Good Luck
  • brianibriani Posts: 1
    I have a new 2006 Liberty. It makes something I call a "spinning" noise between 25 and 35 mph in the rear area of the car. Sound seems to go away slowly above 40mph until I cannot hear it anymore. Selling dealer replaced both rear axles and after that returned the car with the same noise. The explanation was Chrysler told them the noise is normal. Chrysler avoids giving me an answer when asked what exactly is this noise and where is it coming from. They keep "rejecting my request". Also, if communication is done online, they say you cannot reply directly to their email, and provide reply links which never work. I wonder why. This is my first Jeep (and for sure the last one I'll ever buy) and I find the wholse situation very strange.
  • john81john81 Posts: 60
    Good on Jeep for changing a couple axles.
    Troubleshooting while driving, especially when the noise if coming from under the car is very hard to isolate. What about putting the car on one of those machines where the rear tires move on rollers but the car remains stationary. Taken the axles out of the picture, it might be the transmission, but I have to assume Jeep checked that. Also checked for frozen or stiff U-joints.
    Most new cars pride themselves on quiet rides and reducing road noise to allow for a quiet interior. Any vibrations will only become worse over time.
    I would put the car on a stationary machine and run the engine to 25-35 mph via the back wheels and see if the gripe (problem) is duplicated.
    If they find nothing, its not the transmission, axle, U-joints or any mechanical linkage. What about the body.
    Sometimes, a pet will refuse to ride in a particular car or truck because it has a body (weld integrity) problem and emits very high frequencies. These welds will degrade over time and their frequency slowly creeps into the human range of hearing as the metal and weld fatigue worsens, but its not suppose to be a problem in a new car. These frequencies are too high for humans, but dogs are clearly under great distress. Maybe at 25-35 mph, the frequency creeps into the human range of hearing then goes away again. Now, this is a "way out there" option, but give it the dog test.
  • mohan1mohan1 Posts: 1
    I recently got a '02 liberty limited automatic transmission with 50k miles on it. After driving for 4 weeks i noticed that the transmission is not smooth and i feel a good jerking motion when i change between parking->reverse->neutral->drive and vice-versa. I know this is not normal and am not sure what is the problem there. Any one experience this before and know what maybe wrong>?
  • zilbergzilberg Posts: 1
    2002 Liberty Limited. Tried to get into my garage after the snow storm. Rear weels were on ice, front weels were on dry cement. 10 degree incline. 4 full time-rear weel spin only. 4 part time-rear weel spin only. 4 low got me in.

    what gives?
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,349
    When you engage 4WD/Part-time the front wheel on the passenger's side is the only one that can help you pull out. There is no limited slip on the front differential, so the front wheel driver's side is "floating". Just keep in mind the transfer case can lock the front right and the rear left wheels if you don't have Trac-Loc.
  • corndogcorndog Posts: 8
    My jeep is at the dealers for the fourth time with the same problem with the transmission. It acts like it wants to cut out or maybe trying to shift gears. Jeep is telling my dealer its NORMAL operating conditions my dealer is telling Jeep its a major problem with the transmission. We have had this jeep since Jan. needless to say we are ready to start put in for the lemon law. Our dealer says jeep is leaving him to hang because he and two other mechanics tell Jeep there is a big problem and they are ignoring them. This tells me Jeep
    isn't gong to listen to us either on this matter. Sorry I ever traded in my Honda for a Jeep my last one ever. :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,349
    corndog, could you describe a bit more in detail how this 'cut out or maybe trying to shift gears' happens?
    I've noticed the same behaviour of my CRD before I took out the EGR valve.
    Typically this would happen when driving at 30mph (in a village) for a few minutes. When I needed to accelerate gently the engine wouldn't respond for about two seconds and then get stuck below the torque range with a locked converter. I had to let go the throttle pedal to release the converter and press the pedal 1/2 way to the floor to make it spin faster.
    My egr valve was choking the engine by staying open too long and the computer is not programmed to consider this.
    I've never seen any error codes because all the sensors are working properly.
    Is yours doing the same thing?
  • renegaderrenegader Posts: 73
    Hi caribou1, me and my 2,5 CRD still alive, 110.000 km.

    "Just keep in mind the transfer case can lock the front right and the rear left wheels"

    Why should it lock? Tried and cannot duplicate it. Is the function other as when Tracloc is present?
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,349
    Hi renegader,
    When the 4WD/Part time mode is engaged the front and rear transmission shafts are mechanically locked (1:1) by the transfer case. If you look how the differential is built you see that the large gear driven by the input 'hypoid(??)' gear (the one in the nose of the differential) is fixed onto the left 1/2 axel. The front differential is the same but in a mirrored position.
    I've noticed this two times:
    - I once had the Jeep resting on two wheels in a steep downwards ramp. I could swing the truck right to left by about 10 cm just by moving on my seat and I could also pull out without spinning the wheels. I was on the edge of an asphalt path connecting a steep road to a sideways horizontal surface...
    - the second time I was working in the mud and someone told me that only my front right wheel was spinning. The person asked me: is this a real 4x4? I preffered not to answer :surprise:
  • renegaderrenegader Posts: 73
    Hi caribou1, I sent you little QuickTime video, hope, you can accept 6MB.
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,349
    I messed up here! Must have been too busy for too long :sick:
    We have no linkage to specific wheels. Only the driveshafts are 1:1 through the transfer case when in part time.
    Perhaps BFGs made me loose the understanding of things. They just do the work every time :shades:
  • ashleigh1ashleigh1 Posts: 1
    Hi everyone!
    I just bought my Jeep Liberty 2006 a week ago, and I'm absolutely in love with it. However, today I ran into my very first problem. It was raining today, so I moved it from 2HI into 4HI, and everything seemed fine.
    However, when I went to back out of my driveway, I braked at the end of my driveway (to check for oncoming traffic), and then gave a little gas to pull out onto the street. Instead of a smooth backup (as it always has in 2HI), I got:
    - a deep growling noise
    - a lack of movement backwards
    - a feeling like my tires were locking, or spinning.. when they weren't
    And so it didn't back up. I gave more gas, and it lurched a little bit, and then the "growling" noise got louder. So I put it into 2HI, reversed, and everything was fine.
    So I drove in 4WD today (because of the weather), and this has been a constant issue for the entire day. I'm starting to get concerned, does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I'd be really grateful - hahah I want to be able to reverse when in 4WD without my Jeep freaking out! :cry:

    Thanks in advance,
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,251
    if you have command trac , then all is clear. you only have part time 4wd and it can only be used in conditions where traction is minimal. not very versitle but fine for off road, deep snow and ice. not for light rain or turning on less than slick conditions. If you have full time 4wd, then you didn't engage it while you were moving forward and it isn't properly engaged. [been there]
    Drive slowly when engaging or disengaging and you will have no problems.
  • gypsy123gypsy123 Posts: 4
    We bought our Jeep Liberty in Feb. 2006. It was fine for about a couple of months. Then it developed a clunking of the transmission on backing up, and a shifting problem with the automatic transmission. After several trips to the dealer and much aggravation, the dealer concluded it could not be fixed and they agreed to put in a brand new transmission. The problems have not stopped since a new transmisson was installed. Not a computer issue we are told, and mechanics are baffled but agree something is wrong with the transmission. Chrysler is now involved. :sick: :confuse: :cry: Has anyone else had similar problems
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