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Jeep Liberty Transmission Problems



  • Yes I do have the 45RFE tranny, and I tend to agree with the pump failure so abruptly. My next thought is to get a pressure test done.

    Thanks for your information
  • Have you resolved this? I am having the same identical symptoms. Thanks
  • marckymarcky Posts: 12
    For now, I am using a work-around. I have a $50 code reader /resetter. If it set the code, I pull over, shut down, reset the codes, start up and drive off as-normal.

    While this work-around is annoying, it works and costs me nothing.

    If I get resolution, I will post it.
  • This morning i was driving to work and i realized my gas pedal felt stuck to the floor, I couldn't get up to any amount of speed and then my tranny light came on. I managed to putt back home with it and it started accelerating on it's own and i had to slam the brakes on and the back tires just kept spinning. When i went into park the engine reved up really high so i just shut it off. Any ideas?
  • i have 2002 Jeep Liberty 4x4 3.7 the trany sometime shifting properly and some time not and the check engine light comes on :( . i replaced the speed sensor and still does the same . the truck has 54K on it . it is like brand new , please any one can give any tip ?
  • did you ever find out what the problem was? I get the same rumbling, worse if I use then disengage the 4wd . Mine is a 2005 Liberty --also working on my second broken rear window regulator in one year.
    other than this I love my jeep.
  • My 2004 Jeep Liberty (3.7L) , which I have owned since new, is now experiencing a shaking or vibration, for lack of better term, when speed wanders between 40 and 50 mph or so. Full disclosure: the transmission seems and feels like it shifts in and out of gears issues whatsoever with engaging. There are no pops or whines. Doesn't feel like it is slipping either. But I cannot figure out what this vibration--or shaking--is related to. I topped off tranny fluid, not much difference. Next stop was mechanic for diagnosis. Anyone else with the same or similar issue. Thanks in advance. For the record, it has 140,000 original and has been a beast...just an awesome ride.
  • FYI - There is a recall (ish) on the broken window regulator problem. I received a letter from Chrysler, letting me know they have extended it to a 7 year, unlimited mileage warranty on the windows. I also furnished them with over $450 of parts costs on previous window replacements, which they wrote me a check for. It would be worth checking with Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,404
    Speed-specific vibrations are usually tire and wheel related. If you can drive into, and out of, the vibration zone, it is almost surely that.


  • rabertrabert Posts: 2
    I think I may have fixed it. I replaced the transmission control module that mounts on top of the valve body. It was relatively easy to do, but messy as usual. I have not had the code or limp mode since replacement. But just replaced it Friday 1/6/1012, so I will see what happens this week. The part cost about $230 from molar parts Just FYI. Thanks
  • Hey Marcky, I'm having almost the exact same issue with my 2005 CRD. I was wondering if you have had any luck finding a solution to your problem. let me know, that would be great!

    Happy Jeepin,

  • willy33willy33 Posts: 1
    Did you ever get your answer?
  • I have the same exact problem with my 2004 Jeep Liberty 4x4 3.71L, except when I turn the OD off the shaking/vibrations don't happen. But I only turn the OD off when I am driving in the city not highway. Any help would be greatly appreciated, especially the inexpensive kind.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,404
    edited August 2012
    Does THIS sound anything like your problem? The article refers to Torque Converter Shudder.


  • I have a 2005 jeep liberty 4x4 when I started having problems with it shifting I would pull off the highway turn it off restart and it would shift fine. Now it will not shift out of first gear. Anyone have this problem or have a fix?
  • Everyone:

    My 2005 Jeep CRD transmission was acting up and kept throwing very strange codes (temp sensor failure, among them) and shifting oddly (wrong shift decisions for the load, throttle position, and/or RPM). Ended up replacing the solenoid pack and that resolved everything. It was a bolt-on repair, but required removing the bottom of the transmission (valve body) to reveal the solenoid pack; $240 for the part and about 4-8 hours of wrench-turning (depending on how well equipped your garage is).

    Roadrunner, it sounds like you have a TCM and/or Solenoid Pack and/or wiring harness issue. Is the ECM setting any code(s)? It must be. I am not an expert, but locking in first gear sounds like a "limp in condition" or a failed/failing solenoid pack. If the signal from the TCM to the solenoids isn't being honored, that could be causing your condition.

  • Almost forgot: All of my comments assume two important items: 1) the transmission is otherwise healthy and 2) the shift selector and shift linkage is correctly tensioned/adjusted. If the linkage for your shift selector (shift knob) to the tansmission is loose, it will wreak havoc.
  • i have renegade 2003 and since a few days stop shifting i change the selenoids pack., filters ...... and more and still the same problem . you r talking about some wire harness could u please give me the name of them of the number parts of the wire please ......
  • please i all ready change selenoids pack ,,,,, some help with the wire harness for my jeep renegade 2003
  • Hello Roadrunner can u tell me the part number for the solenoid pack ? and where did you buy it ? thanks joe
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