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Jeep Liberty Starting and Stalling Problems



  • I know you have an old post, but I wanted to respond. My 02 did the same thing, so I put it on a computer and it showed the same error. I ended up replacing the camshaft positioning sensor (a 23.00 part from auto zone) and it fixed the issue.
  • yotarollayotarolla Posts: 2
    where are they located
  • yotarollayotarolla Posts: 2
    do anyone know where they are
  • I got it repaired and it happens that That was the problem it had i don't know much about cars so for the people wondering where they are located Look it up on utube.think they have a few videos if that or else Google
  • So I am very curious as this is more than a stalling problem and it is not limited to the 02 liberty...since you had your camshaft positioning sensor replaced in May and it is Oct. now has the problem stayed "fixed"....I have purpose driven frustratingly about 5K miles (jeep has a total of 100K and is regularly serviced) to see what would become of the problem as I at first suspected emissions problems or fuel injector clogging or vacuum leak - all of which were indicated by the engine codes. I have come to believe this problem has to do more permanently with the ridiculous placement of the fuel filter above the gas tank. The fuel filter always clogs up in cars of a certain age...I am replacing it on a hunch this weekend. I am curious how the sensor stopped your seems odd since it I can't (because I am an idiot) wrap my head around the racing of the rpms and the stalling and cam...
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