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Jeep Liberty Starting and Stalling Problems



  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,349
    I once had a similar problem with a set of ignition points & condenser on a FIAT. We are allowed to mention the word "FIAT" now ;)
    The wire connecting the ignition coil to the distributor was oily and not tightly crimped inside it's connector (the wire providing contact to the points).

    I was able to find what was causing the problem by manipulating the wire harness while the engine was running because this stopped the engine every time. In your case I think the same approach could be applied.
  • smoothndsmoothnd Posts: 1
    When trying to start my 2002 Jeep Liberty, it stalls about 2 seconds after turning over. I can rev the engine to 3000 rpm's but it still dies after the 2 seconds.

    Approximately 3 seconds after the car dies, the light for the wrong key illuminates. However, I have tried to start it with both original keys, so I do not believe it is the key recognition system.

    The check engine light is also illuminated, but it has been illuminated for about a year with no problems. When the check engine light first illuminated, we had a mechanic take a look, and he found no problems.

    Has anyone encountered a similar problem?
  • There are positioning sensors that align the camshaft and crankshaft magnetly. If some substance as grime or grease & oil durty up this sensor the auto or aircraft will srart and then stop until the sensor is cleaned or until replaced. I had this happon on a Buick and a Hellercopter.jdh;-) :cry:
  • I have a 2003 Jeep Liberty Renigade and about a month ago it died while I was driving it, I took it into the dealership, they replaced my radiator and my cam shaft position sensor under warranty it cost me $150. The day after I got it back it died again. So they towed it back and returned it saying they couldn't find anything wrong with it. They said that the check engine light was reading something wrong with the transmission but since they could not get it to duplicate the problem they weren't going to fix that. Then last night it died again. Each time it dies I am only 2-3 miles away from home and going no more than 40 miles per hour. Some times it will start back up and sometimes it takes overnight before it will. The dealership has it again. My lawyer says that they have four chances to fix it then they get hit with lemon law.

    I think Jeep needs to know everyone is having the same problem, also I am going to contact consumer advocacy groups for help. This is nonsense that everyone is having the same problem. I have two small children that should not be subjected to endangerment due to an unsafe car that dies without notice. Id like to take my family on a summer vacation but am too scared to drive very far away. That's sad.

    I owe $10k on the car still, anyone have suggestions? Trade-in value is only around $6500. I don't want to sell it privately cause I would not sell this vehicle to someone else to have them go through what I've gone through. :cry:
  • slyt1slyt1 Posts: 5
    Hi, I'm sorry to hear about your issues, it sounds a lot like the problems I had with my 2003 Jeep Liberty. Mine actually stalled on the highway at over 60 MPH a couple times so its a HUGE safety issue! I wound up having the Cam and Crank sensors replaced. It stopped stalling after the last install but the check engine light still came on, the codes referred to leaks that are normally associated with a bad gas cap. I changed the gas cap and the car has been fine ever since. I would check that one just to see if it helps. I would still love to get rid of my car too, though, because I am worried every time I get behind the wheel that its going to stall. I thought lemon laws only applied to newer cars?
  • So, my boyfriend and I went 4 wheeling in tall grass in his 96 Jeep Grand Cherokee Lardeo 4.0, I know, NOT a good idea. The next morning we left to drive about four hours and forgot to check the undercarriage, REALLY not a good idea. We were about 2 hrs in and the transmission started slipping on the highway at about 70 mph. We stopped for gas, it started up fine, and on we went. Transmission was acting up over 70, but seemed fine at 65. He told me to pull off so we could check the fluid, I exited, turned left, and the Jeep died at about 45 mph. Just shut down, no gauges working at all. Cranked but would not turn over, but you can hear the fuel pump come on. We looked under and found grass around the drive shaft that had ripped out the downstream O2 sensor. Of course it was late, no parts stores were open, and we left the repair manual at home... He tried to stick the wires back in the sensor but that didn't work. We got towed home, replaced the sensor, and nothing changed. Checked for fire at spark plug, nothing. We tried to get the check engine light to flash the codes manually, and that didn't work either. No check engine light at all. We went to checking sensors with the volt meter, trying to make the check engine light come on. Nada. Very low (about half of normal) readings on major sensors. We had it towed to a shop, they said it was reading crazy and must be the PCM. We have tried two different ones programmed for the vehicle and they didn't change a thing... Still cranks, no start, no gauges, any ideas? Thanks so much!
  • I guess, Lemon Law also applies to when the service department has had 4 chances to fix your vehicle but they don't do it correctly. I have a warranty on the vehicle - maybe that's why lemon law applies. I'm not sure. Thanks for the advice. My car is still in the shop I'll keep you posted as to what they decided to fix. Feel bad for the dealership if this is a JEEP issue that should be a recall.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,404
    The accident may have yanked really hard on the wiring harness.


  • My '03 Jeep Liberty Renegade ran great as usual this am - but I let my hubby drive it today...he filled up and now black smoke, stalling, etc...oil was low - added more - only about 4,000 since last change?...I have 173K on it with no major problems until now...(unless you count mirrors not working, on & off A/C & CD player issues).... any ideas?...bad gas?...he got her home finally and their she sits....
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,404
    Black smoke is usually a sign of one or more cylinder misfires. I'd read the codes and see which cylinders are misbehaving. These symptoms could be lots of things. Bad gas is rare but it does happen.


  • Hi - the codes say crankshaft sensor is bad?...I'm hoping this is an easy fix...anyone?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,404
    Looks like .6 of one hour + the part, so can't be very hard to do.


  • jrlopez14jrlopez14 Posts: 8
    i had to change the sensors on my jeep and it wasnt that hard at all me and my husband did it ourselves.
  • Im driving a Jeep Liberty Sport 2003 manual transmission 4x4, while stopped at a stop sign my Jeep stalled. I started it back up again and the check engine light came on. I was able to drive it to house after buying a can of throttle body cleaner from the hardware store. I exposed the throttle body assembly and ejected the cleaner on to the walls of the throttle body. After doing that for 20 minutes I drove my Jeep around the block a few them. I thought i was done with it, while driving down the road to go to work the next morning, traveling about 60-65mph my tachometer was starting to spike. I quickly pulled over and stopped my vehicle, when I came to a complete stop the car stalled and not only did my check engine light come on but also my check oil light as well. I cleaned my throttle body so I have determined that the problem is not that simple. I'm broke and running out of solutions. If any one has more helpful advice Im all ears. thanks. :mad:
  • Does anybody know what trouble code p0320 ignition/engine is supposed to represent, my car keeps stalling and i have no idea why its reading me that code. Any thoughts/ :confuse:
  • That happend to me..I have the same jeep as you except mine is automatic. We had to change two sensors on the car, that have to do with the mph on your car. At this moment I do not remember what they are called but tomorrow I will look them up and I will reply to you again with which ones I had to change
  • you can always just look it up online to see what the codes mean
  • the sensors I was talking about was the camshaft position sensor and the crankshaft position sensor. And since then my jeep has been fine. Me and my husband changed them ourselfs, they really are not that hard to do.
  • Finally got it to the shop - bad crankshaft & camshaft sensors ....hoping that is it...thought perhaps bad gas because we had just filled up w/the Liberty and a few days later I was using my dad's car, filled up at same station and it blew up too...I guess just weird coincidence...thanks for all the help!
  • Sounds like my scenario exactly...I was about to post:

    "I have 2002 Jeep Liberty (Sport).
    I drove my vehicle home with no problem. I stopped home for about 20 minutes and then went to drive my Jeep again. It wouldn't start.
    - The engine is not turning over.
    - The keyless entry (remote) device doesn't seem to be working, ie will not lock doors, but did open the hatch on one occasion.
    - First, when I turned the key back, nothing happened at 1st and then gradually the odometer display came on and then the radio.
    - As well, at first I could here a continuous "activation" of the lock in the hatch for no reason. It gradually stopped.
    - I turn the key forward and the various lights display. First, as normal, but now the (MIL - malfunction indicator light) blinks for 10 seconds. The battery light is also coming on after initially going off.
    - Again, when I turn the key the whole way to start, no response from the engine.

    What is happening??
    - Fuses?
    - Computer (ODB) problem?
    - Need to boost battery?
    - other?

    Thanks in advance!"

    Anyone else with similar experience?
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