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Jeep Liberty Electrical and Lighting Problems



  • codather1codather1 Posts: 3
    I have a problem with my 2002 Liberty Sport I bought brand new in July 2002. Back in February I hit a deer. The entire front passenger side plastic bumper and fender flare was hanging down and the turn signal fixture was demolished. I got the new parts for the fixture and put everything back together piece meal using plastic ties. Since hitting the deer I have noticed that when I step on the brake pedal sometimes the rear wiper activates. This was intermitently until recently. Now the dome light wants to stay on all the time. I did notice recently that the wires going to the washer motor are bare of insulation from the accident I suppose. Does anyone have any suggestions? :confuse:
  • rickc38rickc38 Posts: 20
    Look for a short to ground or two wires touching together. Say when you hit the brakes and that wire has one little strand touching another that might be enough to make whatever that wire activates go on at the same time. Hitting bumps will make the wires move around and make the problems intermittent or make other devices go on simultaneously. Look at all your plug connections I would say. Do some ohmmeter continuity tests from one end of a wire to another. Try taking a continuity test from the brake pedal switch to the end of the wire of the rear wiper (positive or negative) and if you get continuity there's something wrong, Means the wires are touching somewhere. Look at where the wires come through the firewall.
  • wezwewezwe Posts: 10
    As mentioned in several earlier emails, I too have had my headlights AND all inside lights go out while driving at night, in my 2004 Jeep Liberty. The first occurrence happened three times in a row within minutes. Although brief but scary, just the same. My mechanic mentioned that another Liberty had this problem and was taken to the dealership. In that case, a Modular of some sort, was replaced, costing nearly $1000. I just had this problem happen again, weeks later and am realizing now, that in both instances I was using the Brights On/Off Switch, more frequently than I would normally. I need to test this theory, but am hoping for some additional help and information off this site. With one payment left, I am disappointed to be having an issue.

    *Note - a recent inspection did not produce any issues or problems through the computer hook-up.

    Wezwe in NY
  • willi2chwilli2ch Posts: 2
    Hey I have the same problem what was the fix?
  • wezwewezwe Posts: 10
    I don't have a fix... I was hoping someone could enlighten me. I've seen several similar posts...but nothing with respect to how they fixed the problem.
  • willi2chwilli2ch Posts: 2
    Do they still continue to go out? I thought you may of had it fixed by now.
  • wezwewezwe Posts: 10
    Yes. However, I am quite sure it's triggered when I use my brights. I've been avoiding using them...and haven't had the issue since. Unfortunately, I need my brights on most of these country roads. Any suggestions? I know for a fact that someone who had the problem, had a whole "modular something", replaced by Chrysler, for a thousand bucks. I just don't trust that it's my only option and was hoping for some insight from others.

    Thanks in advance, for any info you can provide! It's much appreciated!
  • hi twinkles
    i have a qeustion foryou because my wife jeep librty 2002 is doing the same thing ( lights momentarily flash off when she is driving but the speedimeter and radio also flash all at the same time ? i wonder if she ever find out what was the problem ? thank you ao much
  • wezwewezwe Posts: 10
    Note - I haven't noticed if the radio went off .... .but all inside lights on the dash does.
  • are you a diferent person replying to my answer or ? well all the lights and speedonmetor and radios flash for less than a second sometimes itshard to tell if is day time but sometimes it fells like the car lose power i heard the back door or window locks clcicks when that happen i am not a expert but i think the problem is the sensor over there who kows thet say at the dealer that i can take hours and a lot money to check for the whole system an i have read in a diferent forum or blob about some people having same problem with the jeep liberty who wants to have a car that you can only drive day time?i hope some replys with the solution or get everybody with the same problem together thank you all
  • dot1mandot1man Posts: 1
    Well, I was driving down the road this morning and Cd player quit working. I switched it to radio, then it shut down. It seemed like a fuse issue, or power issue. I have seen all of the comments about electrical issues. Any ideas? I did hear some crackling in the speakers as it quit though. Tried to turn it back, on and it turned on for a couple seconds and shut off!!
  • Hello;
    Me & my friend both have 2006 Libertys & they both lost the first 3 fan speeds within a week of each other. I found here that the problem is a resistor and easy to replace, the problem is, we do not know how to drop the glove box on the 2006 & I also read an article that states you must disable the air bags before you attempt to fix it.
    Any help would be wonderful, we are both unemployed (Florida), and females, and want to fix them ourselves to save the labor costs.

    Thank you very much,
    Beachpatty & Dodi
  • newfie4u2newfie4u2 Posts: 2
    2006 jeep liberty why did the plastics covers melt on both lights and not under warenty hummmm rear cover gets hot u cant even touch them melted the top :confuse:
  • newfie4u2newfie4u2 Posts: 2
    Lights rear burned out on one with melted plastic and the other was working melted platic cover again you cant touch the cover u burn your hand :confuse: Anyone had this happen to you yet? :(
  • rlg14911rlg14911 Posts: 1
    Why do the interior lights on my 2002 jeep liberty go on and off after it is locked?
  • Thanks so much for this post, I too was having issues with the instrument panel backlights not working. I later noticed that my R-Rear running light and brake lights were not working (bulbs were good) After I replaced a bad-bulb in the 3rd brake light I thought that problem would be fixed but it wasn't. The #9 fuse initially tested good but for whatever reason it must have blown when the bulb was replaced or when I was checking the other bulbs. After I saw your post I checked again and it was clearly blown. Anyway thanks again for calling attention to the #9 fuse.
  • after reading everyone else's problems I am really scared now. About two weeks ago by ABS/EPS lights came on, I could tell by the feel that it really was something to do with the ABS brake system, now all of a sudden the a/c won't work. The Chrysler dealer here couldn't find out what was wrong when just the lights were on and wanted to charge 170 to run further tests. I took it to my regular mech and he tells me one of the boxes/chips something is bad and Chrysler is the only one that can program the box I will have to take it to them. You know what that means cha ching. He said the box was around 1200 so here we go. After reading all the comments about engines etc. I do believe it is lights out for the Jeep when fixed, definently made that decision for me.
  • I got into a wreck now my passenger side back light keeps blowing out and when changed I can tell that the plastic covering has been melted and the light is cracked open before fuse # 12 keeps blowing each time i insert a new one and the door locks, vanity lights and radio will not
  • Sounds like a short somewhere.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    I concur! :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
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