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Jeep Liberty Electrical and Lighting Problems



  • After 3 months of driving with no speedometer, odometer, radio or gear shift lights at night......CHECK FUSE #9, ta da......God said "let there be light" :)
  • odahodah Posts: 1
    thanks for the tip. Fuse 9 here also for the instrument panel situation. it also controls trailer lights, lights went out right after we had hooked a trailer up the first time.
  • So I have a 2007 jeep liberty 2wd. I'm having some electrical problems with it. The Dashboard lights, front passenger park light, and the rear passenger light won't shut off unless I disconnect the battery. When I reconnect the battery the lights will turn back on. It's not the battery or the alternator, I took both of those in to get tested and they passed. Help please?

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 53,054

    Hmmm....stuck headlight relay? Bad multi-function switch on the stalk, or bad ground in that harness? No, alternator and battery were wild goose chases.

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  • @btc2319 said:
    Found it !!!! behind glove box. All you see is a multi-wire plug. The part, which looks like a circuit board, actually slides into where plug plugs in. loosen the two screws and part slides out. new part slides in circuit board first and tighten screws plug in and your done. Ten minute job. Dealer wants to, well lets just say, unimaginable things to you . Dealer wants couple hundred and tells you it is an hour and a half job. Go figure!!!!

    I have roughly the same thing wrong. Mine just the 123settings don't work and the 4 does. Did this fix the problem??? Just happened 2 days ago and My passenger brake light decided to go out and melt the plastic around one of the contacts at the same exact time. Replaced the light bulb and that one went out too.

    Wondering if the two are related? Strange coincidence if not. Mine is a 2006 Jeep Liberty.

  • realtorsuerealtorsue Posts: 1

    I have a 2012 Jeep Liberty. At about 16K I started having all kinds of electrical issues including wipers that turn on when you hit the turn indicator, deprogrammed radio two times, air bag light for driver (replaced), clock loosing time (replaced after contacting corporate), tire pressure light coming on for no reason, deprogrammed car key.....what is up with this vehicle. It is in right now for the wiper problem along with radio deprogramming as the radio was already replaced once. Because of all of these issues the dealer closest to my home called me rude and will not continue to service my car so I have to go 15 miles out of my way...why, because I bought a Jeep. I was rude when the dealer in Tracy said I would have my car back in one day and then said they had to get a part and they had to go far, hello far 10 miles so they took 2 days to make THAT repair. My car has been in the shop over 10 times in 6 months and now has 22K.

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 53,054

    Have you considered using the Lemon Law?

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  • dadio7dadio7 Posts: 1

    My sons 2002 liberty has a driver side front marker and rear taillight that will not go off unless the fuse is pulled. Any suggestions?

  • shaggy21shaggy21 Posts: 2
    My 07 jeep liberty drive side rear turn signal sometimes works and the doesn't. Does anyone have an idea where my search for the problem would begin.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 53,054
    I'd look first at the bulb and its socket (loose, corroded) and then at the connectors that plug into the tail light assembly, for a loose ground wire or some such.

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  • I have a 2007 Jeep liberty and oh sucks. Every issue on here it has.
    Anyway. My question for today is electrical. About 4yrs ago we had the BMC replaced. It seemed to fix the electrical issues. I hit a bump and the fuse that makes the keys talk tonthe door, inside lights and radio work popped. I took it back and they said it was nothing they did wrong. Mind you this should be a brand new part.
    So, my rear passenger tailight literally burned up. Replace the whole package. Still not the problem. I had the trail hitch I had installed totally un hooked (wiring) .
    Still that fuse is blowing. No codes are being thrown. Any ideas??
    Thank you in advance.
  • cyparissecyparisse Posts: 2
    HELP!!! I was trying to find answers on here, but couldn't.

    I just bought a 2006 Jeep Liberty Sport and noticed some electrical and lighting issues while driving it home. All interior lights do not work at all. Also, my door locks do not lock with the fob or with the switches, but it looks like they unlock - sometimes. Lastly, my radio (after market) resets itself every time I turn on my car - so it does not save any settings as if it was put in brand new.

    Could all of these issues be related? I have not looked into the fuses yet, but I also have found that there are people who HAVE switched the fuses and they blow every time they replace them. What could be the issue there as to why they keep blowing as soon as putting a new one in?

    Thanks for any help!
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 53,054
    If fuses blow when you replace then, you probably have a short to ground somewhere. This would involve isolating the fuse circuit that is malfunctioning, and trace the wiring harness inch by inch until you find the problem. Technicians have some good tools to help them find shorts.

    As to your problem, by all means check your fuses first and the condition and charge on your battery, and be sure your battery cables are clean and tight on both ends of each cable.

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  • l_lopezl_lopez Posts: 2
    Hello, I have a 2003 Jeep Liberty, my signals do not work but all my other lights do including hazards. I already switched the multifunction switch, I switched the hazard flasher, & light bulbs & they still don't work. Can anyone help, everyone just tells me it's an electrical problem but I've already spent money on all these parts & still nothing. So I'm hoping it's something inexpensive that I can fix?!?!?!?! 
  • l_lopezl_lopez Posts: 2
    Someone please help!!! 
  • l_lopezl_lopez Posts: 2
    edited October 8
    Signals don't work on my 2003 Jeep Liberty. Already switched multifunction switch, hazard flasher, & bulbs but still nothing. All my other lights work including hazards but signals don't work at all. Can anyone help??
  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Posts: 3,677
    Check fuses #11 (15A) and #39 (10A) in the junction block below the left end of the dash. Everything after the multi-function switch is identical between the 4-ways and the turn signals, suggesting the problem has to be before the multi-function switch.

    Fuse 11 is hot at all times and connects to the multi-function switch at pin #1 with a pink/orange wire.
    Fuse 39 is only hot in the ignition run position, and supplies power to the multi-function switch on pin #8 dark blue and white wire.
  • Two days ago that my driver side break light was out. I took it to get replace (because I know nothing about cars) and I was told that it was not the bulb, and that it was electrical. When I got my car back, the driver side turn signal started blinking very fast (same side as break light). Today, I went to unlock my car and my remote entry no longer works. Is this all one problem or is everything just piling up on me? How do I fix this all?
  • Hazard light also does not work on the drivers side.
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