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Jeep Liberty Electrical and Lighting Problems



  • Thanks for the reply. Would that still be the case if I now have no lights at all? Since I thought it might be the battery and that is pretty easy to pull out, I took it down to Autozone to get it tested. The clerk working there didn't want to test it so he just gave me a brand new battery since mine was still under warranty. When I put it in, I got the same reaction as I did last night - which is also the same reaction I would have if I tried turning the key with the battery disconnected - no lights, no power windows/locks, no turning over, etc.

    We have two keys and it wasn't working with either key. But now that you mention the key, I have noticed that the horn has sounded really muffled the past few weeks. Any correlation?
  • Check your ignition relay. Clicking noise was probably a relay not working and your not getting power switched on for the ignition. They act as switches. The PDC box has the ignition relay in it. It was probably starting to burn out and now its fried.
  • That was it. Thanks.
  • No problem.
  • mvqmvq Posts: 2
    I have a 2005 CRD with tow package when applying the brake the left turn signal indicator and front and rear turn signal bulbs light up, the outside bulbs still flash when turned on while braking but the indicator light on the instrument panel stays on anytime the brake is applied. I haven't went to dealer yet if any ideas I would appreciate it.
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,348
    Hi, it seems you're missing the ground connection of the left stop light bulb.
  • rickc38rickc38 Posts: 20
    edited March 2010
    Maybe a bad ground or a short possibly in the fusebox? I'm thinking maybe corrosion.
  • rickc38rickc38 Posts: 20
    Or something with the wiring in your tow package.
  • drossovdrossov Posts: 1
    I have an 2002 Jeep Liberty sport and I have the same problem with the left turn indicator illuminating as I apply the brakes. If it is an improper ground, how can I fix it. I found the fuse for the parking lights to be blown so I keep on changing it as a temporary fix...
  • I have a 2002 Jeep Liberty and my power seats went from working off and on to not at all. The seats will tilt up and down but not forward and back. My mirrors are doing the exact same thing, went from working fine to off and on, now they dont move at all. The seats and the mirrors stopped at the same time. hope you can help.
  • rickc38rickc38 Posts: 20
    If you keep blowing fuses its probably a short. A short will also make one circuit work off another because two wires are touching together usually in a connector.
  • rickc38rickc38 Posts: 20
    Switches might be worn out. Get a voltmeter and check your voltage coming into the switch. Positive will be on a connector on the switch and ground will be the door frame or anything metal on the body. If there's volts there goto the other side of the switch that connects to the electric motor(s) and see if there's voltage when you toggle the switch.
  • Hello!
    The Fan Speed Selector Switch in my 2003 Jeep Liberty blows air on 1,2,and 3 but NOT on 4. Any ideas? Thank you!
  • mvqmvq Posts: 2
    Thanks everyone for your ideas I am the owner of the 2005 CRD with the left turn signal indicator lighting up when hitting the brake just to let you know what I found. The wiring harness from the factory installed turn signal converter below the left turn signal apparently was grounding somewhere on the hitch I removed it and taped the whole harness re-routing it as I went, everything is now working fine now. While on the subject of the 2005 CRD does someone out there know how to wire up an electric brake controller I assume the wiring is already installed just need to know where to start looking.
  • Hello. I'm the owner of a 2003 Jeep Liberty. Recently, my console lights have dimmed and I cannot make them brighter (by turning its switch located on the turn signal lever). Seems to have short-circuited. Also, I cannot turn the ceiling light on with the switch. They do come on when the door is open or if I press them to turn it on. Any suggestions would be so appreciated :)
  • Read messages on here all which seem older, seems to be a common issue and hoping to correct with advise given this weekend by replacing resistor behind glove box. Any other advise of others who have done this is appreciated.
  • Hello! I'm having the same problem with my '02 Liberty and I was wondering what exactly was the fix on yours? :cry:

    I've read a couple of options but some are a bit misleading and the two shops I've been to are making it sound really really complicated!!

    I would appreciate your feedback!! Thank you!!!!! Good day! :)
  • Hello Navisolrac~~ I haven't fixed the fan blower problem yet..I did go to Auto Zone and they sell the part for the blower switch...It does seem a bit complicated to fix because of the location of the area to work in is in the glove compartment... right now, I am just putting the control on the number that lets the air out the most AND also putting the other control switch to the recycled air level...this helps the air to blow stronger (with my problem, the air doesn't come out of #4 but it comes out of 1,2,and 3).. Please let me know if you get yours fixed and how much $$ they charged...
    Thanks a bunch!!
  • cheeps34cheeps34 Posts: 1
    Hi everyone,
    Just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem. Recently my right headlight went out, replaced it, worked for a while. Just the other day I had my head light, top brake light and right brake light all go out at the same time, replaced them all and they still don't work. I didn't touch the bulb with my fingers and have checked all the fuses. Any ideas?
  • ron915ron915 Posts: 1
    i have an 02 jeep liberty and the whole cluster dont work speedo gauges nothing.has anyone had this problem or any ideas
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