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Jeep Liberty Electrical and Lighting Problems



  • After 3 months of driving with no speedometer, odometer, radio or gear shift lights at night......CHECK FUSE #9, ta da......God said "let there be light" :)
  • odahodah Posts: 1
    thanks for the tip. Fuse 9 here also for the instrument panel situation. it also controls trailer lights, lights went out right after we had hooked a trailer up the first time.
  • So I have a 2007 jeep liberty 2wd. I'm having some electrical problems with it. The Dashboard lights, front passenger park light, and the rear passenger light won't shut off unless I disconnect the battery. When I reconnect the battery the lights will turn back on. It's not the battery or the alternator, I took both of those in to get tested and they passed. Help please?

  • Hmmm....stuck headlight relay? Bad multi-function switch on the stalk, or bad ground in that harness? No, alternator and battery were wild goose chases.

  • @btc2319 said: Found it !!!! behind glove box. All you see is a multi-wire plug. The part, which looks like a circuit board, actually slides into where plug plugs in. loosen the two screws and part slides out. new part slides in circuit board first and tighten screws plug in and your done. Ten minute job. Dealer wants to, well lets just say, unimaginable things to you . Dealer wants couple hundred and tells you it is an hour and a half job. Go figure!!!!

    I have roughly the same thing wrong. Mine just the 123settings don't work and the 4 does. Did this fix the problem??? Just happened 2 days ago and My passenger brake light decided to go out and melt the plastic around one of the contacts at the same exact time. Replaced the light bulb and that one went out too.

    Wondering if the two are related? Strange coincidence if not. Mine is a 2006 Jeep Liberty.

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