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Jeep Liberty Electrical and Lighting Problems



  • Hey Guys (and Ladies), Here's a quick question - the headlights on my 06 Liberty stay on after I leave the vehicle for 60 seconds. I would rather they go off more quickly than that, say 30 seconds. I know other features are programmable, as I turned off that annoying horn chirp when locking the doors. Anyone know how to reprogram the headlights on interval? Any help would be appreciated.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,204
    If you turn them off before you shut off the engine they will stay off. If you forget and shut off the engine first then turn them off- then on -then off---they stay off.
  • My wife had her Liberty at the service center yesterday and now the interior lights come on when she starts it and won't turn off any ideas :confuse:
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    93flhtcu: It just might be that the interior lite switch on the turn signal stalk is in the stay on position. It happened to our daughter's Jeep Liberty.

  • coatsmcoatsm Posts: 12

    Push the interior light (built in switch) in the back (by rear glass) four or five times quickly. Fixed my problem. As Farout stated, the Tech may have left it in the ON position, try one click first.

  • My wife and I have a 2002 Liberty and have noticed that the dash lights flash when the lights are on sporadically. Can any one answer this. The local Jeep Dealer is useless.
  • I have a 2002 Liberty - one of the first off the line. This weekend, I think I blew a fuse for the interior electrical. The radio/clock, lights, locks, and alarm do not work. I was driving when it happened, and it scared the heck out of me. Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks.
  • Have you gotten help with this? My sister's 2002 Liberty's lights momentarily flash off when she is driving with the lights on. It is instantaneous, but very dangerous and disturbing. We wondered if the problem was similar. The dealership has been unable to recreate the situation.
  • We just had our 2004 Jeep Liberty in to get the power steering pump and P/S hih pressue line replaced; when we got it back from dealer, the horn wasn't working? Any chance it was inadvertantly disconnected or forgotten when making repairs?
  • I bought my '02 Liberty Limited several months ago and have always been confused about the shifting console... Is there supposed to be a light in it, you know, so when its dark I can actually see the "R,N,D,1,2"? It has never lit up and my husband and I just think that seems unusual. Anyone? :confuse:
  • I have a 2003 Liberty. The right blinker is blinking very slowly (about once every 3 seconds). I checked all the bulb contacts for corrosion but they all look good. According to the manual, a slow blinker indicates a low voltage, therefore something must be restricting the current. Anyone have any ideas?
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,348
    You could perhaps try this in the dark:
    -Check that all bulbs glow evenly and individually.
    -Ask someone to apply the brakes and repeat the inspection.

    When two adjacent bulbs (or filaments) glow partially, one of them has lost it's ground connection. When an individual bulb/filament (blinker) is slow or stops blinking, it's not pulling enough current usually because of a defective or over heated (melted) contact.
  • Hi,
    We also have a 2002 Liberty with the same problem. It's been doing it for two years. The dealer 'thinks' of things that might fix it but I'm not about to let them replace/charge me for something that they are not sure will fix it. I figure my best solution to date has been to wait until it's a continuous versus intermittent problem. Keep us updated.
  • I have a 2002 Liberty and the lower right side of my cluster is more dim than the rest of my cluster (Temp guage, Speedometer needle, from about 100mph to 120mph on speedometer). I'm trying to figure out what's wrong. I've been told anything from a blown fuse to a blown bulb to a bad cluster. Has anyone else had this problem and how did you fix it?
  • Thanks for the help fixed my 2004 liberty fan this weekend. Just wanted to pass on a couple of tips to the next guy. First unscrew the resistor then pull it out and flip it over. There is just enough slack in the wire harness to do this. Now the red clip is visible and you can use a flat putty knife blade to push it out and then remove the wire harness. Second I had a tough time getting the lower resistor screew out with a nut driver, I found it helpfull to remove the plastic cover below the glove box. Two philips screws and it pops right out giving you access to the botom resistor screw. Then I used a small socket wrench to get the lower resistor screw out from under the dash. Thsi was an easy fix. Part cost about ($25 US) and took about 30 to 45 min.
  • Please help. All I'm trying to do is replace a bulb in the tail light of my 2004 Jeep Liberty. I've unscrewed the two screws, but can't seem to wedge the one-piece light case from the jeep. I thought this would be a breeze. We are expecting snow tomorrow night and I would like to take care of this tiny problem before I get stopped and issued a ticket. Any suggestions. :confuse:
  • I just realized I posted a message in the wrong spot. I'll start again: Please help. All I'm trying to do is replace a bulb in the tail light of my 2004 Jeep Liberty. I've unscrewed the two screws, but can't seem to wedge the one-piece light case from the jeep. I thought this would be a breeze. We are expecting snow tomorrow night and I would like to take care of this tiny problem before I get stopped and issued a ticket. Any suggestions.
  • Note - I am NOT an owner but a garage owner in Cairo Egypt which makes it even more difficult to trouble shoot some of these problems.

    2005 Jeep Liberty with less than 5,000 miles which has been through the issues - faulty water pump - replaced. faulty A/C compressor - replaced and then the speedometer quitting completely. Put it on OBD II and indicated speedometer sensor - replaced one sensor - still the same problem and was considering ordering the second sensor from the States to see if this would solve the problem when the owner came up with a new problem.

    Driving after about 1/2 hour - transmission "lurched" slightly then all electrics died and car died. After a few minutes - car would start up again and be good for another 5 minutes of driving - then same problem again.

    Got cat to my garage and just let is sit running. After a period of time - while watching - speedometer would jerk up to 10, 20 30 MPH - then back to 0. Again this would happen until finally car would stop - no electics. After starting (no problem) same thing happened after 5 minutes.

    OBD only indicates P0501 - speed sensor fault.

    Suggestions please - and please don't say take to the dealer as they are non-existant and worthless here.
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,348
    You are describing an intermittent fault that can have several origins.

    Try bending and stretching all cables (related to engine management) in the engine compartment and around the steering column after re-inserting all connectors into their sockets. If it's a cabling issue you have a chance to detect it this way. Don't forget the speed sensor (rear differential)and the battery lugs. The ECU does not always keep "ON" the "field connection" of the alternator! This can act as a mask during your investigation.

    After doing this if there is no improvement you may have to look for broken solder joints under the ECU and speedometer connectors. Good luck :)
  • grousseagroussea Posts: 2
    Since the beginning of winter (of course :)) the bottom (floor) vent doesn't work anymore. The ventilation work perfectly (position 1 to 4) and I get plenty of air. The problem is that if I put the selector on bottom position (or bottom and front) the air will get out only through the defrost vent (or defrost and front) but nothing at the bottom...which is kind of cold here with -25C.

    Any idea if there is a fuse somewhere that control that or else?

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