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New Vehicle Financing - What Rate Can I Get?



  • arg4arg4 Posts: 6
    This happens to almost all the car owners. The reason is simple, the depreciation rate for a vehicle is more (For a luxury cars, this is far higher!). After paying their EMI for a year or two, every car owners will find they are paying more for a loan where it real worth (present worth of the vehicle will be less due to depreciation, market condition, technology etc, etc.,)

    Like (more than) paying the insurance, the best thing you can do is to try for car loan modification.

    I hope autoreliefgroup can help you in this case!
  • arg4arg4 Posts: 6
    Hi All,
    I have observed many pf the car owners are paying more for their cars. :confuse: It seems they have not noticed that their car has depreciated almost 10% - 20% or even 30% but still pay for that 100% amount. How many of you have similar situation?

    Wonder how to get relieved from this?? :confuse:
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