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Audi A3 Audio/Entertainment System Questions



  • wdrauchwdrauch Posts: 22
    Thanks, for the feedback. I'll make sure to listen to the base system before deciding ... for a $1200 savings I'm sure I'll like it. The only thing missing from the base system is sat radio, but maybe I could add that later?
  • jlaszlojlaszlo Posts: 30
    I have an '06 A3 with the factory installed Sirius satellite radio. Is there a way to show the name of the song on the radio display? The station name shows on instrument panel display and the station's category shows on the radio.
  • Hey Bill,

    Thanks for that info. Can you give any more information on the actual process of taking apart the center console? I'm fairly comfortable with cars and did a custom installation of my iPod for my old Honda, but I can't find any info on disassembling the A3 center console.

  • jlaszlojlaszlo Posts: 30
    I'm considering buying another A3 but this one does not have satellite radio. It has the stock head unit which has the "Sat" button. How easily (if at all) is satellite radio added to this stereo?
  • Just bought a second-hand audi a3 which has a handsfree kit installed. In the last week, I haven't been able to play any radio or cds as the word 'telefon' is written on the screen, and I can't change it. The car's manual is in french so that is no help. Has anyone else experienced this and what can I do to get my music back? I don't use the handsfree kit at all.
  • I have a 2008 A3 S-Line 2.0T with a factory installed Ipod glovebox interface. The radio is an Audi concert with satilite radio prewiring (not activated).
    The question I have is; when I insert my Ipod, the radio just displays CD track numbers. No song names are displayed. :(
    What do I need a $250 interface for if the display shows no more than a normal audio Aux input?
    Is there a setting that needs to be made that is not apparent to me?
    Any suggestions?
  • tonicboytonicboy Posts: 2
    There are no settings, nothing you can do. Currently, there is no interface I know of that will show song names. It just sucks and you have to live with it.
  • Thanks for the reply.
    Sounds like you answer from personal exper!
  • Guys i need your help im a newbie at this entertainment stuff, im planning to buy a AUDI A3 2001 REG in the UK.

    The question is, is it possible to install a flip out monitor/entertainment unit in a standard factory console? will i have to take certain switches, knobs, out?? or they will stay intact and only the radio/cd player taken out? and the rest still can be used as normal? that would be the climate control ET AL

    any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  • Is there anyway to set up the system so that the radio does not automatically turn on when starting the car. I like listening as much as the next guy but I'd like to choose when to turn it on. Thanks.
  • buzzy8buzzy8 Posts: 31
    I am in the process of researching a purchase and learning about Audi Connect and the Navigation System. I do not think I woud want to spend the fee of $30.00 for the Audi connect, but is it tied into the Navigation system? Is there a charge to just use the Navigation system? Also, does the vehicle have to be parked in order to use the Navigation system. We did install a toggle switch in our Toyota and was wondering if this is an option on the Audi? Thanks!
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