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New A3 Owners - Give Us Your Report!

PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,854
Congratulations on your new A3! Post your first impressions of your new ride here.

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  • Thanks everyone for the info.
    I just picked up my A3 2.0 DSG, lava grey.
    The Bose sound system is better than the one I had
    on my mercedes C320. This is the funnest car to
    drive I have ever had. Already made a trip to Costco.
    Very practical. I feel like it's the best little
    secret. Hardly see any on the road, but it is a blast.
  • esfesf Posts: 1,020
    Yes I know what you mean- everyone with other small luxo cars don't know what they're missing.

    Mine's in Moro Blue.

    (Actually, my son said he saw one that looked exactly like mine on the road :).)

  • dbtdbt Posts: 298
    Add one more to the sales for February!

    2.0, DSG, Lava grey, cloth interior.

    The to Quattro or not to Quattro decision delayed us for a long time (we're in Minnesota) [actually - the 3.2Q outpriced us - this was more a to-Subaru or not-to-Quattro-Audi question]. In the end, decided to jump in, and keep our old Subaru for the bad snows.

    No open-sky, so we won't have to deal with the latch ;)
  • jpw380jpw380 Posts: 2
    I've been researching a car for a year or so and finally settled on a dark grey 2006 a3 3.2 with 18" wheels, nav, open sky. i was worried the 18" tires would look too pimped out. They don't -- they look great. Just did a six hour highway drive and some city driving. I can say, without hesitation, this is an amazing car. The power is there when you need it, the cabin feels perfect, and the handling is quite good. I've had a bmw 3 series sports coupe for 5 years and still getting adjusted to the awd. It's better than I expected. I haven't really opened it up yet though. Waiting to put some more miles on it.

    Does anyone know how many miles you need to drive before it's ok to open up the engine? I've been given varying advice on this. The dealer said i didn't need to wait. Any thoughts?

    Thanks all.
  • misterjjmisterjj Posts: 32
    RTFM. I believe you are supposed to take it real easy until 600 miles and then slowly start pushing it harder until 1000 miles when you can go full throttle and top out the RPMs. Most advice also says to vary the RPMs during break-in. I.E. Don't cruise the highway at a set gear and RPM level, switch gears once in a while if not changing speeds.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,662
    I also think other related components need to be broken in, such as the brakes…but others such as windshield wipers can be cranked to full from the get go ;)
  • awrepoawrepo Posts: 2
    Damn I'm glad I got got this car!!

    Had it for two weeks and enjoyed every minute of it.

    Here's a recent experience: got held up on the way to work the other day by an idiot in a Land Cruiser who pulled into the left lane in front of me, immediately dropped to 55 mph and sat there not passing anyone. After a minute or two I got pissed off, dropped into fourth and zipped round this guy on the right (yeah, bad me). Up into fifth and sixth, foot flat, enjoying the car pulling like hell. I backed off when I looked down and saw the speedo indicating 120mph. oops. The point of this is how effortlessly (and quickly) the car gathers speed; especially considering its "compact" status. It's quiet and very quick and I seriously need to grow up. It's got me driving like I'm 17 again (I'm 42).

    The torque delivery is amazing, practically zero turbo lag (a real contrast to my WRX, which I beat like a dusty rug!!) and real push from WAY down the rev. range. And zero torque steer too.....great handling from the base package, gorgeous wheels, pretty good stereo. Just a great ride.

    I have a red 2.0 with a six speed m.t., by the way.

    Kudos to Audi - they really got this one right.

    Oh, and the dealership was a pleasure to do business with -thank you to Barry and the other folks I dealt with at Anchor Audi in Lynbrook, NY.

    Happy motoring.
  • dyendyen Posts: 9
    Just got my A3 eight days ago - 2.0T with the DSG, Premium and winter packages. Thoroughly enjoying it. You're right on about the torque. Strong from even low RPMs.

    Just one question, awrepo: Do you have a storage compartment under the driver's seat? There's one under the passenger seat that flips out, but there's a gaping hole under the driver's seat. It looks unfinished, like someone forgot to put it in. The dealer told me that the A3 driver's side doesn't get the storage compartment. Thanks!
  • awrepoawrepo Posts: 2
    no storage under the drivers seat on mine. Still loving the ride. Thinking about chipping it.....any suggestions about what needs to be done and whether it's worth it?
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    I can't see any reason to chip an A3 2.0T. It's already at point of having too much power and torque for a front wheel drive car. Chipping for 230-240hp/torque in a front wheel drive small car like the A3 is not a good thing. An extra 30-40 hp would do the A3 3.2 well, though. With the extra weight of the quattro and V6, it's only a few thenths quicker than the 2.0T.
  • allhorizonallhorizon Posts: 483
    I can't see any reason to chip an A3 2.0T. It's already at point of having too much power and torque for a front wheel drive car. Chipping for 230-240hp/torque in a front wheel drive small car like the A3 is not a good thing.

    You can buy a front LSD for under $1,000 - at least for the manual. So for about $1,500 you can get a nicely enhanced, very driveable package (if you don't mind paying for most drivetrain related problems out of your own pocket). If I'd go that far, for myself, I would then likely also add a thicker rear sway bar and Koni FSD shocks to go with the sport springs - so make the total $2,000 or so with alignment.
  • pwdpwd Posts: 2
    Bought a 3.2 (silver with light gray leather) with the DSG, open sky, bi-xenon, cold weather, and xm radio three weeks ago. Sticker was $38,100 but I paid $35,721 plus tax and license. Highs: DSG transmission, small outside (fit in small spaces and very tight turning radius,) good room inside (the back seat seems to have as much room as an M3 or C32 and a ton more room to load stuff), very predictable and stable handling (not a race car but terrific at speeds one can use on public roads with surprisingly little understeer), fabulous traction with the quatro system, non-invasive stability control system, good power (0-60 in 5.8 seconds -- feels strong to 40, less so after that), and nicely laid out, intuitive and logical controls. Lows: poor fuel mileage (best of 23mpg and worst of 16.5 mpg at a track day on Thunderhill raceway -- mostly due to being too heavy), poor cup holders.
  • Just picked up a leftover new 06 A3 with the DSG, Premium and cold weather.So far 800 miles and love it!!!!
  • snospydrsnospydr Posts: 1
    Just bought a '07 'Brilliant Red' A3 3.2 S line Quattro, S tronic, open sky, cold weather and tech packages. The dealer put blizzaks on it and the AWD sticks to the road through all kinds of ice, and the cabin heats up really fast. Being in Alaska, I want to get the vehicle winterized, but Audi doesn't have a freeze plug (headbolt heater, block heater, lots of names). Does anyone know if there is another option for keeping the engine block from freezing? I'd rather not make this a 'summer only' vehicle, it's way too much fun to keep in the garage.
    Oh, and the sound system is great for being factory.
  • caliberchiccaliberchic Posts: 402
    Congrats on your new purchase! :)
  • ritlinritlin Posts: 36
    I bought a demo with 5k miles on it from the Audi dealership in Dallas That was my biggest mistake. First off, I love the Audi A3 performance, speed, looks, and feel. I wish I would have gotten a couple of add'l features, like the sunroof nad some of the features that are now standard on the '07, mostly tech. stuff-odometer, radio upgrades, etc. Mine is a sport package with the DSG.

    Although I love the DSG, I wonder sometimes if the takeoff's are better in the manual, and just love having a 6 speed stick(traded in a new Civic Si). This car makes me feel like I am driving a 4 dr hatch Si, with a turbo, of course.

    The negatives:
    1) the Audi dealership has been diffcult to work with from the sales person, to almost all of the service people.
    2) I have had to get it serviced/repaired twice, really three times since the Audi dealership didn't fix the problem correctly the first time, so I turned around after about 30 miles of driving it afer it was supposedly fixed, to get them to fix it the right way!
    3)gas milage has been far from expected until lately. My mixed driving figures have averaged 21-22, with 23 being my best; and almost exclusive hwy driving I recently got 30 and 31 off the last two tanks(obviously, not a negative), but have 13k miles on it now, and should not be still in the break in phase.
    In addition the the repair comments, I am driving an A4 quattro as a loaner car, and even though i get lots of compliments on it(looks great in black) it is not near as fast or fun to drive as the A3!!!
  • jtfordjtford Posts: 12
    I just bought a red A3 2.0T w- DSG, S-line/cold-weather packages. Got a tremendous deal on a certified pre-owned 2007 with 10k miles.

    Been driving it for 3 days now, and I LOVE THIS CAR. The combination of power/handling/luxury/nimbleness/safety/fuel-economy is amazing- I love every moment behind the wheel. The 2.0T is a terrific combination of power/torque/fuel-economy for that size car. I also autocross, and am looking forward to springtime with this car-- I've screwed around braking/downshifting into 90-degree corners at high speeds, and the DSG is spectacular. I spent over a day and a half at Bob Bondurant just learning heel-toe downshifting, and this DSG is like cheating. The perfect transmission for daily commutes in stop-and-go grind + weekends at the autocross.

    Road feel and cornering with the S-line package is tremendous. Sport suspension setup and 225/45/17's combine for excellent cornering and extremely solid feel at highway speeds. Behind the wheel, the car feels more like a sport coupe than a hatchback. I have two sons, ages 2 & 3, and car seats fit fine in the back. Triple 5-star crash scores and IIHS top-safety pick make me not think twice about putting the little guys in there.

    In summary, I couldn't be more pleased with this car. It's such a joy to drive.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 3,237
    Thanks for the post.

    It's nice to get at least two posts on this board in any given eight-month period.

    Glad to hear you're enjoying your car.
  • I love both cars, both 6 speed and red/black. Purchased in Rhode Island.

    The cars have alignment/camber design flaw, the first I purchsed new, 2 sets of tires eaten up within 23,000 miles, the dealer could not correct the cause of wear.
    The dealer offered to prorate the second set towards a 3rd. I traded.

    The 2nd an S-line with open sky system, I purchased used with 10,600 miles, the dealer tec says it is ready for 2 new front tires, rotate them and they're all dust.
    The dealer is unresponsive to replacing them. I thought certified meant something?

    The loaner, a 2008 A3, with 1800 miles already has the wear, visibly and audiably, which has always been the issue, that and the telegraphing vibration up through the steering column and through the floor and petals.

  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    I read on another A3 thread that the only cars that exhibit premature tire wear are shod with All-Season Pirelli P6s. There are a number of reports by folks who've opted to chuck the factory rubber in favor of Continental ContiProContacts or Michelin Primacy MXV4s that suggest that their tire woes have been cured.


    Best Regards,
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