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  • Thanks Shipo,

    I plan to attack the dealership today, and will explore the Continental route.
    A dealer I went to for a second opinion explained they have this problem on TTs
    and they ajust camber to tires flat to the road surface, this they claim has satisfied their customers.
    My dealer would not vary from Audi specs.

  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    I take it by your response that you do have the Pirelli P6s currently on your car. Yes, no?

    Best Regards,
  • fbtfbt Posts: 3
    I bought a used 2007 A3 2.0T 6-speed manual S-line with less than 10,000 miles on it, taking advantage of the Audi's depreciation. Love the car, fast and fun to drive. I'm getting 30mpg, albeit with premium, a nice leather interior, good enough stereo (no mp3 support) I like the hatchback design, I can carry my friends and some gear without too much trouble. I shopped other hatchbacks and some small SUVs and none of them compared to the Audi for quality. A little more expensive but worth every penny extra. The only complaint I have is the tire noise from the stock Pirelli's.
  • utahjakeutahjake Posts: 20
    I've had my A3 for 4 weeks, 1,500 miles. Gas mileage on the highway has been 29-31 mpg when putting the cruise on at 60mpg. In town is 21-23 mpg. Handles great. So far very pleased.
  • rascal99rascal99 Posts: 54
    The mileage should get better. My A4 gets 25-26 consistently in town. Strictly highway driving yields 33, as high speed no less :blush:
  • jxbst15jxbst15 Posts: 21
    I've been pleasantly surprised by the A3 coming from a MINI Cooper S. This car is just plain fun, and now the question that keeps re-running in my head is why so many people lately are so fixated on MINIs in general when for many, the A3 is probably a better choice. Around where I live, I rarely see any A3s on the road but I'm seeing MINIs everywhere I go.

    Cost comparison, a decently equipped MINI is not much less expensive than the A3...mine was fairly optioned out and cost 28.3k before taxes, and that was for an '05 model. It didn't have leather either, which if it did would've pushed the MSRP over 30k, and since they're in such high demand there isn't much negotiation on price. The negotiated price on my A3 with S-Line, iPod, Open Sky, and heated seats was about 29k.

    I'm getting much better mileage on the A3 than I did on the MINI (after 1.5k miles on the A3 ~26 MPG vs ~23 MGP in 60/40 city/highway driving).

    I went back and looked at my maintenance and repair bills for the MINI, and even with the all inclusive MINI maintenance plan I still shelled out about 4.7k for service over 2.5 years. I can't foresee the A3 (got the Audi Care and warranty through GEICO) ever incurring those sorts of expenses while under factory warranty.

    The clutch is silky smooth and switching gears is so easy...I love all the torque you get in 3rd gear. I always feel like you get plenty of power and can move without having to drive hard and redline like I did in the MINI. Both my wife and myself find ourselves on the freeway hitting a moment where we look at the speedometer and say 'woah' and have to slow down from 85-90mph. Being as we got the Misano Red Pearl we are certain we're going to start getting speeding tickets sooner than later.

    It's a great family car - my wife feels like she's not an average suburban mother running around listlessly in an Odyssey, Accord, or a Volvo. Fits all the kid gear in the trunk and no problem getting car seats in and out. All the other mommies seem envious because most didn't even realize there are some great choices like the A3. Especially when my wife tells them about the stellar front and side crash ratings it got from the IIHS. The rear side curtain airbags make the wife feel safer on the roads (probably accounts for some of the extra speeding). Seems like even the storage has storage as well...there's so many nooks and crannies to store stuff.

    Takes getting used to the front wheel drive taking turns fast, but then it's nice having tires that aren't run flats that get worn down from the beating and need to be replaced every 12-15k miles.

    I really want to get it chipped but the wife likes things to stay stock, so I'm thinking ahead and will probably get another A3 when they do the next major redesign in 2010 or 2011.
  • rascal99rascal99 Posts: 54
    Good review. That's what I like about the A3. It can be a great family car and be a great performance car if optioned appropriately. I am looking at an 09 model later in the year. The only drawback is the larger wheels and low profile tires are included with the sport pkg for '09. I agree with you the low prof tires, run flats or not, are a PITA.

    Sports pkg: PPS
    Sports seat, sports suspension, 18" 5-tri-spoke wheels with 225/40 summer performance tires.
  • utahjakeutahjake Posts: 20
    Well, the first 4,900 miles on my new A3 were great. Then yesterday, I am cruising at about 65 mph on some freeways and getting great mileage. I exit onto a ramp and it dies. And it continues to die each time I start it and move several feet. No warning lights go on. When it did go further than several feet, it chugged like someone learning to drive stick. I ended up having to have it towed over 30 miles to the dealer. This is a substitution of collateral car in settlement of a legal action against Audi for my 2007 A4 that ended up with 5 major engine repairs within a 10 week period at 20,000 miles. None of the Audi dealers would help me out (I was 60 miles from home) because I didn't buy the car from them. Well, I didn't buy this car from anyone! Roadside Assistance suggested I take a cab home. The dealer never called to confirm that they received the car from tow truck co. I am hoping it fell off the truck someplace. I am now online looking for a new car company.
  • andres3andres3 CAPosts: 5,325
    Got my '06 DSG Sport Packaged 2.0T A3 workhorse up to 42K miles and counting. No major problems to report.

    In fact, I had just taken it in for it's first real unscheduled warranty repair.

    The center stack armrest container stopped racheting correctly, and the latch broke on the arm rest storage bin lid (a common problem according to the service guy). Unfortunately, he took the position that they were doing me a favor repairing and replacing the whole arm rest assembly as he said Audi stuck them for the bill in denying warranty on the lid latch breaking!

    Did Audi hire a former Chrysler worker? This is a terrible management decision if true.
  • mylesmmylesm Posts: 1
    Just spent first cent on maintenance after passing the 48K mark.

    30K on Goodyear F1 all season and they're roaring, though still handling nicely. P6s didn't make it past 25K before needing replaced. Next set will be Bridgestone RE960s - already have sets on '99 Passat and '02 Turbo S.

    Best mileage was with the worn Pirellis, A/C on economy, early morning I26/I40 from Spartanburg to Knoxville, 60 -70 mph - 37.4 mpg. F1s have pretty high rolling resistance and took the normal 33.1 @ 78 mph to 31.8 mpg. Tires do make a difference.

    Still just as much fun as when new and love the way it goes from practical, high mileage scenic cruiser to snarly, hard cornering, pocket rocket.
  • andres3andres3 CAPosts: 5,325
    Just before my 50K warranty was up (I'm now approaching 52K shortly), the battery died on me with complete failure; it wouldn't recharge and the only way to get the car started was to jump it even after driving 200 miles w/o stopping, and I did check to make sure the alternator was working properly. So the battery died on me in 35 months of use, at 49,000 miles or so.

    Found out Audi doesn't cover the battery past 12K or 12 months, and that's a darn shame. Audi should be ashamed of themselves for that terrible managment decision. Again, I think they must of hired a former Chrysler employee who's advising them poorly on their warranty terms. I was angry that the battery wasn't AT LEAST covered on a PRO RATED basis, which is the bare minimum standard. So in 2005 they did, but in 2006 they decided to go cheap. Seems not a coincidence that as soon as they shorten the warranty, they start installing batteries that can't even last 3 years or 50,000 miles.

    I know I got raped by the dealer, but installation and new battery cost me about $250! 1 hour of labor to install a battery>??? probably took them 10 minutes at most! and their labor rates in CA are astronomical. The actual battery cost of abotu $115 isn't too bad actually, considering the replacement does have a 4 year prorated warranty!
  • ls_jrls_jr Posts: 1
    Hi - I'm a newbie here so hope I am not posting in the wrong place!
    Has anybody had problems with the shift paddles on DSG equpped Audis?
    So our '06 A3 w/ the DSG has ~45k miles now. The up (right) paddle on the steering column became loose about 6 months ago so that you could not engage the next gear unless you flicked it towards you along the very bottom edge of the paddle. I figured we'd get it in at the 45k service and get it replaced before the warranty ran out - no need for an extra trip, right?
    About a week ago the paddle actually fell off with no prompting from us. Our dealership declined it as a warranty item first stating it was a plastic trim piece. When I pressed and got to the service manager he said as it had fallen off, it was due to our use / abuse and would not be covered. He further said if we had come in while it was still hanging loose it would of probably been covered(?!?). He quoted me ~$400 for the replacement.
    I contacted Audi Customer Care (not an accurate title in my opinion) regarding this. They took 24 hours to get back to me. When they did, they declined any assistance in the form of warranty repair or even a discount on the cost of the work. I would have accepted just about any peace offering just to see they were willing to listen and prperly respond. They too said it was due to our use.
    I asked if I could speak to a manager but they indirectly declined, saying there were managers there but only for administrative purposes and it would be of no use to talk with them.
    I have had 2 Audis, 3 VW's including a current 01 Passat and others have relied on my recommendation before purchasing similar rides. Next time I will not provide such glowing reviews and I am considering walking away from Audi the next time around. There are a lot of other quality manufacturers out there that stand behind their products better than Audi these days.

    Oh yeah, also at this service we were told a leaking strut was not a warranty item and they proposed a ~$400 estimate for that too. Some other quality issues are a chronic check engine light (cleared by software usually but now have replaced a damper motor and something about intake runners); finish has peeled of the window switches, CV boot failed spewing grease everywhere; sun shade latch has fallen apert 4 times (which they've continued to replace).

    Sorry to rant - just very frustrated by this bad experience. Thanks for listening and if I have posted in the wrong place, lemme know.
  • largelarge Posts: 4
    I just got my 2009 A3 1 month ago today and I am very disapointed. I have a white one with the S-line and Open Sky package. I purchased the car and noticed a strange noise every time the car shifted gears. At first I thought it was cheap gas, because it had a pinging noise. I called the dealership where I purchased it from and asked them what octane gas they put in it, and they said premium. I told them about the noise and they said they have never heard of this before. I told them I was going to feel the tank again and put in premium myself and see if it makes the same noise. So I filled the tank and the noise was still happening, so I told the dealership and they said to take it in to the nearest Audi dealership to fix the problem. I took the car to Audi of Mission Viejo and they said they cannot detect the noise I was describing. I asked if I could go on for a drive with the tech and they said yes. I went for a drive with the tech and he heard the noise I was referring to and he said that it is best described as a burp in-between gear shifts. He also said that the type of transmission they put in the A3 makes the exhaust have this noise. Lou also said that the 2006 & 2007’s used to make the noise twice as loud and to fix it they were replacing the exhaust. Audi sys they are not willing to do anything to fix it and that the noise is normal for the car. Does anyone else here this on their A3's?
  • largelarge Posts: 4
    I believe you with Audi USA, they treated me like crap on my new A3 and it only has 400 miles on it. I just posted that my A3 makes a strange noise between every gear. They said it is a natural noise and there is nothing they can or will do about it. I have the New Motor Vehicle Board involved right now. I wish I never bought this car. I should have stuck with Infiniti.
  • largelarge Posts: 4
    My 2009 A3 has 1035 miles and I already hate it and I am going to put it up for sale and lose the money that I put down on it. I am a big car guy and this is the first time ever that I want to get rid of a car in the first month of ownership.
    Very dissapointed!!!
  • andres3andres3 CAPosts: 5,325
    Didn't you bother to test-drive the vehicle you ended up buying?

    Why would you buy something in a condition where you couldn't live with it for even a few months?

    Do other A3's make the same noise, that would be the fair way to resolve this dispute with Audi. Compare yours to other A3's, if they sound the same, then Audi is right, if they don't, then you are right and Audi is wrong.
  • utahjakeutahjake Posts: 20
    Follow up - at 12,000 miles wouldn't turn over on the first time during the winter. I got rid of it. Now happily driving a Subaru. :lemon:
  • largelarge Posts: 4
    I test drove a used 08 because the dealer did not have any 09's at the time. I did not hear the noise in the 08 because the sales rep and I were talking the whole time. I did like the way it drove and called another dealer and did the deal on the phone and just picked it up after the dealing was done. I should have drove the one I bought, but I didn't. It had 5 miles on it when I bought it. I am going to go test drive a couple of other A3's and see if they make the same noise. I just wish Audi would replace the exhaust system.
  • I've got an '09 A3 2.0T DSG with everything except quattro and nav. I couldn't be happier. Just had the first service done at 8000kms and couldn't think of a single thing to complain about. Even my dealer experience has been exemplary.

    The A3 is a very deceptive car ... small enough to make darting in and out of inner-city traffic and squeezing into tight parking spaces easy, but heavy enough--and with a sufficiently airy cabin--that you feel like you're in a much larger car on the freeway. I also like the fact that, although it's small, it's very well equipped and nicely appointed. When you spend a lot of time stuck in traffic, you really appreciate a good interior, some toys and a nice sound system.

    Fuel economy has averaged mid 20s (miles per American gallon) in mixed, but spirited driving. On the highway I've maxed at 30 (with cruise control on 75mph). The Continental tires have been quiet and the fronts showed no signs of wear when they got rotated during the first service. That surprised me a bit, considering how difficult it is to take off from a standing start using any amount of throttle without hearing from them.

    The only way I can see to improve this car would be to add the quattro system, which would help avoid the inevitable torque steer of a high-powered front-wheel driver. But despite owing AWD Subies and Audis in the past, since my A3's primary function is as a city car, I just couldn't justify the extra expense.
  • Well its no longer quite new -- it has almost 12k miles on it.

    The faster I drive the better gas mileage I get -- highway I average over 32mpg (not quite the
    same as a diesel) -- and that is with a quatro. (I used to get 20 max on my 97 A4 2.8 quatro).

    Car handles great, accelerates great.

    1 - Its now consuming 1.5quarts oil every 5k miles. dealer says I should feel lucky its not using 1 quart per 1700 miles which is the manufacturer spec -- I have a hard time believing this ... As a courtesy deal fills up my oil when the light comes on!

    2 - At highway speeds I could hear a noise rushing noise coming from the driver window area.
    after repeated attempts to fix it, the noise now has become a whistling sound. Dealer first
    said I should increase the radio volume (which did not overshadow the noise). We are now
    replacing the mirror assembly for the 2nd time.

    3 - climate control works weird when AC is enabled and outside temp is less than inside setting.
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