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  • andres3andres3 CAPosts: 5,325
    I have a hard time believing this ... As a courtesy deal fills up my oil when the light comes on!

    Do not wait till the oil light comes on!!! That is abuse. I believe it only comes on when you are two full quarts low!

    Check your oil, the dipstick tells you if your .1 to 1.0 quart low. Add as required. These are High Performance vehicles, do not neglect.
  • pathy04pathy04 Posts: 27
    After several years i bought this A3 TDI.Its my first diesel as well. I love it, i thought 140hp may not be sufficient and with the whole family uphill/downhill drives into the Sierra went well effortlessly. i beleive the high-torque compensates for it

    i have few questions if anyone can guide me
    (1) while in S or D when it approaches to a stop it kind of jerks(as if i am applying breaks harlly). all i'm doing is just ease the foot of the gas pedal. is this normal?
    i tried with the s-tronic "+" and "-" as a test to drive around and the results are the same

    (2) is there an option to set the Navigation(map screen) as the default or like a home-page when the ignition is on, also how can i eject the DVD out of the navigation to play my normal cd's?

    (3) is there a 3M/clear-bra pre-cut protection for Just Head-lights?

    (4) the Audi-site and the sticker says 17" 10 spoke design for all premium-plus model, but i have only a 5 spoke wheel. i have not called in the dealer yet and i do not want to embarrass myself before verifying the info

    (5) which brand ULS Disel is good for this vehicle, is there any particular brand that is consistently performs better

    (6) also i wanted a all-weather floor mats, but i got a black carpeted one (which is un-opened /un-packed), would anyone be interested in?

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