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Kia Rio Electrical issues



  • I'd tighten up and clean the battery cables--they may look clean but may not be. My other suspicion would be the starter relay, and my third guess the ignition switch. Here are some tests you can try but ONLY when the "no start" happens.

    Switch on the headlights and turn the the headlights dim? If you you have battery or cable issues..if not, then relay or ignition switch issues I'd guess.

    To test the relay you'd need to get a test light and hook it up to the relay (which usually sits on the starter motor and is called the starter solenoid)--you're hooking it up to the + from the ignition switch. If you turn the key and it lights up, then it's the solenoid...if you turn the key and it doesn't light up, then either the ignition switch or the wiring going to it.
  • Thanks I am going to give your suggestions a try
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,629
    edited November 2011
    Good luck...the fact that the car starts with a jump isn't a real clue, because a surge in backup amperage with two batteries could overcome corrosion or electrical resistance on a bad relay.
  • I bought a Kia Rio in 2001 have it still 145000 miles on the clock I had starter problems simpler to yours so I opened the staring column to get in at the back of the ignition switch the switch is held in by one screw it was loose so sometimes when you turn the key the switch would not turn all the way it only happened sometimes went on for over a year had starter off and checked hope this helps
  • 03 kia rio it will start and run but then once it is warm and you shut it down it wont start again until it has cooled off again. Its like there is a constant draw on the starting system.
    So far we have checked the following
    battery it is showing 12.7 amps not running and 13.7amps running
    changed the cooling fan sensor, fan will not run
    any ideas or anyone with similar problems
  • I have a 04 rio automatic with engine light probs every now & then, Mech. told I should replace gas line fr. tank to front. It prob. has a pinhole in line and that can cause light to come on . I bought car last year. Also the 2 prev. owners had my car in for reg. check-ups and what I can find they never had a single major problem with it.It has 170,00.00 Kil. on it and I put 10,000.00 of those Kil.on[ hwy kil.] Thanks good motoring
  • Hi 04 rio owners I want to drive from nova scotia to Calgary about 5,200.00 Kilom. I would like suggestions whether or not to try it. Car has 170,000.00 kilom. should I change timing belt first [was changed at 100,00 kil.] and there is still 30,000.00 left on it. Has anybody put that many kilom. on one please let me no thanks.
  • dchevdchev Posts: 37
    Hi guys and gals,

    I have 2012 Kia Rio5 SX with Nav system.
    I had an issues with blue tooth of the nav system, so dealer replaced it with another unit. I have the feeling that this unit is refurbished, so I have request to all of you who have Nav Systems in your Rios.
    Please post Firmware Model, Map Model, and Nav App Model of your Nav systems.
    I will really apreciate it!

    It is very easy to find out all information about Nav system in our Rios.
    1. use "set up" button on the right side of the screen.
    2. use "main" button on the screen.
    3. use " system info" button on the screen.
    Thus, you can see all information!
    This is what I have got for my Nav system:

    Firmware ver.: UB.USA.M1.110525.020
    Nav app ver.: UB.USA.SOP.001.110523
    Map Ver.: USA.04.05.26
    Also, could you share if you have two dots on the side of CD slot where you insert the CD that the lights are on. I have two dots on the side of CD slot; however, only the dot on the left is switched on all the time.

    Thanks, DM
  • Hi
    I've got some starting issues with my 2006 Rio5 manual car. Sometimes, when I turned the key, there's nothing going on under the hood, just as if the battery was out. Except it's not, it scored around 12 volt on the voltmeter when I checked it, and the first time it happened, I tried to boost it with a boost pack and it wouldn't do a thing ... After a while though, it may start for no appearing reason. The first time it happened, I couldn't start my car for 2 days. I was then checking with a voltmeter if the electricity was good in every component of the engine when it revved up out of the blue. I'm pretty affirmative that the voltmeter I was using is not the solution here. Just to check, I unplugged the voltmeter and tried to start again my car with no result. It's only when I plugged back the voltmeter on the wire I was testing that it started once more. It has then started regularly for 2 weeks, but the sh** happened again this week-end. I drove my car for 5 min to the gas station (it had started perfectly), but after i filled up, it wouldn't start back. I waited 15 min and then it started. When I got home, i couldn't get it to start back until this morning ...

    THIS is pretty annoying as I can't rely on my mean of travel ... Has someone had the same trouble here??? Do you have a clue on what the problem could be?? I spent a whole day in a garage but the car would start every damn time the mechanic tried it ... was pretty upsetting!!

    Thanks in advance
  • Well, I leased a 2012 Kia Rio almost 3 months ago. I have a huge problem with the Active Eco feature. (Don't know if it's an electrical problem....) When the engine idles it switches off and is supposed to come back on when the break pedal is lifted. Our engine does NOT always come back on. Very dangerous when in traffic. (I usually am when in my car!) I know the feature can be switched off, but it has to be switched off every time you start the car, and I don't always remember.

    Am taking to the dealership tomorrow, but I wonder if I will be taken seriously, especially if the problem doesn't duplicate during a test drive.
    Anyone else experienced this with the Rio?
  • I think they'll take you seriously, especially if you mention safety concerns. I also think it's electrical in nature--perhaps a malfunctioning brake light switch. This start/stop feature is integrated into a number of the car's systems (temp sensor, battery condition, engine RPMs, etc) so it could be a bit tricky to track down an intermittent problem. You may have to be patient with the dealer and/or the system might have to fail completely before it can be remedied.
  • Well i purchased my Kia Rio brand new in 2009 and my car stereo has no audio on top of that my overdrive button is malfuctioning..and one day last week i was driving at night and EVERYTHING but the car cut off! I still have payments .. at this point I am doing oilchanges and thats about it..not putting money on parts. I give it two more years tops!
  • vidarvidar Posts: 16
    The car is heading for the dealership for warranty work due to the UVO system and display being intermittent. My daughter will be taking it, as the car is not local. As she has not dealt with dealerships before concerning warranty maintenance, I want to arm her with info about any known problems with this system beforehand so that the service department will not treat her wrong.

    She told me the UVO system ocasionally resets when the car is shut down and restarted. Have not disconnected the battery as of yet, as I have been told by one dealership that there is a dealership reboot required for the cars electronics when the battery has been disconnected. I have not verified if this is correct or not.
  • skeptic101skeptic101 Posts: 29
    There has been some discussion on another Edmunds forum about the DRLs (Daytime Running Lights) on the 2012 & 2013 Rio5 SX. Do any owners here have an SX with DRLs? If so, do the DRLs use the LEDs below the headlights or reduced power of the high beam lights? Thanks!
  • I have a 2007 Rio with the battery drain problem. It has been going on for years until I noticed it only happens in the summer. If the A/C is left on when the engine is turned off, it appears some kind of relay is left on which drains the battery, rather quickly. Perhaps the AC clutch?

    A jump will always get the car started and everything is fine until the AC is accidentally left on again. Clearly some kind of design problem. I have seen other complaints about this online, but good luck trying to get Kia to acknowledge or fix the underlying cause.
  • vvirkvvirk Posts: 1

    First time I'm posting here, hopefully someone can help....

    My 15A "Room" fuse under the hood keeps blowing, there is obviously a short somewhere but I can't find it, neither can the Kia mechanic.

    I disconnected my stereo, clock, dome lights, trunk light and AC and the short is still there, even while the car is turned off and the key is removed (all the doors are closed as well)

    Anyone else have this issue? Is there anything else that is connected to this fuse that could be causing the issue?

  • I have a 2007 kia rio and it has started the battery drain problem. I make sure every time I turn it off that everything is off...a/c, radio, lites...etc...yet it will decide not to start without any warning....I end up having to get a boost and never know when it will happen again. I have been told it was not the battery, alternator or starter. I have gone thru three new batteries since I bought this car. this intermittent start problem just started a few months ago. any one had success in getting this fixed?
  • pmdonaldpmdonald Posts: 1

    I have a 2008 Kia Rio5 and was having problems with the battery occasionally and seemingly randomly being dead. Apparently, if you unlock your car, open a door to take something out and lock it again without starting it, it will send power to the accessories which will drain the battery. In retrospect, that makes sense of most of the problems. I had. Hope this helps!

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