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Pontiac Vibe Tire/Wheel Questions



  • H rated firestone Dayton Daytonas, we need good grip on our 2005 Vibe. Noticed the other day that the psi was 40 - 44 and was amazed. Have not been happy with the traction, and was annoyed that the tires are so expensive, and they are low profile which wears it seems quicker. How are the tires?
  • reading all the posts reguarding the tires and wearing problems. Upon research I have found the the tires have rating of maximum PSI-low profile up to 44 in some cases (this allows for different weight vehicles to use these tires), in actuality you need to look inside the driver side door for the rating of PSI for your vehicle and the recommended size tire... for my 2008 Vibe the tires say do not inflate more than 44 PSI, inside the door it says for this size tire to inflate to 32 PSI, upon checking the PSI of my tires they were at 35 PSI which will cause tires to wear funny also I have noticed that it is a not as bumpy ride. Hope this helps, over inflated and under inflated tires is dangerous!! Happy driving!!
  • Thank you for the post, we did figure that out, about the rating of tires and 44 is too much. Looking for an agressive tire that will give us better traction, and not slip when the weather is snowy.
  • regarding the rough ride: check the tire pressure, look inside your driver door
    to see what is the PSI rating for your tire size. my car is a 2008 the PSI is 32
  • If you purchase a new Vibe, which is a great car. I would drive it out of the show room and then take it to the service department to have the alignment checked. I have a 2005 that started to make noise via the tires so I rotated at 5k. It got worse by 10k, rotated again. This went on to 22k when I took to dealer and said this thing is so loud you can not hear the radio. The said the tires were notched and the only way to get new tires. The tires looked to be about half worn. Had new 80k tires put on and had the alignment check. The rear was out and that was the cause of the problem. The only way to align this car is the put shims in and it will cost you over 300 dollars. Called customer relations and they will not help at all because it is a maintenance issue. They have had the car now for two days because the wrong shims were sent. The way I understand it they have to take the suspension apart put the shims in and then put it back together then check it again. Possibly many times. Pontiac/Toyota has had a problem with this cars suspension, but they willl not help you if the car is not brand new. If I were to purchase this car again, I would put it in the deal that they would check the 4 wheel alignment day one.
    Talking to factory rep now, if they do not cover this is the last GM car for me.
  • Talked to Pontiac again, they will not help. It cost 300 to align the rear. They have to tear apart the suspension and put busings. Then check it and redo if not right. It came down that I told the Pontiac person that they say I did something to cause this and I say that it has been that way since day one. In the end, I will never buy a Pontiac again unless I find out that the rear suspension can be adjusted easily like it is on Nissan Sentra. Now I have to wait to see if the new 500 dollar tires that are suppose to be good for 80k make it past 22k. I am still going to write them, but probably will not get anywhere. It is a shame that they spend a lot of rebates ect, but when you get to the point on a repair that is in the gray area they would rather lose the customer.
  • cmhj2000cmhj2000 Posts: 148
    While you'd like to blame Pontiac remember this is a Toyota product.
  • nwroadsnwroads Posts: 3
    I recently bought a Vibe in serious need of tire replacement. (surprised the previous owner was still driving on these tires. :surprise: ) I've started searching through CR etc. for tires, but would appreciate any suggestions.

    Looking for just a basic, good all-around tire that will last a decent time but not expensive. Average driver, mostly in city (freeway/city streets) driving. Handling is probably a bit more important than noise, but both would be nice. I'm in the Pacific NW: plenty of rain, not much snow, but I do go up to the mountains on occasion.

    My Vibe is 2005 model, manual-shift, 2WD, no extras. Any recommendations would be much appreciated! Thank you.
  • sforemansforeman Posts: 3
    Ours is a 2005 and it's 44psi. All are different. Ours is a manual. They don't make them after 2007. We also have BFG tires. I don't like them, they keep going flat. This has been the only car I've had that picks up things or the tires loose air pressure. We talked to a tire guy and he made the suggestion 205 R 60's instead of 205 R55's. They would be slightly narrower, 1/4 of an inch taller but narrower. Because you will be traveling at a higher rate of speed than your spedometer would register, you just need to keep that in mind. If you were traveling 65, you would be doing about 67. Not that much. I would rather do that. He also recommended a better tire. If you go to a good tire guy, he should also be able to help you.
  • tuneduptunedup Posts: 5
    Interesting, that changing tires creates such a significant speedo/odo difference. My new GT came with low-profile tires, and my speedo reads 4-5 mph fast at freeway speed. I see 65 on my speedometer when I'm actually traveling at 60. This is per three different tests: driving behind my husband as he goes 65; looking at my Tom Tom; and readings from two different dealerships.

    Shouldn't the manufacturer have the instruments calibrated to match the tires their vehicles come with? And can this be fixed? It's a little distracting, trying to figure how fast I'm actually driving, when the dial could be off by only 2 at 35 mph or off by 6 or 7 if I'm going over 65.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Actually Honda got sued on the odometer shows more mile, not reflecting the actual mile. If the odo. reached 36,001 miles (new car warranty expired), while the actual mile is 33,001 miles (still under warranty) .... in your case, your odo. probably shows 65,000 miles while you actually drove 60,000 miles ... yours 2009 is new car, tire measurement should be spec. of OEM.
  • tuneduptunedup Posts: 5
    I have the same tires and my ride is great. I wonder if it's something else. How's your speedometer, by the way? Mine's off by 5 mph at freeway speed.
  • What's the tire pressure in yours? Haven't noticed any error in the speedometer.
  • tuneduptunedup Posts: 5
    Unfortunately I can't tell you right now. My new baby is in the shop. I let my teenager drive it... well, that's parenting. It won't be back for a few weeks. Try not to back into anything, the rear is apparently not well protected.
  • We have a 2003 Vibe.  At about 8000 miles I started hearing what I thought was a bad wheel bearing in the rear axle.   The Pontiac dealer was upset with us for not rotating the tires at 6,000 miles.   He rotated them.  This left two noisy front tires and in a short time the back tires were also noisy.  We put up with the noise for a couple of years, bought a set of new tires at 27,000 miles.  The Pontiac dealer and our tire dealer said we had two bent rims.  We spent $180 for new rims for the back tires.   After I got the rims home I checked them and they were ok, but the new rims were worse than the old ones.  The new tires were not working.  The tire dealer then recommended we go to 80,000 mile Michelin tires.  Paid $500 for them at 38,000 miles.   Been rotating them regularly.   Recently noticed the noise from the back tires again.  We took the Vibe to our tire dealer and had the wheels rotated.   The noise then moved to the front tires.   I returned to the tire dealer and had them rotated back.  No sense ruining 4 tires.   The rear tires are getting chewed up. We also have replaced the rear wheel bearing.
  • I think you will find that the alignment is off. It cost about 300 to align this car. Ther is no adjustment other than taking the rear apart and putting shims in it and then checking it again after they put it back together. My dealer had to do it three times. They hate these cars. I talked many times with Pontiac and they said it is not part of the warranty in my case even with only 22,000. After the last conversation with them I told them this would be my last Pontiac. I realize that it really is a Toyota, but Pontiac should have taken care of the problem. I have about 31000 on our Michelins and it does seem fine so far.
  • wow! my car did the same thing. i have a 2003 vibe and got new tires in 2004. now the steering wheel vibrates at 60 mph! :cry:
  • loosenutloosenut Posts: 165
    my nephew has a -06 base vibe,auto,windows,locks,..not the cheapest,but not quite the gt..
    ..he's wanting to put the 17" gt rims on it,replacing the stock 16" ones,so i'm reading up on what y'all are saying as far as issues.
    -i see where some are complaining about speedo reading wrong,and can tell you,as a former grease monkey for pontiac-back during the trans am-burt renolds days..
    change the gear drive in the transmission..should be almost a do it yourself job with these front wheel drive cars,as i don't think you'd even have to get under the car,as i did with the trans am's..
    -go to the service/parts department,-with your tire size,and ask them for the correct toothed gear for your vibe and your tire size..they should have a chart..if not,you'll nhave to experiment..but by changing that gear-witch is done by following the spedometer cable to wherew it hooks into the transmission..the cable threads on-not unlike the coax on your cable tv hookup..there should be a clip holding down the gear..usually only one bolt..don't unthread the cable,as you'll need to pull on that to get the gear out..
    -the gear should be about the size of your thumb....the way they index them is by color!..and each color will tell you how many teeth it has..
    --if your speedo's reading fast,put in a smaller gear-usually with one less tooth..if it's reading slow,put in a gear with one more tooth!!--it's only a little plastic gear,should only cost a couple of bucks($3.00 in th -80's)so,even at the dealer,youn should get outa there for less than a jackson-for the parts,at least!!
    SERIOUSLY,..this should fix your speedo's readout problem..
    -i learned this lesson the hard way,i pulled the speedo out of the instrument panel(not a easy job),and took it to the parts counter-for either repair or exchange..they got a BIG laugh out of the stupid kid,and THEN told me about the gear thing..i wasted a entire day-doing a job that should have-and only paid,less than a hour,but i never did that again!!
  • loosenutloosenut Posts: 165
    a 4 wheel alignment,and-NO CHEAP TIRES!
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