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Pontiac Vibe Engine Questions



  • The same symptoms and got the dealer fixed it. The diagnose was PCM is intermittantly open, Program code #FDB64, P2716 error code, and the Bulletin #PIP4154A applied. So they replaced and programmed the PCM under 3 yr/60,000 km warranty. Mine had 47K km for the 2007 Vibe. PCM is the main computer box, and good thing it goes before warranty runs out, costing about $1000 to replace.
    The car now runs great, and is shifting gears smoothly as before.
    Good luck.
  • thanks for the info Wong. will talk to my dealer about it.
  • I have a 2003 Vibe. It has been a good car until the last 2 weeks. My son drives it to school (college). When he leaves class after a couple of hours, it will not start. We have had the starter and solenoid replaced along with a relay. The battery is good. It is driving him and me crazy. Does anyone have any ideas??? Thanks.
    Sign me NUTS in Alabama.
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    well first, make sure those stupid map lights are not on. While it should not matter much since your car is equipped with rundown protection, those small buttons are easy to hit and thus cause a drain on the battery. Second, how do you know the battery is good? How old is it? Batteries (especially in the hot south) have short lives and need to be replaced often. So if your battery is four years old or more, I'd get a new one. The heat dries out the cells inside whether it is sealed ("maintenance free") or not. One way to test the battery would be to manually turn the headlights on at night with the engine off and see how long until you notice a dimming of the light.
  • It is a DIEHARD and I tooks it to Sears to have it checked. Believe me, if it was bad those guys would have sold me another one. I called Pontiac to see if they had heard of anything like this, and of course they had not but said it is the small things that are the hardest to fix. Every time I take it to the garage, it starts just fine for them. Very Frustrating !!!!!!!!
  • lmstlmst Posts: 2
    After reading all the entries, it does appear this is a problem with Vibes.
    Also, it seems as if the older models were under 8/80,000 and if I'm right, now the newer models are 3/30,000 warranty. Does this indicate GM is aware of the problem? My older 2005 car developed this problem at 78,000, almost 2,000 shy of having to pay for the repair. Whew!
  • I have a 2007 Vibe (1.8 engine and automatic trans) and it has the rough shifting problem with Check Engine error code P2716. It is out of warranty and has been diagnosed as a PCM problem. It is most noticeable when shifting from park to Drive or Reverse, or when it shifts from 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd. I had the Check Engine error cleared and the problem went away for about 15 minutes, then came back (the light came on also). What is the brake assist option and how do I know if my car has it? If I buy the PCM from a junk yard, how do I get it programmed? I know a dealer can do it, but that is probably expensive. Can anyone else do it? Thanks.
  • con3con3 Posts: 1
    My 2007 Vibe's RPM's will go reving to 4 on the drop of a dime. Even at stop lights, signs, or in Park. The car will actually "buck" forward==very dangerous especially w/ winter coming. Yesterday the check engine lite came on again (2nd time in a month - first time I had to 02 sensor replaced as they said that was why the engine with reving) once the engine lite came on yesterday as I was driving 55 mph the speedometer went to 0. car was idling but only going 5-10 mph - I made it back to the dealerlship and its in the garage now - they can not find anything coming up on the computer. By the way - when I put the car in reverse yesterday to turn around to get to the dealership it ran fine (scary) and once the car sat for a while it was fine. Does ANYONE have any idea what this is? I love the car but it is getting really unsafe.
  • Check my earlier post. My 2007 Vibe at 15,000 miles would barely start and would die when put in gear. My wife had difficulty driving home the night before. I called Pontiac who arranged towing to the nearby dealership. They quickly diagnosed it as a faulty AC Delco computer command control unit. They replaced it that day. The car has run fine since. This expensive computer controls just about everything when the car is running. Ask the dealer to scan for the codes leading back to the computer. My Vibe had the code that made the diagnosis easy. I worry that the replacement AC Delco computer will be as short lived as the first one. Good luck with that. It is a great car. I just wish all parts were Toyota. Unfortunately, some come from GM's bankrupt parts supplier network.
  • bachurbachur Posts: 1
    Actually these cars in general are some of the best cars built in the world. My 04 is running great, oil changes at 20K running 0-20W 100% Amsoil with no drop on the dipstick during the interval. I've owned many cars(25+) and this one is up at the top of the list. Your car could possibly be the worst; every car make has its lemons. I expect to get at least 500K out of this engine with any major work.
  • The problem turned out to be the water pump. Thank goodness. The only issue, my wallet got cleaned out by the dealer. $600+ But it sure beats a new engine. Car now has 86K and still runs great. I will probably have the fuel injectors cleaned at the 90K service, not at the dealer.
  • elijrelijr Posts: 3
    I am having intermittent starting issues with my Vibe since the outside temperature became warmer. I had the battery checked and the mechanic said it was ok. During the cold weather, I never had a starting problem with the car. Could the battery still be bad even though the diagnostic check read otherwise?
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    There are many questions that need to be answered given the small amount of information you have provided. First, do you still have the original battery? How old is your car? Is there blue/white powder around your terminal connections that indicate you need to clean them? Does it sound like the car is trying to turn over at the same cranking power as before, or does the sound get muffled and get lower in pitch? Did this just happen over night? If it did, I'm guessing it is not the battery. My inclination would be, if your car is around 4 years old and you still have the original battery, I would go to Costco and get a new one, with much more cold cranking amps than the meager 350 that come with the original battery. Even if it ends up not being the battery, you are due for one anyway and can rule that out.
  • elijrelijr Posts: 3
    Maxx- I bought car used a year ago (2005) and the battery has 350 cc and is 2 year old. When the problem do occurs, the engine sound exactly muffled and lower in pitch. I have this problem about twice a week once its been running for awhile but never when the engine is cold.
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    The OEM batteries in these Vibes are not very good. It sounds like a dud to me. I had to have the battery on my 09 replaced after only a couple of months. Many have reported the same things with their 09-10 model year batteries. I cannot remember how long the OEM battery lasted on my 03; sorry. It could not have been very much longer than 3 years, since the car is 7 years old now, and my current battery has been in there around 4 years. I'd go to Costco and get one of their cheap and highly rated batteries by Consumers Union. Best of luck elijr.
  • elijrelijr Posts: 3
    edited March 2010
    This is not an OEM battery, but I think you are right about this battery being faulty, so I am replacing it and hopefully this will solve my problem. Thanks for your input maxx.
  • I just bought a 2005 Vibe with the Base 1.8L engine. I have about 1 week left on the used car warranty and the engine light has been coming on. I showed this to the dealer and he said he will have is mechanic take care of it. ODB readings are as follows: P0441, P0453, P0441, P02420. These codes seem to be related to the evaporative emissions system.

    I just want some idea of what needs to be done so I will know if the dealers mechanic took care of the whole problem and doesn't leave me with a repair job next month. Any ideas?
  • I too just bought a used 2005 Vibe. I had it 2 weeks and the check engine light comes on. I get two codes: P0455 and P0441. I've been doing some online research and found a bulletin item for these codes that says:

    A check engine light may be experienced with dtcs p0171, p0441, p0455 and/or p2420 - inspect production part number on pcm.

    I have one week left on my warranty too! Not sure what will be involved. So frustrating!
  • Hi, I have a 2003 all wheel drive Vibe with 165k miles.I have had it for 5 years and sorry to say it has been a dreadful money pit.I just got through replacing its latest set of wheel bearings and now its engine oil burning problem has accelerated to the point where a set of spark plugs wont last a week. I am not sure if I should cut my losses and junk it or fix it.The car looks brand new. Is it expensive to repair the motor for its oil burning problem.
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    there are plenty of used Vibes out there to chose from if you want to keep this style of car. I would not waste money on your car with that many miles. I had a 2003 AWD and gave it away recently. It too burned nearly two quarts of oil in between oil changes. Since it was an AWD (a feature that is virtually unnecessary in most areas of the lower 48 and given today's ESC and traction control technologies) the car is not very fuel efficient either. Oil is getting around your rings and is a costly repair. Moreover, your catalytic converter has been working extra hard to burn the extra "soot"; it is only a matter of time before it fails due to how hard it has been working.
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